The Ten Best Video Game Stunts

I’m going to need to clarify what I mean by “stunts” in the title here. A lot of cool kills or moments in video games are done by complete accident, and often don’t require any sort of skill, as entertaining as they may be.

But stunts? They’re perfectly executed moments or sequences of skill in games, and are a lot cooler and generally more impressive to watch.

This list is the ten best I could find, though there are hundreds more out there I could have chosen from. Check them out below, and chime in with your own I might have missed.

1. The Loop (Battlefield 1942)


2. Invisible Tetris


3. Bunnyhopping (Counterstrike)


4. Daigo’s Reversal (Street Fighter)


5. Jump Snipe (Counterstrike)


Halo, Pokemon, Portal and more on the next page.

  • Jim Lahey

    Quite a bit of counterstrike on this list. Makes sense, given the nature of the game and the type of people that play it.

  • i played counterstrike ALLOT, it looks like allotta aimbots in these vids

  • thenottakenname

    I lost it for the reversal

  • Nick

    The deagle shot is a mix of luck and probability. If you know the maps and where people are likely to run then wallbanging gives you a good chance of hitting the enemy.

  • Ness

    There is a vid of a guy named desk (youtube biffotasty) doing the daigo parry, and reversal one handed…that is the big feat.

  • Guy Incognitus

    That jump snipe was very cool.

  • This is a good reason not to name your Legendary Pok√©mon “God”. I saw a similar trick using a Bidoof.

  • holmes

    CS bunnyhopping? ever heard of a little series of games called quake?