Seven Celebrities With Weird Physical Flaws

Most of us movie fans and music fans are made to believe that our favorite celebrities are perfect.   At least that’s what the perception is.   By no means do I mean socially perfect.   God knows that celebrities don’t lead the most usual personal lives.

However, appearance wise there’s a ton of pressure for them to look a certain way.   What I’m getting at is flaws are generally not the norm when it comes to celebrities.

Although these seven people do have some flaws of their own…some weird flaws….

Thanks to Listverse for these finds.

Megan Fox’s Thumbs

Megan Fox was born with a condition called “brachydactyly” thumbs, which means that her thumbs are slightly clubbed or misshapen.  Gee, something tells me this won’t get in the way of millions of men swooning over her.   In fact I’m sure there are some fetishists out there who dig the thumbs.

Andy Garcia’s Shoulder Twin

Andy Garcia was born with a conjoined twin attached to his shoulder.   Doctors removed the fetus when Garcia was a toddler and he doesn’t remember the surgery.   Question.  Have we ever seen Garcia’s shoulder in a movie?

Vince Vaughn’s Phallic Thumb

When Vince Vaughn was only seventeen he got into a car accident and his thumb was severed.   He lost the tip of his thumb this giving it an odd appearance.  So odd that it kind of looks like a penis with a fingernail.

Billy Corgan’s Blotchy Hands

Smashing Pumpkins lead singer Billy Corgin was born with a large port-wine stain birthmark, or Klippel-Trenauney syndrome (KTS), covering most the palm and fingers of his left hand.  Something tells me that this is actually a good thing for his career.  He’s such a weirdo anyway that I’m sure his fans love it.

Joaquin Phoenix and his Faux Cleft Scar

Most people think that scar on his upper lip is the result of surgery removing a cleft palate.  Most people with that condition get it removed thus having the weird scar.   However his scar was formed in the womb and is called a microderm cleft.  It’s au naturale.

Jennifer Garner Overlapping Pinky Toe

I mean how often are you really looking at one’s feet?  Not too often.  Garner has brachymetatarsia, a condition in which one of the five long bones of the foot is shorter than the others, resulting in a shortened toe and an overlap.

Dan Aykroyd Has Webbed Toes


Just check out this video.

  • David

    I have webbed toes too! Just on the one foot though – weirdly enough, BOTH my parents have them, and BOTH of my mom’s parents. I mean seriously, what are the odds of that?

  • MattBearPig

    No mention of Sarah Jessica Parker’s footface condition?

  • echo

    Jennifer Garner’s toe thing is pretty gross when it’s all zoomed in like that. And being a fella who likes a woman with pretty hands, I’m gonna have to pass on Megan Fox. I think she may have a man-hands thing going on.

  • Steve

    Gotta be honest, I thought the Dan Aykroyd video was gonna be an SNL skit lol. When he said webbed toes, I figured his feet would actually look like a duck’s.

  • hahah same here steve 😉

  • EJ

    I have webbed toes too, though mine don’t look nearly as gross as Dan Aykroyd’s. My left hand was webbed between the ring and middle finger, but the web was cut out when I was 4. Lets just say plastic surgeons in 1979 weren’t Nip/Tuck caliber.

    Anyways, you’ve left off Matthew Perry of Friends fame, who is missing the tip of one of his fingers too.

  • pedro

    About Jennifer Garner i thought any feet would be that way if they use too much that small pointy shoes like some pics of chinese women with deformed feet we get on email evey week

  • chelsea

    i’m very shocked at the lack of Matthew Perry’s partial missing finger on this post….

  • Javier

    or Martin Sheen’s one arm shorter than the other

  • Cody
  • megs

    I think Halle Berry’s also got the overlapping toe thing.

  • cb1000

    Not very often mentioned, but actress Michelle Williams has a shorter left leg, look at the pictures from Cannes 2010

    The sandals must be special made, the left one has a thicker sole than the right one.

  • tassie devil

    Actually, Joaquin Phoenix has a faux cleft lip, not cleft palate. A cleft palate is when the roof of the mouth (palate) hasn’t become sealed properly. A cleft lip (also called a harelip) is when the lip itself hasn’t formed correctly.

  • amanda


  • @Amanda… Why the hell are you here anyways then?

  • Jordan

    I have the same thumb as Megan fox. But I only have it on one hand. I like it because it makes me different 🙂