The Morning Link: Are Video Games Reducing Violent Crime?

I’ve said it before, and people now agree with me. If you’re killing people in a game, you’re not doing it in real life, and now new evidence suggest that anger-releasing violent games could in part contribute to a drop in crime.

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  • Diva D

    Maybe… I still think that violent games contribute to desensitization, and I don’t think the article you linked to really shows any evidence that they have clear benefits. Basically, the idea that violent video games are good for society seems to be based on speculation, while the idea that they promote aggression is based on (not irrefutable) evidence.

    And if the contribution games make is that they give people something to do other than rob and murder, then the violent aspect of them isn’t necessarily relevant.

    Plus, the car theft thing could just as easily be explained by the wealth of new security features that are being put in automobile technology now.

    I say this as a casual gamer, by the way. The discussion is making me want to pull out God of War III again. I’m all about the violent video games, but I have to say I feel that they can have a negative influence at times.

  • steve p

    i actually did a presentation on this last semester for my business pres class.

    basically what it came down to what that 1994 or so was a the peak year in youth crimes, and in 93-94, of the top selling video games only 2 were violent (i believe it was mortal kombat and doom).

    as the years have gone by games have become more violent and youth crimes have steadily dropped.

    so yeah, i definitely think so. i honestly don’t think it makes kids less violent, but at least now they have a way to let out aggression, instead of on another person.