Five Actors Who Make me Want to Change my Profession

If you can even call writing my “profession” right now…

I bet I’m not the only one who has ever been swayed to or from a career choice based on great performances of great actors. By necessity they bring something more to every aspect of the characters they’re portraying.

But then there are also the inaccuracies and flaws of the film and television worlds. Fact checkers either don’t do their jobs, or writers, directors, and producers simply don’t care enough. Or they sacrifice some believability for character development, plot development, or entertainment value.

5. Nathan Fillion as Novelist Richard Castle, Castle

So, right now I’m teetering on whether I want to write and direct movies or write novels, so it’s debatable whether “change my profession” is applicable to this one. Nevertheless, it’s exactly the kind of thing I’m talking about.

Richard Castle is a murder mystery writer who gets caught up with the NYPD when someone starts killing people in exactly the way he kills people in several of his novels. At the end of the pilot, Castle is brought on as an auxiliary member of the NYPD as a consultant because he’s able to see plot twists coming before the detectives can. Also, he’s friends with the mayor, and he can get what he wants.

Although some of the things he does would never fly with the real NYPD. He’s always tagging along on cases, getting in the way, occasionally firing an officer’s gun, or using a friend to hack into the computer systems. This would get a pseudo officer fired immediately.

4. Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House, House, M.D.

I’m sure everyone knows who Dr. House is. But I’ll summarize anyway. He’s a cranky, delinquent doctor who specializes in diagnostics. He hates working in the clinic, loves solving problems, despises people, and is in so much pain that he’s an avid recreational user of drugs both prescription and illicit.

Also, he cheated on a major test in medical school.

He’s unorthodox to the point that he refuses to follow protocol or even rules and safety procedures. But his seemingly rash and dangerous decisions usually end up being what’s best for everyone, completely ignoring logic and statistics.

In fact, he’s kind of been fired several times, but his boss has a soft spot for him.

3. James Spader as Attorney Alan Shore, Boston Legal

Longwinded, flamboyant, and perverted, Alan Shore makes life in the law offices of Crane Poole and Schmidt bearable. Well, he and William Shatner’s mad cow-infested and equally perverted Denny Crane.

Shore is infamous for his really long and often really great closing arguments in court as well as his unconventional and much-despised court room theatrics, which drive his co-counsel and the judges mad.

And when he’s not in court, he can be found having sex on either his desk or on one belonging to one of many attractive female colleagues.