Six Television Shows That Have Really Lost Some Steam

Do you realize how hard it is to have a television show make it past 10 years?  Hell it’s tough to make it past one.  But honestly I think the reason is because it’s just too hard to keep an audience captivated with the same characters and stories for so long.

Which is why I’m still amazed and will always be amazed by Seinfeld.  How that show entertained me for nearly a decade and me not tiring at all is beyond me.   That and Married with Children.    But even those two shows tired a bit in their last couple of seasons.

And now?  Now we have some shows that I think are tiring as well.  Personally they might need to finally be taken off the air.  Here are my five….


In its seventh season now, House just isn’t good anymore.  The funny thing is that the dialogue isn’t all that different.  House is still a dick but it just doesn’t have the allure it used to.  And to put House and Cuddy together really makes me want to vomit.  It sucks because I really love House but I just don’t think I can do it anymore.  And Wilson, you’re getting really old buddy!

The Office

We’ve been saying this a while now here at Unreality.  The show needs to end, now.  Jim and Pam are horrible.  And it’s almost as if you can tell that the writers have given up on putting anything remotely interesting on the show anymore.  It’s gone.  It’s just gone.  And continuing without Carell?  Granted I think he’s horrible but you have to admit he’s kind of the glue that holds the show together.  I don’t know man.  Quit while you’re ahead.   I mean give the new company and Kathy Bates a rest will ya?

30 Rock

This is kind of the same thing as House.  I feel like if I were watching 30 Rock for the first time I would love it.  However now that it’s been on for 5, yes FIVE seasons I’m just not laughing that hard anymore.  Even Tracy Morgan is tiring me out.  It’s no offense to 30 Rock.  It’s just kind of like, “what else can you guys really do anymore?”

Desperate Housewives

This show is still on television?  How is this possible?  What is this season 20?  Crazy.   Take it off, and fast.

American Idol

No Simon?  Wrong.  No Abdul?  Wrong.  Paying a gazillion dollars for rock stars to judge?  Wrong.  It’s all wrong.  It’s a great concept but come on man.  No joke this show should have ended after the 5th season.  It was still really popular and still had some zest.

Grey’s Anatomy

I honestly thought this show was no longer on television.  Mcdreamy?  Shut up.  Ellen Pompeo is NOT attractive and nothing will ever be as good as ER.  Good night.

  • MR

    The thing about the office is they changed the style of it to conform to mass audiences. While its not as sophisticated as it was before, more people get laughs out of it once it’s dumbed down.

    It’s not as good as it was sure, but I still get my laughs every week. And seriously, what do you have against Steve? Sure he’s not Ricky by any stretch, but he is still hilarious.

    Now I can agree the show needs to end rather than try to do the show without him, It’s no different than Fonzie jumping the shark. One can even suggest as you said they jumped the shark when Jim and Pam got hitched.

  • Cheryl

    It pains me to say it but I would also add The Simpsons. – and I LOVE the Simpsons but it’s just not funny anymore. I’ll watch old episodes over the new ones.

  • MR

    On the note of House, it’s sort of a Jackal and Hyde thing. One week you will be interested in the the characters affairs, the next week you are bored with them and get engrossed in the case. But if you ask me they could have ended the show perfectly with seasons six’s first episode. That was as perfect as it could have been. Just have House talk with Cuddy the last five minutes and get them walking out the building hand in hand and you would have the perfect ending.

  • josh

    Cheryl has it down. I was a Simpsons Fanatic up until ~Season 10 or 11. I’ve tried to watch an episode here and there, but I find myself barely cracking a smile. It’s just not funny anymore.

  • Rug

    Grey’s Anatomy makes me want to puke…I had to watch 5 seasons of this garbage over the summer because my girl was into it and wanted to know the whole story. And speaking of story, it’s the same thing every season, they’re together, they’re apart, someone almost dies, some does die…it’s the same plot every episode. The only way I can stomach it is because I get to look at Chyler Leigh.

    on other notes: Simpsons needs to stop (i too am a simpsons lover), and so does family guy, I was over that show after the 3 season.

  • Korky

    One show that will never be on this list: Cops!

  • Bert

    “On the note of House, it’s sort of a Jackal and Hyde thing.”

    Is that like some kind of crazy, supersmart chemist dog that changes into a bigger, crazier dog when he drinks his special concoction?

  • zero

    I would add family guy and scrubs to the list as well.

  • npmd

    I agree with most of the shows on the list except Grey’s Anatomy I mean im a girl and I watch it and I hate to say its actually gotten better. There are people out there who enjoy it just like there people who enjoy crap like Dancing with the Stars and Jersey Shore…although the simpsons and the new futurama should be on this list too. And the office !?! come on put it out of its misery unless daryl becomes boss cause that would be awesome.

  • Jonathan

    Darn you, Natty. Stop hating on House. I’m pretty sure that it’s still one of the best shows on TV. Like you said, it’s still the same show, and it’s as good as it’s ever been. You and your short attention span just got bored.

  • I saw the new episode of 30 Rock a couple of hours ago and it was pretty hilarious, so I don’t stand by your statement. When Alec Baldwin leaves, then yes the show should end.
    I dislike the Pam and Jim combo too, but the show has had one good episode this season involving Sweeney Todd x)
    Otherwise, I agree with your other choices…

  • Richard

    I agree with the office, would have been good to end it around the time of Jim and Pam’s wedding, now they’ve both been turned into assholes. I think South Park could also be added to the list…

  • moddyd

    Does anyone else feel the same way about Sunny? I just don’t find myself laughing as much, if at all at the show any more. Is it just me?

  • Ski

    Dead wrong on 30 Rock. Every season they’re expanding the characters and the jokes that involve them. Every time they imply Kenneth is immortal or Lutz is gay or that one actor doesn’t exist gets me.

    I’ll admit that Alec pretty much makes the show though. Or more precisely, his chemistry with Tina Fey. I doubt I’ll enjoy it as much without that.

  • Never watch Disparate Horseflies.

  • Agree on the Office, was pretty bad introducing that new salesman to be honest. 30 Rock though? I still like it a lot.

  • Crash

    I still think 30 rock is hilarious and I’m still a huge fan of House. House (both the show and character) has actually evolved and changed and is still changing. They have stopped concentrating so much on the Medical Mystery of the Week and started focusing more on the characters which I love.

  • TV Junkie

    How could “Weeds” escape this list? The show started off with a good story line, but now it’s all about the family escaping from some problem.

  • TV Junkie

    @ Moddy D, Totally agree! I don’t find myself laughing as much while watching Sunny either. It seems they are just trying to hard to do what seemed to come naturally in the earlier seasons.