The Morning Link: Female Pedo WoW Player Arrested


Remember the story about the 16-year old boy and 42-year old cougar hyena that met playing World of Warcraft and decided to bump warlocks in real life?  Well the woman was arrested at the airport in Texas after returning from visiting the boy in Canada.

Yes, it’s true.  World of Warcraft is now causing arrests.  Honestly what is the world (or should I say virtual world) coming to?

Check out the full female pedo world of warcraft story

  • Venro

    Any game with 11 million registered accounts is bound to have real life shady deals. I’m almost surprised that its taking this long for these stories to start popping up.

  • Ashweee

    …so how is this any different from that guy who was talking to that underage girl through the playstation network? How is this any different from older people going into chat rooms or IM and trying to meet up with younger kids? To catch a predator type things. It’s really not.

    You can place bad media on WoW all you want to, but the fact is that most players are responsible every day people, it’s those people who can’t control their addictions or are already have a screw loose, if she hadn’t done it to him, it would have been another boy another place that she met in a different scenario.

    Also, this boy is 16 years old…where the hell are his parents?