The Morning Link: American Horror Story Returning

“Say what you want about Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story — I hate it and love it and love to hate it when I don’t hate myself for loving it — but FX does a remarkable job of marketing it. I haven’t seen a single second of actual footage from the second season — set in an asylum during the 1960s — but I find myself crazy excited about it based only on the four 15-second teasers and these teaser posters, which echo the imagery of the teasers. ”

Go here to see the other posters.

  • LEM

    I never watched the show but is each season going to be a stand alone story with different characters than the previous season?

  • Battmaan

    #LEM from the looks of it im pretty sure, they may have a character or two with some history from season 1, but the problem is theres nothing on TV like it and for that reason it will do well

  • Perhaps it’s a prequel? I have no idea. Can’t wait.