The Morning Link: 10 Things Learned from This Week’s Walking Dead

“Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead introduced David Morrissey’s The Governor, the characer we’ve all been waiting for. It also saw the return of Merle, as the episode shifted away from the prison and toward the Woodbury Settlement.”

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  • trashcanman

    I’ve got to say I’m pretty pleased with the way season 3 is going so far (except for skipping over the serial killer storyline…whyyyyyyy?). It’s like Shane’s death cleansed the show of almost everything that was so very wrong in season 2. Now we just have to get rid of Andrea. About every line of dialogue from that character is a knife in my brain. So stupid. SOOOOOOOO stupid. “Hurr durr they killed that guy that was cut in half when he came back from the dead duuuuurrrr”. She’s one of the smartest and most competent cast members in the comic so I have no clue whose idea it was to make her so utterly useless and insufferable in the show, but fuck them.