Morning Link: Riddick Coming Back to the Big Screen


Soon enough, both Vin Diesel and Twohy wil be explaining to you exactly what a Necromonger is. Your favorite silver-eyed psychopath, Riddick, is coming back. In an interview with Game Spot about his latest Riddick video game, Diesel spilled the beans about the next Riddick project.

Does anyone care about this?  Anyone at all?  Sure if Diesel resurrected his popular standing I guess it would be worth noting but come on.  I’d rather go to an insurance seminar.

  • Josh

    I absolutely care about this. To this day, Chronicles and Pitch Black are two of my all time favorite sci fi movies. I cannot wait for a third film in the series.

  • Zil

    Pitch Black was awesome, no doubt.

    ..but chronicles? give me a break 😉

  • Alon

    I’m with Josh on this one. Pitch Black did a great job of establishing the character of Riddick, and Chronicles did a great job of fleshing out his world. I loved the movies and the old xbox game, so I can’t wait for the next installment of both!