Inventing a New All-Star Cast of In Living Color

I tell ya if there’s one show I miss to no end it’s In Living Color.   What was so great (and at the same time so crappy) about the show is that it will never be duplicated.  It was one of the most racist shows in the history of television.  And unfortunately after that show you just didn’t see that kind of racial profiling in comedy shows anymore….that is until The Chappelle Show.

But if all the stars aligned and we were in a perfect world I would love to see a sketch comedy show come out that would simple destroy SNL.  I think a revival of In Living Color could do it but only if it were casted well.

Clearly this is a dream scenario but if I could have a new In Living Color cast this is who I’d choose…..

Chris Rock

If you need a replacement to do Homey the Clown then Chris Rock would be your man.  Clearly Rock would be the token funny screaming guy who I think would fit in perfectly.  He’s a no doubt foundation of this group.

Aubrey Plaza

Personally I think that Aubrey Plaza is kind of cute and she’d make a great semi-cute newcomer who would play the role of the sort of hot chick who is funny because not only is she cute but she’s actually pretty funny.  She’d be a hell of a lot better than that chick who was in Office Space.

Jane Lynch

I think Lynch could add  a nice flavor to this mix as being the token creepy older white woman.  This would be awesome.

Bobb’ e J. Thompson

Thompson would be like the Wayans brothers.  The young guys who haven’t really found their way yet but definitely have potential and would get their funny moments on.

Dave Chappelle

There’s nothing that Chappelle can’t do and boy oh boy would I tune it just to watch this guy.

Joel Mchale

I thought long and hard about this one and honestly there’s no replacing Jim Carrey.  But if there’s a guy who could be animated and pull off some zany characters I really believe McHale can do it.  He just has the energy for it.  And I don’t know any other funny white guys that could be comedy show worthy.   I just don’t think any of the SNL guys would be all that good.   Maybe Will Ferrell?  But again, he’s more SNL oriented.

Will Smith

Let’s not forget how funny Smith was on Fresh Prince.  And he’s definitely still funny.  He’s just not in roles that are that funny anymore.

Queen Latifah

I still think she’d be pretty damned funny and it was either her or Wanda Sykes.  I think Sykes is a tad overrated.  Latifah’s funny.

Samuel L. Jackson

The yelling alone would capture an audience.


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