Apple Actually Failed? Here are Some of The Greatest

Like any successful business out there, one must fail a number of times before they can truly succeed.  It teaches you humility and it teaches you to never give up.  Well, at least it teaches those companies willing to work for it to never give up.  And one company that truly knows this is Apple.

What we see now is a technology behemoth.  It seems that everything these guys put out there now turns to gold.  Well, check back to the 80s and 90s and you’ll see that Apple was way ahead of its time and consumers sure as hell didn’t respond.

They had a number of failed products that when you actually look back were pretty good but at the time had very little success.

Here are some of Apple’s greatest fails….

Apple 3 – 1980

The successor to the hugely popular Apple 2 (see what they did there), this was a huge flop.  Also, a genuine fire hazard.  There were countless stories of these guys over heating and even exploding.

Apple Lisa – 1983

This was one of the first personal computers to utilize a graphical user interface (ie: on screen icons), came with a mouse, and could multi-task across programs.  All pretty amazing for 1983 but there was just one hiccup.  The damned thing cost over 10 grand!  Fail.

Macintosh Portable – 1989

Wait a second.  This thing is portable?  Fail.

Apple Newton – 1993

Think of this as the original iPad.  It was an all in one portable office capable of sending faxes, email, you name it.  It could even claim to read handwriting (via stylus).  Too bad that feature sucked and this thing cost over 1000 bucks.

Macintosh TV – 1993

The simple truth.  It just worked like shit.  TV Signals were garbage coming from a computer in 1993.

Apple Pippin -1996

This was supposed to be a rival of Playstation.  Honestly I never even knew this thing existed.

20th Anniversary Macintosh – 1997

Basically this was a deluxe version of a normal computer.  Too bad it didn’t have many features other than looking cooler.  And at 8 grand clearly not worth it.

Apple USB Mouse

One clicker?  One?  Are you kidding me?

Quicktake – 1994

One of the first Digital Cameras to hit the market.  This one was just a matter of coming out at the wrong time.  Prices were nearly 700 bucks.


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