Five Interesting Interpertations Of The Devil In Comics

Lucifer from DC Comics

It only makes it that much cooler that Neil Gaiman wanted Lucifer’s visual style to echo that of  David Bowie.

Ah, now we tread into DC territory. Where Marvel had Mephisto, DC had Lucifer. And honestly, though I am mostly a Marvel guy, DC wins, hands down, on this one. Lucifer was born in the brilliant Sandman comics, and would eventually move his way through the DC universe a bit before ending with his own book.

So why do I consider DC’s Lucifer to be that much cooler than Marvel’s Mephisto? Well, I will bust it down to the simplest terms. Lucifer looks like David Bowie, and owns a piano bar named LUX in L.A. That might be one of the coolest things you can do, real person or not. So that wins most of the points. Also, you could totally go get an order of wings with Lucifer, and people would think you were hanging out with 80’s era Bowie. But you go to Wendy’s with Mephisto, and people start screaming and running away. See what I am saying?

Lucifer wins. Just not at ping pong. Lucifer sucks at ping pong.

Prince Of Darkness from Preacher

Man, the cover of the new Meatloaf record is AWESOME!

I refuse to speak too much about The Preacher whenever I talk about it, because it really is such an epic comic, that to tell you key parts to this (or any) character, is to ruin some of the great surprises as the story unfolds.  I will tell you this. The Saint Of Killers character is THAT MUCH MORE badass than the Devil himself in this book, and you learn why pretty quickly. Honestly, the Saint Of Killers is the most badass Devil on this list, and he is not even a Devil, and he is not on this list, so that should tell you everything you need to know about him.

Don’t worry. I have no idea what I just said either.

I decided to end this article with an actual photograph of the Devil.

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Oh well, swing at every ball. That’s what J.T Dawgzone taught me.

  • malebolge wasn’t the name for the devil in Dante’s Inferno, it was the name of the 8th layer its self. The name translates to something along the lines of Evil Ditches, and the layer of hell was composed of a series of ditches with various sinners being punished in it.

    The devil himself was in the middle of the ninth layer.

  • trashcanman

    Excellent article. You made me feel like a dick for having not read “Johnny The Homicidal Maniac”, but made up for it by opening your article by suggesting God is a bigger asshole than Satan. I mean, really. Satan trolls a few people here and there in The Bible but God seems to have an actual hard on for killing children. He sends the angel of death to kill Egypt’s firstborn to get at Pharaoh after he himself “hardened his heart” against taking Moses’ advice? Really, God? Or how about when he sent motherfucking bears to tear apart 42 children because some of them pointed out that a dude was bald? That happened. And Satan is the bad guy for pointing out to Eve that God was being kind of dickish about that apple tree? ‘Kay.

  • @Adam, Great call. I am sad I made that mistake, but I tend to leave them in the articles because they humble me a bit.
    @Trashcanman, I am SO glad someone jumped on that. Been driving me mad for awhile.

  • Korky

    Better change “Gaimen” to “Gaiman” before you get lynched.

  • Toraaki

    You didn’t put another devil in here: Lucifer from Hellblazer.

  • Shadowtag

    Honestly, you should just have someone come in and edit this thing. Typos everywhere.

    One interpretation I liked was Lucifer in the Dawn comics. Linsner all but outright says he and God were banging, but the kicker is that Lucifer, in the throes of emo goth nonsense, manages to continually misquote Shakespeare.

    Plus there’s y’know, nearly naked women everywhere.

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      By “WordPress is messed up” I mean I am drunk on nog.
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