Five Actors Who Make me Want to Change my Profession

2. Cobie Smulders as News Anchor Robin Scherbatsky, How I Met Your Mother

This Canadian-born, former child pop star and frequent Neil Patrick Harris wingman has had several awesome jobs that she’s hated, including her late, late, late night news shift, which gave her about two dozen viewers total.

She works for an idiot infatuated with himself, and she never gets any good stories. I’m pretty sure it’s because she won’t sleep with him. But, barring all the obviously bad aspects, I’d like to have her job. She gets to report on strange, but interesting (to me, at least) stories, and the ones that aren’t interesting are at least so ridiculous that they’re funny.

She also got to co-host a Japanese game show-newsroom. That was great.

1. William Daniels as Teacher/Principal/Dean George Feeny, Boy Meets World

He’s a well-respected, no-nonsense, middle school history teacher who follows Cory Matthews and friends to high, becoming a principal, and college, becoming a dean. He’s the wise sage of the story always offering up sometimes unsolicited advice. And as it turns out, he’s not nearly as cold-hearted or boring as Cory and friends would have you believe early on.

He’s the kind of teacher that I think most teachers would want to be to at least some extent. He cares about his students and their problems and futures, and he loves his often thankless job. On top of that, he’s always pushing his students to think for themselves and question what they think they know. He strives for their success.

If I ever go the route of being an educator, I would want to be at least partly a Mr. Feeny.

  • Bedig

    Mr. Feeney was never the dean, but he was a professor, and eventually married the dean.

  • Dan

    What about “bones”, im anthropologist and that shit is fake as hell

  • oiger

    Zach Braff as John Dorian!

  • Anonymous

    Really!? Nathan Fillion makes you want to be a novelist? Not a space cowboy?