Five Actors That Could Have Solid Stand Up Comedy Careers


Here’s a little something you didn’t know about me.  I used to do stand up here in New York City.  It was a brief stint but I had a decent run, got some laughs and I really enjoyed myself up there.  Lots of people told me I looked pretty comfortable but to tell you the truth I was scared shitless every time I went up to perform.

So having a bit of experience and watching a ton of stand up I think I can kind of tell what might make someone be a successful stand up comedian.  But for the purposes of this article I wanted to focus on actors already out there who I think could easily make the transition.

Here are five actors that could have solid stand up comedy careers…..

Kevin Spacey


It’s quite evident by his ability to do impressions and I’ve also seen him talk at my college back in the day.  Spacey has great stage presence and a hell of a lot of confidence.  Since he doesn’t seem to be doing too many good movies these days I would pay to see him get on stage and make me laugh.

Christopher Walken


This is more just because Walken is funny.  Something tells me that his material would be absolutely horrible but in some shape or form I think Walken just being on stage and trying would make me laugh my ass off.  There’s nothing not funny about Christopher Walken.

Paul Rudd

httpv://’s a charming yet cocky quality about Rudd that I think would translate well on stage.  And if this video isn’t any indication I don’t know what is.  I doubt Rudd would even have that much of a routine.  I think if he just messed with the crowd he would kick ass.

Matt Damon


Did anyone see that Tribute to Matt Damon thing on network TV a couple months ago?  Damon was by far the funniest thing about that event.  I really think he did most of his stuff on the fly.  And let’s not forget his ability to do impressions.   Something tells me he’ll eventually be a director but I’m still hoping he does a stand up show someday.

Jason Schwartzman


He’s young.  He’s funny.  He’s smart.  I could easily see him kicking ass in a comedy club.

  • Cheryl

    I always just assumed because Paul Rudd was so funny that he got his start in stand-up…hmm, learn something new everyday.

  • J5

    I honestly think Bruce Willis could pull off a stand up act, as long as he didnt incorporate thermonica into it.

    But really, after watching Commando last night & the Expendables trailer this morning I have to say that Arnold Schwarzenegger should’ve had a stand up act called “Arnold’s Pronuciation Corner.” All you would have to do is get the audience to shout up random words for Arnold to say.

    “Cah-lee-four-nyah” would probably be the most common.

  • J5

    oh whoops. Thermonica = the harmonica.

  • Scott

    Actually…Brad Pitt.

    Look at him anytime he’s done something funny. Ignore the pretty-boy image and he actually has perfect comic timing and delivery.

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  • prowse

    Jason and Kevin = have done standup already. They was OK. Kevin still kills.

    But, comic timing in film is 50 to 100% IN THE EDITING.

  • Nathan Forester

    Well of course, it would be…hillarious, to see Walken, trying to do stand up comedy – because he’s so Walkeny.