The Morning Link: Christina Hendricks Considered for Wonder Woman?

You know, I love Christina Hendricks as much as any breathing male, but this news that someone is seriously seeking her out for Wonder Woman seems a bit questionable. I’m not saying I couldn’t picture her in the suit, but for a whole film? I don’t know if that would fly.

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  • MZC

    As ridiculously hot as I think that woman is, she still presents the same problem as when they announced Adrianne Palicki for the rebooted tv series, neither has the build for it.

    Wonder Woman is an Amazon with an athletic build who’s been trained all her life to kick all sorts of ass, so when they parade around a stick thin waif like Palicki or a curvy girl who looks like she would faint if had to run a mile as the new WW, you cannot expect me to believe that they go around beating the crap out of criminals for a living.

    In my opinion Jessica Biel has been the smarter choice and I believe she was considered for the part some years back. After seeing that atrociously bad Blade Trinity she to me has the perfect look… here’s some pics: Now I know she not the best actor but this is a superhero movie, a broad range in acting skills isn’t required.

  • romple

    I’d like to throw in my support for Jessica Biel’s ass.

  • pedro

    Lets not talk about jessica biel at least until they leak christina’s pics with the uniform

  • Now…Christina Hendricks as Power Girl…Yes Please!

  • it’d be nice to see her on something else besides man men, and since they’ll never bring back firefly =(
    but hey, my grandma was an actress back in the 60’s and was one the 60s wonder woman, as a nazi =p maybe she could reprise her role?