The Morning Link: A New Look at Spider-Man

EW’s cover story this week is The Amazing Spider-Man, and with it comes a lot of new pictures from the film, including Andrew Garfield in costume. He does not look like me, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Go here to see more.

  • Nick D Pags

    I like the web shooters.
    And as someone on the link commented, if it’s better than Spiderman 3, we shouldn’t complain.

    The suit looks like it’s made from recycled and painted basketballs.

  • vetis

    hey they’re going to do gwen stacy first this time like they’re supposed to huh?

  • john

    so happy they’re going with gwen instead of mj. it looks like a real life version of romita’s stacy

  • anonymous

    No he doesn’t look like you Paul.
    His eyebrows do not terrify me.

  • Korky

    Generic soap opera actors.

    Oh well, perhaps they will grow on me.