The Interesting Phobias of 10 Celebrities

We’re all afraid of something.   But in general most of us don’t have phobias.   Having a phobia is considered clinical meaning you have a serious problem, one that is actually documented.

I mean sure I fear dying but not in the literal sense where it pervades my life.   And it ain’t just us normal people that fear things.  Some of the most well known people out there have plenty of fears.

In fact, here are 10 celebrities that have some pretty interesting phobias….

Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob is afraid of bright colors (chromophobic), of airplanes, and oddly enough antique furniture.   It’s all good though.  He got to do a very erotic sex scene with Halle Berry.  Thornton refuses to stay in any hotel room where furniture was made before 1950.

Carmen Electra

Carmen as hyrophobia.  Yup, she’s afraid of water.   Interesting considering she does so much posing in bathing suits.  And wasn’t she on Baywatch?  How the hell did she pull that one off?

Keanu Reeves

I’m sure all you meme fans out there will be surprised to know that Keanu is a scotophobia.   Yes, Neo is afraid of the dark.  There’s gotta be some kind of funny meme we can create out of this one right?

Kelly Osbourne

Apparently she suffers from Haphophobia which is the fear of being touched.   I find that extremely hard to believe.  I would imagine in her drugged out days she was touched quite often, and by strangers no less.

Lyle Lovett

Even though Lyle Lovett isn’t such a big celebrity I had to put this one in here because honestly I’ve never heard of a person having this fear.   He has Taurophobia which is a fear of bulls or cows.   What in the hell develops in a person to have this fear?  Did he have some sort of rodeo accident as a kid?

Oprah Winfrey

Apparently she suffers from chiclephobia which is a fear of chewing gum.    How could one chew anything at all and not be afraid and yet be afraid of gum?  I don’t get it.  I really don’t.

Pamela Anderson

I find this one nearly impossible to believe or maybe I just refuse to believe it.  Put it this way if I were Pamela Anderson I would NOT have cataptrophobia which is a fear of mirrors.   To look like Pamela it’s gotta be a real shame to not want to see your own reflection.

Robert De Niro

He’s a dentophobe which means at all costs Mr. De Niro will not go to the dentist.   I wonder how he keeps up with his dental health.  I’m sure he can afford it.

Tom Cruise

Cruise suffers from phalacrophobia which is a fear of going bald.  I’m sure he suffers from a hell of a lot more being a scientologist and all.

Woody Allen

Woody Allen has strong phobias against cancer (Carcinophobia), insects, sunshine, dogs, deer, bright colors, children, heights, small rooms, crowds, and anywhere except Manhattan.


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