Learning Video Game Lore in Under a Minute

If you haven’t been playing a series from the beginning, sometimes it can be tough to jump into without having a clue what’s going on.  Or even if you have played, you might just want a refresher course. Before I started the third one, I’ll be damned if I could tell you one plot detail of Gears of War other than the fact that the creatures I was fighting were allergic to chainsaws.

Well that’s why this YouTube video series was created. It tackles the lore of a number of games and condenses the entire story into a minute with the help of some animation. Sure, it’s missing a few details, but it will fill you in on the jist of things all the same.

So from Diablo to Fallout to Deus Ex, here’s about fifteen minutes of lore to catch you up on a number of series.





Mortal Kombat




Duke Nukem


Gears of Wars


Deus Ex


Warhammer, League of Legends, Fallout and more on the next page!

  • ash

    The TMNT video is the wrong video. I think you linked League of Legends instead.

  • RBourn

    Loved the WH40K one.

    “Life sucks and you’re probably going to get eaten by Tyranids. Have fun!”

    Also, I will never get tired of the Mortal Kombat theme tune.


  • D.C.

    Is it okay for me to have a crush on Dodger? She’s hot, but it’s the Micro-Machines voice that does it for me. Rowr.

  • Frank Horrigan

    He got the Fallout lore PRETTY wrong… Vault 13 was the control vault; they were supposed to come out after 200 years, and they didn’t have any experiments beyond extreme isolation. In Vault City you find hundreds of water-chips meant for 13 specifically so that they would be utterly self-sufficient. Fallout 2 is based around because the Vault Dweller is not allowed to return to the vault and ruin the isolation… Look how smart I am, I know lots and lots about the back-story of some old RPG’s!