Five Hollywood Actors who are Excellent Stage Actors

Hollywood actors have always appeared on Broadway from time to time but in the last 5 years or so we’ve seen a tremendous surge of celebrity finding their way to the stage.    And this year they even invaded the Tony Awards.

I’m impressed when these folks try their hands at stage acting.  Particularly because when you’re performing in a show you only get one take.  That to me is true acting and many people would agree with me.  Don’t get me wrong.  Movie acting is also an extreme skill but at least there you have “do overs” and editing.

Which is why I don’t think there’s too many actors out there that can cut it on Broadway.  However, here are five that I think are worthy of a mention.

Liev Schreiber

I actually saw Schreiber star in Talk Radio when that came to theater and man can this guy act.  First of all he has a great speaking voice.  Second of all he was built for this role.  A snotty, arrogant disc jockey who is trying to make it big.  Oh and P.S. this is just one of many fine performances he’s had on stage.  Guy has super talent.

Hugh Jackman

I think Hugh Jackman was built for Broadway.  He’s very handsome.  He has a great singing voice and he’s just got that charisma that everyone in that world loves.   He can act fine but he’s definitely more of a “performer” to do songs and what not.  Great personality though.

Denzel Washington

He won a Tony this year and something tells me that as he gets older we might continue seeing Washington perform on stage.

Ed Norton

Not many people know that Norton began his career in off-Broadway plays before he shocked Hollywood with his screen test for Primal Fear.  I was lucky enough to see Norton in a play called “Burn This” which happened to be amazing.   I hope he gets on stage soon because I would definitely pay to see him again.   Personally I thought he should have gotten a Tony for that one.

Catherine Zeta Jones

Zeta Jones is kind of my equivalent to Hugh Jackman but as a female.  She’s incredibly good looking, has a very solid singing voice and brings that personality that you don’t see often.  It’s kind of like how you have to act in a commercial, a little over the top but fun enough that the crowd loves you.


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