The Morning Link: 15 Celebrities That are Older Than You Thought

“Even famous people get old. They do their best to disguise this from you via plastic surgery, incredibly expensive skin cream containing stem cells from ground up homeless babies, and other assorted arcane beauty rituals too terrible and horrifying to describe here. ”

Go here to see the list.

  • major harris

    even though i am 44 yeas old, i knew most of these except for denzel washington. egad!

    oh and for all the pervs. miss dreyfuss’ first movie was troll, 1986, where she does a very brief nude scene. just thought that you would find that interesting! lol!

  • wevs

    Guyism should stick to posting pics of scantly clad females, as comedy is clearly not their strong side. The whole time I read the article it came off as a high schooler trying to be edgy and original.

  • Mike aka MonolithTMA

    These celebrities would only be older than I thought if I was bad at math.

  • Jason M

    This makes me sad. It means I am older than I thought.