Ten Adorable Sidekicks with Awesome Powers

It’s not often that the sidekick saves the day—especially the ones on this list. But that doesn’t mean that their awesome abilities don’t come in handy for the hero. And, it doesn’t hurt that they’re adorable too!

For those of you who are expecting images of anime-eyed Robin or Tonto, you’ll be very disappointed.

10. Puar, Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z  

Sidekick to Yamcha, and one of the first enemies in the series, this cat-like creature quickly becomes a valuable ally. And though his worth fades as the series crawls on, his powers are still cool. For a floating cat.

Blessed with the gift of levitation, it is also revealed that Puar attended a shapeshifting school where he mastered the art. It definitely comes in handy for Yamcha, and later Goku and friends too.

9. Patamon, Digimon  

One of eight Digimon coupled with human DigiDestined counterparts, Patamon is matched with T.K. Even though he’s not the strongest or the bravest of the DigiDestined Digimon, his powers do come in handy, and they’ve saved the day more than once.

Besides being able to fly, Patamon has the ability to digivolve temporarily into more powerful forms with or without the aid of armor eggs. His angel-like transformations are awesomely powerful.

8. Kilala (or Kirara), InuYasha

Against my better judgment, I’m going to refer to her as Kilala from here on. Kilala is a small demonic cat and the companion of Sango the demon hunter. While mostly just a small pet, Kilala holds within her terrifying power.

Kilala can transform into a giant demon feline capable of carrying multiple riders. Complete with flames and sharp teeth, Kilala is not a creature to be messed with.

7. Mort, Madagascar Franchise  

Mort is a member of King Julien’s lemur posse, and his biggest (and only) fan. Mort is cute and all, but he only has one power.

While he’s dedicated, zealous, patient, and persistent, Mort’s one true power is his ability to annoy the hell out of King Julien. Honestly, I enjoy the abuse that ensues.

6. Pascal, Tangled

I had to pick a Disney character, but I couldn’t pick all of them. So I went with a relatively recent one.

He’s just a chameleon, but he’s not like any other animated reptile companion. Rapunzel’s little Pascal may not have any real powers, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t awesome.

Besides his super long tongue, Pascal—like countless other Disney companions—is sentient. He seems to know exactly what’s going on, and he always knows how to help Rapunzel out.

5. Winged Kuriboh, Yu-Gi-Oh GX  

Winged Kuriboh is basically a fluff ball with wings. It’s a monster spirit contained within a Duel Monsters card that bears the same name. And he’s Jaden Yuki’s companion.

Winged Kuriboh doesn’t look like much in the stats department, but his special effects are what make him useful. In the card game, Winged Kuriboh has the ability to protect the player’s Life Points, which could prove useful at the right moment. With a combination of other cards, Winged Kuriboh can be leveled up to Winged Kuriboh Level 10, which can inflict a great deal of damage to your opponent during battle. Sometimes the weakest creatures are the most underestimated.

4. Appa,  Avatar: The Last Airbender  

Appa is a part of a species called sky bison. He is also the companion of Avatar Aang. Along with Momo, a lemur-bat, he helps make Aang’s adventures seem more light-hearted than they sometimes are.

Appa can bend air. In fact, the sky bison are the ones that taught humans to first bend air. He can fly, and he’s large enough to carry all of Team Avatar around the world. His growl is so powerful it can knock people off their feet. Also, he can scare the egg right out of a platypus-bear.

3. Yoshi, Super Mario World/Mario Franchise  

First introduced in the Super Nintendo classic Super Mario World, Yoshi is Mario’s primary mode of transportation. Besides being a dragon that acts like a horse, Yoshi is invaluable to Mario as he travels through Dinosaur Land to save Princess Peach.

Coming in a variety of colors, Yoshi is definitely a sight to see. He has a frog-like tongue and uses it to eat enemies. He also gains power from eating different colored Koopa shells. Depending on which shell he eats, Yoshi can gain the ability to stomp, breathe fire, and even fly. Yoshi is also a key to getting Mario to several hard-to-reach places in different levels.

2. Pikachu, Pokémon Franchise  

The star of the merchandise empire, Pikachu has wowed fans for almost twenty years. Starting off as Ash’s unorthodox starter Pokémon (when Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle were already taken), Pikachu was stubborn and wild. Eventually though, Pikachu grew to like Ash and became the one Pokémon Ash always kept with him.

Pikachu is an electric mouse Pokémon and has the ability to produce and expel electricity, which along with his speed, makes him a worthy opponent in any Pokémon battle. With the power of the Thunderstone, Pikachu will evolve into a Raichu.

1. Gir, Invader Zim

Gir is alien invader Zim’s malfunctioning robot companion. Gir is supposed to be a lethal killing maching, but he instead indulges in cupcakes, pranks, and being completely ridiculous. Poorly disguised as a green dog with huge eyes and a tongue forever sticking out, Gir’s appearance is unforgettable. On the inside he’s just a gray robot with blue or red eyes. Depending on his mood and orders. Although Gir is mostly nonviolent, there are occasions he does become overly productive and aggressive. He’s computer savvy and seems smart behind his mindless, chaotic actions. But unless he can focus, he’s almost useless when it comes to getting any conquering done. Much to Zim’s chagrin. Anyone else you would liked to have seen?


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