A Comprehensive List of Memorable Movie Stoners


Pot has become mostly commonplace in our culture, so it should come as no surprise that marijuana has found its way onto the big screen.  Regardless of your feelings on Mary Jane, the portrayal of stoners in movies is usually pretty amusing.  There’s just something inherently hilarious (and for lots of us, um, familiar) about a dude with slowed speech and a penchant for getting all philosophical while ripping bong hits from a four-footer.  It sure makes me giggle, at least.  After the jump is a rundown of some of the most memorable stoners in movies.  Enjoy it with a fattie, OK Computer, and a bag of Cheetos:

Cheech & Chong  – Up In Smoke, Nice Dreams, Things Are Tough All Over, Still Smokin’, etc.


Pretty much synonymous with “stoners,” Cheech and Chong have been preaching free love and gettin’ blazed since the 1970s.  The pair starred in several movies together after the cult success of Up in Smoke.  It’s tough to pick a defining stoner moment for these guys, as everything they do in all of their movies somehow involves selling, smoking, lighting, eating, or engineering weed.  I don’t think these two potheads will ever be dethroned as the kings of movie stoners.

Floyd – True Romance


Before he became a megastar, Brad Pitt played Floyd in the awesome flick True Romance.  Here’s a clip of Floyd getting (more) baked, being baked, and unselfishly offering a group of thugs with guns the chance to smoke a bowl:


Saul Silver – Pineapple Express


Franco’s performance in Pineapple Express is analogous to Johnny Depp’s in Pirates of the Carribbean.  The thing is, because Franco played a stoner, he won’t get much credit for his role.  And man, did he nail the part.  Saul Silver is the quintessential stoner: he waxes poetic about civil engineering, gets high every minute of every day, and even displays an incredible sense of pacifism, apologizing to someone for smashing them in the head with a coffee pot.  The first time I saw Saul Silver was through a bonus feature on the Superbad DVD, and he immediately became one of my favorite movie characters.  If everyone was like Saul Silver, the world would be a better place.

Thurgood – Half Baked


Yes, Thurgood makes the list, and no, Brian (played by Jim Breuer) does not.  Jim Breuer is not funny and has never been funny.  What’s he done?  I mean, besides that stupid goat boy routine and make the same stupid f*cking face in everything he’s ever appeared in.  This movie would be ten times funnier if someone else played Brian.  Sh*t, it’d be funnier if Robin Williams played Brian, and he’s as unfunny as he is hairy.  Back to Thurgood, though – the end of this clip just kills me:


Harold & Kumar – Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle, Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay


I didn’t think Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle was going to be very funny, but I was very pleasantly surprised.  Harold and Kumar are a nice change of pace from the stereotypical movie stoners that simply lie around all day and puff grass.  Salary and status-wise, Harold has a pretty decent job, and Kumar has the credentials to go to medical school.  I’m no elitist, but these are the types of stoners I grew up around, which is maybe why these two crack me up so much.

Mersh – PCU


In this very funny movie, Jake Busey plays a very funny Deadhead stoner with the same name as a crappy kind of bud.  I’m guessing his father may have helped quite a bit with nailing down the character’s idiosyncrasies.  “Just one little binger to brighten up your day.”

Dante – Grandma’s Boy


Dante doesn’t have too many brain cells left, but he’s still pretty awesome.  Dante deals weed and has a thing for hanging around animals, as evidenced by the great pic above.  After an inspirational monologue by Mr. Cheezle, Dante asks “Where do you get your weed?”

“From you, Dante.”

“Ohhhhh, yeah.”

Ron Slater – Dazed and Confused


Everyone in Dazed and Confused smokes trees, but Ron seems to do it and enjoy it just a bit more than everyone else.  Ron’s high-as-a-kite conspiracy theory about the images on a dollar bill sounds eerily familiar to some of bullsh*t I heard in high school.  This movie owns, and the great soundtrack makes it a classic.

Marty – Knocked Up


Marty is my favorite stoner on this entire list.  Seriously.  He’s not as recognizable as most of the others, and admittedly, he’s not as funny, either.  Marty, though, takes getting baked to a whole different plane.  In my favorite scene in the movie, Ben brings Alison to his house for the first time and introduces her to his roommates.  Everyone says hello, but not Marty.  Marty is sitting on the couch, his face covered with a ridiculous beard, and is so f*cking high that he can barely manage to move his arm – a great way to make a first impression.  We’ve all been there.  Right?

Jeff Spicoli – Fast Times at Ridgemont High


Spicoli’s a pretty memorable character, and it fascinates me that he was played by Sean Penn before Penn decided to be become insufferably liberal and take himself way too seriously.  He’s still a great actor, though, and thanks to him, we were given stoner Jeff Spicoli.  “All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I’m fine.”  Amen.

Silas P. Silas and Jamal King – How High


After smoking their friend Ivory, his ghost gives Silas and Jamal the answers to the THC (Testing for Higher Credentials) exam, enabling them to gain acceptance into Harvard.  Naturally, hilarity ensues and grass is burned.  The best thing about this movie?  My dad loves it.  I was floored when I found out.  I would have been less surprised if he told me he was pregnant.

Smokey – Friday


It’s true: just about everything Smokey says during this movie is funny.  From the first time he announces his presence to Craig (“Break yo self, fool!”) until the end (“You just got knocked the f*ck out!”), Smokey is a one-man quote machine.  In fact, one of his lines can pretty much sum up the entire plot and theme of the movie:

“I know you don’t smoke weed, I know this; but I’m gonna get you high today, ’cause it’s Friday; you ain’t got no job… and you ain’t got shit to do. ”  If only every day was a Friday.

Jay and Silent Bob – Almost Every Kevin Smith Movie


At a minimum, Jay and Silent Bob induce a chuckle when they’re on screen.  Silent Bob, as his monicker implies, usually doesn’t have much to say.  Jay, on the other hand, is the personification of vulgarity.  He’s as quick to make a d*cksucking joke (Make like a circus seal?  Nice.) as he is to light up a joint, and when the reins are loosened in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, the result is one of the funniest pairs of stoners in movie history.  What a lovely tea party.

The Dude – The Big Lebowski


What, you didn’t think I was going to leave out The Dude, did you?  For shame!  The above pic says it all.  If you haven’t seen The Big Lebowski, you’ve really missed out.  It’s one of the Coen Brothers’ best movies, and a lot of that is because of the loveable stoner known as The Dude.  The Dude abides.

So there you have it – a comprehensive list of movie stoners.  I don’t think I made any glaring emissions omissions, but if I did, let me know.  I’m stone sober, so it’s not like I have a real excuse.

  • John

    Don’t forget ‘Drugs’ from Outside Providence. He’s amazing!

  • ivanmarsh

    Let’s not forget Donald Sutherland as Sgt. Oddball in Kelly’s Heros.

  • ivanmarsh

    Let’s not forget Donald Sutherland as Sgt. Oddball in Kelly’s Heroes.

  • Shawn

    You don’t think Jim Breuer is funny? Are you retarded? Check out these clips.


  • Madison

    @ ivanmarsh

    Funny, I was considering including Sutherland for his role as the professor in Animal House.

    @ Shawn

    Yes, I’m retarded. Pretty impressive that I managed to write an entire article, huh?

  • I was really impressed with this list, really comprehensive and legitimate. Good work.

  • Madison

    @ thejoker

    Thanks, and thanks for reading. It was a lot of fun to create this list.

  • Shawn

    Well maybe not retarded just misinformed & ignorant to think that Jim has only one accomplishment as Goat Boy.

  • Madison

    @ Shawn

    It’s just a matter of taste – it has nothing to do with misinformation or ignorance. He rubs me the wrong way and I don’t think he’s funny. If you do, that’s great. I’m sure there are people I find funny that you don’t.

    Thanks for reading.

  • Alex

    I, too, was pleasantly surprised with Harold & Kumar, but I kept getting caught up in the fact that they sit around smoking pot all night, and suddenly they go on an adventure throughout which they do not act stoned at all. A little quibble, but bothersome.

    Slater definitely takes the cake in my book.

    Good job.

  • Box

    Yeah I don’t find Jim funny either, I checked out those clips…still not funny. I thought he demeaned Saturday Night Live the whole time he was on it when it still had potential.

  • Girl

    hmmm, what about some of those douches from Super Troopers?? They may have had a small role, but they were great stoners.

    Also…..what’s the big guys name in Blow….Ethan Slupe….played Tuna. Now that is a great stoner name!

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  • Anyone who has not seen Cloverfield whilst smoking their vegetables has never truly experience something awesome.

  • Madison

    @ Girl

    You are 100% correct. That’s one of my favorite comedies, I am ashamed for leaving those dudes out.

    Littering and…littering and…

  • Gneekman

    reigns == reins?
    Regardless, great list!

  • Madison

    @ Gneekman

    You are correct. Man, I friggin hate making spelling and/or grammar errors. Like, more than anything else.

    Thanks for reading (and the correction!).

  • Ol Chappy

    Danny, the dealer in Withnail & I. I highly recommend that film to anyone, no pun. Ralph Brown’s part as Danny is small, but crucial, and so funny that he got asked to reprise it in a Wayne’s World movie, to much lesser effect. Check it out.
    Also, WTF is “insufferably liberal”? After the last 8 years you can STFU and suffer Sean Penn’s or anyone else’s liberalism for a while — we’re due!
    Otherwise, nice article.

  • Doug

    My favorite part of halfbaked…

    Something to the effect of…

    “I am going to kill your mexican friend”

    “I’m Cuban B!!!!”

    “Yes…Cuban B”

    I LMAO everytime at that part…

  • Madison

    @ Ol Chappy

    I like Sean Penn. I just thought when he pulled that human shield thing for Iraq a fews year back, well, that was pretty douchey. This obviously isn’t a political site, but people go bonkers whenever I make a comment regarding politics, no matter how harmless or sarcastic it may be The thing is, it’s usually tongue-in-cheek, and I don’t care that much (I’m pretty independent), so neither should you.

    People getting upset about it, to be honest, kinda makes me want to do it more.

    I will have to check out Withnail & I; sounds awesome.

  • Doug

    Obviously Jim has been type casted as a stoner, but I am curious how you can think Harold and Kumar are funny and Jim isn’t? All of them play the same role in every movie.

    The “Killer was born to a three legged itch of a mother…” speech was classic.

  • Absolutely great list. You freakin’ nailed it my man. “Drugs” from Outside Providence is awesome, but this shit is great. For the record, Jim Breuer is not funny at all.

  • breuer fan

    while, i will agree that jim breuer has not done anything really in the last few years, i do have to say that he is still a really funny dude. in my opinion, his character is totally essential to half baked. he also did some good stand-up stuff a few years back. and oh yeah, he’s not making that face. it’s just that his face always looks that way, like he is permanently stoned. must have made it pretty tough to get a regular job. good call on true romance, though. i used to have one of those homemade honey bear bongs back in college. dazed and confused is a personal favorite. how high was terrible. why do rappers think they can act? most of the list is pretty predictable standard stuff, but it brought back some hazy, short-term memories!

  • xander

    what about a serious stoner movie like easy rider?

    the list is amazing except for the supertroopers thing.

    nobody owns the water! its god’s water.

  • Author X

    Why cant you just write the list and make that your focus instead of an out of place attack on Jim Breuer? He was on SNL for four seasons, which is a level of success you will never achieve.

    Plus where are the obscure picks? As if Spicoli, The Dude, and Cheech & Chong aren’t as obvious as the fact that Goat Boy made your girlfriend do very naughty things in the back of a van
    in ’97.

    Perhaps Lester Burnham in American Beauty or even Melanie Ralston in Jackie Brown.

  • Captain Fantastic

    Jay and Silent Bob are never seen smoking weed nor do they ever appear to be stoned in any of the ‘Askew’ movies.

  • ThisGuy44

    WTF are you talking about? They smoke the doobie snacks in the back of the van in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Jay’s basically always high.

  • RSV

    How the hell can someone forget Messers Del Toro and Depp in Fear and Loathing. 🙂

  • senster

    Female stoners are under-represented in film.

    Usually, the only time you see a girl smoking on screen, she’s nothing more than a bimbo extra or a supporting character about to do something that usually involves sleeping with the male lead.

    Where are all the cool chicks?

  • amirman

    pretty damn good list, the only person i could think of to add was crispin glover’s character from the movie River’s Edge, but then even though he’s obviously a stoner in the movie i don’t remember if it actually showed him smoking much in the movie. hilarious character anyway. here’s a nice scene with him from the movie.

  • Captain Fantastic

    The van scene where Jay ends up without his kidney in a bathtub? It was fantasy man or maybe you think Scooby Doo is real?

  • inthefresh

    the only good female stoner from a film i can even recall is marissa tomei from four rooms. i love that scene too. she takes a huge bt!

  • AussiePete

    @ Captain Fantastic:

    In Mallrats, getting the contestants stoned before the game show?? “All it took was one fat chronic blunt!”

    British gangsta flick “Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels” with the “horticulturalists” and Gloria the stoned chick who only wakes out of her stoned haze to shoot up a room full of Cockney gangstas…

    Loved “Dazed & Confused”!!!! In fact I’m going to pack up a bowl and go watch it now.

  • Norann

    The end of mallrats where they smoke out the guys back stage. It never shows any of them actually smoke but it is implied that they all smoke in that scene.

  • Mykinco

    I was upset not to see Bill S. Preston Esq. & Ted Theodore Logan, AKA Bill & Ted, omitted from the list. As well as Keanu’s character from River’s Edge, however I cannot remember his name. Plus the guys from Idle Hands

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  • Paul Kemp


    Thank you for bringing up F&L. I’d also nominate Bill Murray in his portrayal of Hunter S. Thompson in “Where the Buffalo Roam”

  • Spicoli is clearly the best stoner of all time, or have the yunguns here not seen Fast Times?

  • Um… what about “Kenny” from “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead”?

    “The dishes are done, man?”

    Not even honorable mention?


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  • mstermann

    Saul Silver and Ron Salter are my heroes.

  • BunnyLebowski

    The Dude is most definately the most classic on the list… That movie has got to be one of the best ever made- “All Dude wanted was his rug back” love it!!

    Great list, man, even if you weren’t in the right state of mind to be writing it!! lol

  • Ol Chappy

    @ Madison: Withnail & I is awesome, by all means check it out. Please don’t let the following dissuade you from that.
    You don’t get why people get upset about political jibes, because you (apparently) subscribe to our era’s common regard of politics as entertainment. ‘Look, people are mad, isn’t that fun?’ Bush’s misadventures over the last 8 years are good yuks, for which 100,000 dead Iraqis, give or take a few, is just part of the background. I find myself turning into one of those humorless liberal assholes, even though I too always thought of myself as an independent, because my generation’s inability to take itself or its leadership seriously kinda makes me want to puke.
    But, you know, like, whatever.

  • Madison

    @ Ol Chappy

    No, I get why people get upset about political jibes, but for crying out loud, this is a website on movies, video games, and television. It’s something they should probably just let go.

    I’m actually pretty into politics, and I think that you nailed it – a big problem is the tabloid treatment of politicians instead of an objective examination of the issues. The thing is, this isn’t the forum for it. I won’t apologize for making a quip, though, simply because it wasn’t meant to start a politcal debate on this website.

    When I say “I don’t care that much,” I mean it in the sense that I don’t care enough to debate with strangers in the comments section of my articles on movies. Which I am kind of doing now (I love contradicting myself). I do care very much about our country and its direction, but I also think that jokes are just…well, jokes. Not trying to be a dick, but really, lighten up a bit.

    Hope you enjoy the site, and thanks for your comments.

  • This is a cool list of stoner movies.
    I like Cheech & Chong “Up In Smoke” best.

    thanks from tony

  • Ol Chappy

    @ Madison: Word. Bottom line is I liked the article. Thanks for even taking the time to respond. Post up something about W&I if you see it and think it’s worthwhile.

  • darthstrikkus

    i completely agree with your jim bruer statement it is basically exactly what i have always thought in my head. He makes half-baked completely unwatchable. Every time he opens his mouth in that movie i die on the inside. He plays the most over the top, unfunny, overacted stoner of all time. He plays it like someone that read the effects of weed on the internet once and the movie would be 100x better if his part were played by a muppet or talking goat. As for the list, nicely done, saul is easily one of my favorite movie characters of all time and james franco is now one of my favorite actors, but my favorite on the list has to go to slater from dazed and confused. that movie capture high school life like no other ive seen and as much as i love all the others on the list slater and dazed stand above the rest

  • Madison

    @ Ol Chappy

    I can’t promise when I will do it, but I *will* watch W&I and write a review, posted on this website. Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later. I’m certainly intrigued.

    @ darthstrikkus

    Agreed, Saul and Slater both rule. Dazed and Confused nailed the feeling of high school, and the only movie to really do it since then is Superbad. Your interpretation of Breuer is spot on. From what I hear, though, he’s a really cool dude in person. Just not very funny!

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  • Scott

    I agree with Danny from Withnail and I. If you have not seen the movie “Withnail and I” go track it down. It’s hard to find but one of the best if not the best stoner movies of all time.. A quote from Danny.

    I don’t advise a haircut, man. All hairdressers are in the employment of the government. Hair are your aerials. They pick up signals from the cosmos and transmit them directly into the brain. This is the reason bald-headed men are uptight.

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  • Benjarvus

    If i had to pick one character from Dazed and Confused it would have to be Wooderson, possibly the best stoner of all time.

  • Sarah

    I don’t think anyone actually saw this movie, but Anna Faris in Smiley Face was so hilarious. And there aren’t too many movies about girl potheads either.

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  • Mad

    This is a cool list of stoner movies.

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  • Absolutely great list. You freakin’ nailed it my man. “Drugs” from Outside Providence is awesome, but this shit is great. For the record, Jim Breuer is not funny at all…

  • This is a cool list of stoner movies.
    I like Cheech & Chong “Up In Smoke” best…

  • king presepation

    You´ve forgotten Kevin Spacey in American Beauty, things got really better for him after he starts smoking.

  • Absolutely great list. You freakin’ nailed it my man. “Drugs” from Outside Providence is awesome, but this shit is great. For the record, Jim Breuer is not funny at all…

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  • Luke C

    awesome list, kept thinking ‘he missed out so and so’ but as i scrolled down i saw you got ’em all, lolz

  • @Sarah:

    Yes!! Thank you! I was reading through these comments, and when I saw the comment asking where the female stoners were, Anna Faris in “Smiley Face” was the first thing that came to mind and was hoping somebody else in this world had seen that movie. =P
    Although, it’s almost painful to watch. It reminds me too much of Meet The Parents, in that every single thing that could go wrong for the main character, goes wrong. It’s an all around good movie, it’s just so painful to watch a character go through so much crap that just makes the situation even more difficult to get through.

    Still, funny as hell.

  • idlehandsfan

    what about the three main guys in Idle Hands, awesome black comedy stoner flick! one has a pipe made out of an asthma inhaler and two of them are zombies. what more could you want ?

  • Suzanne

    Bongwater was a great stoner movie. Everyone is a stoner and the comedy is quite dry and hilarious all over the place! The part with Jack Black in the woods with that chant he had going on…I tell ya, I had that chant going on in my head for days after I saw that movie.

  • Kim

    Anna Faris in Smiley Face is by far my favorite movie stoner!
    Along with Slater from Dazed & Confused!

    Great article and well thought out list! Thanks!

  • denis

    I love lists like these, especially because they always make me want to get high before class. But seriously, that last ’emission’ joke was so unfunny I almost puked my pants.

  • Aysii

    What?!?!?! How could you not have Corey Haim in The Two Coreys on here?! Shame on you!

  • Aysii

    Btw. Where’d you find Saul Silverman on Superbad? Is it lyk a DVD easter egg? Also I luv Seth Rogans name alliterations w/ Saul Silverman – Dale Denton.

  • It a TV show but they are worth a mention the gang on That 70s Show.

  • sinned34

    Ed from Shaun Of The Dead should be on this list.

    “Don’t forget to kill Philip!”

  • Joe

    WTF?? No Raul Duke or Doctor Gonzo? That scene where they pick up Tobey Maguire is fantastic. Maybe they’re just too hardcore to be among this crowd of casual stoners.

    Also, Brian is what made Half Baked funny. Him and the Mexican dude were the only ones who could actually act like they were stoned.

  • Laura

    Awesome list. This occupied my time instead of writing essays for my final. The Dude kills me. “Hey, careful man, there’s a beverage here!”

    I enjoy the lists…especially arrested development. Good job!

  • Greg

    Good catch with the Easy Rider. Although his character wasn’t a stoner per say, it is a CLASSIC scene when Jack Nicholson’s character gets hi in the desert, and Dennis Hopper’s character is the quintessential stoner/hippie. The cool thing about this flick and the time it came out is that they were REALLY smoking weed and ad-libbing in their scenes.

    It’s hard to beat that…

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  • gemma.

    nuh, you left out rubin carver from road trip.
    or rubin carter aha :/
    i loveeeeed him <33

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  • In a related post here are some of the best films to watch on drugs.



  • Madison

    @ Nick Gilmartin

    Pretty nice…but from what I hear, Speed Racer is life-changing on certain substances…

  • Leafdude

    You should include the one part in Fanboys where the indian chief guy gives the kid pot cuz hes gunna die. (its a star wars parody)

  • mike fixxxer

    How can you forget fear and loathing in las vegas?

  • Madison

    @ mike fixxxer:

    I didn’t. Druggies aren’t necessarily stoners.

  • Bryan H

    Put me down for someone who thinks Breuer is great, but I ain’t ragging on you Madison. Like you said to someone else, there’s stuff some will find funny and I don’t. I think the commentary to Anchorman is one of the funniest things on planet Earth (“Oh hey legendary singer Lou Rawls, nice to have you here.” “I don’t really understand why I’m here.”), but anyone friend I watched it with wanted to stab my throats with fire. Which is really excessive in my opinion, but that’s what I get for hanging out with the Human Torch. He’s a real douchebag.

    This is actually the first article I’ve ever read on this site, linked from somewhere else that I forget, and it was fantastic. Can’t wait to check out some more. Also, how about a shout out for The Guy on the Couch in Half Baked y’all?

  • Madison

    @ Bryan H

    I personally don’t find Breur funny (obviously), but I’m not going to try and dictate what people can and can’t laugh at. Different strokes, that’s all.

    What part of the Human Torch goes into your throat?

    Thanks for reading!

  • Aerofan

    What about John Bender played by Judd Nelson on The Breakfast Club? He is hilarious! Good choices though!

  • Madison

    @ Aerofan

    Thanks! I’m not so sure about Bender – sure, he smoked dope, but what he a stoner? My gut tells me no.

  • Shwepper

    Hahahahah, I loved this. I was pretty happy to see Silas and Jamal on there!! Not many people seem to appreciate that movie enough. I first watched How High when I was about 10 or 11 too, oddly enough. =/ lol.

    Even better was seeing Jeff Spicoli on there, although it was to be expected. I dressed up as Spicoli one year for halloween, I even had the bagel sticking out of my pants… v_v haha.

    Btw, Saul is probably one of the best new stoner icons of the new generation, good call on that one as well!

  • Madison

    @ Shwepper

    You know what’s weird? My *dad* likes How High. A lot. And the dude doesn’t smoke.

    I am glad you appreciate Saul as much as I do. Great, great character.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Um… what about “Kenny” from “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead”?

    “The dishes are done, man?”

    Not even honorable mention?


    A Comprehensive List of Memorable Movie Stoners

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  • lobel

    Dukes from semi-pro must be on the list

  • Tim

    Really happy to see Dante from Grandma’s Boy on this list.

    “Yo Monkey, chill out I got company”

    Great picks. Cheech/Chong, Spicoli and The Dude are definately the most classic on the list. Slater would be the best from D&C, although my favorite character is probably Donny or Wooderson.

  • Madison

    @ lobel

    I made this list before I had seen that movie – good call.

    @ Tim

    I like Wooderson a lot, too, but Slater is clearly the biggest stoner in D&C.

  • Big Steve

    Half Baked summed up with one scene:

    “Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you…you’re cool. And fuck you I’m out”

    Classic stoner movie, solid list.

  • Madison

    @ Big Steve

    Ha, nice.

    Thanks for reading.

  • xXburekXx

    for any canadians here the trailer park boys(specifacly ricky) should is a good movie stoner, he doesnt do it as much in the movie as he does on the show but still

  • bill

    What about Booger from Revenge of the Nerds? Played by Curtis Armstrong. Who also played Charles De Mar in Better Off Dead? “This is pure snow! Do you have any idea what the street value of this mountain is?” From Better Off Dead.

  • willy will

    what about super troopers the stoner’s that are asked to pull over….

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  • aisling

    A list of stoners and absolutely no mention of Reefer Madness? Sad. All in all, though, great list! Jeff Spicoli reminds me of my amazing stoner roomie in college…good times, man.

  • irini

    Don’t forget Raoul Duke (a.k.a Johhny Deep) in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. favourite quote:
    Raoul Duke: There’s a uh, big machine in the sky, some kind of, I dunno, electric snake, coming straight at us.
    Dr. Gonzo: Shoot it.
    Raoul Duke: Not yet, I want to study its habits.

  • irini

    oh and don’t forget Towelie from south park:

    Towelie:Don’t forget to bring a towel… you wanna get high?

    Cartman: You’re the worst character ever Towelie.
    Towelie: I know.

    Cartman: I can preach to you all I want, ’cause you’re stupid!
    Towelie: You’re stupid!
    Cartman: Yeah, and you’re a towel!
    Towelie: You’re a towel!

    Love it……

  • Rex Hamilton

    Rob Van Dam the wrestler is a great stoner character. He appeared in a movie, possibly a kung fu thing although i don’t think he played a stoner in that.

    Girl stoners… the chick played by Bridget Fonda in Jakcie Brown.

  • Eliza

    I wouldn’t agree with Putting the Hunter S on this list, it’s a list of STONERS as in people smoking pot, not messed up on all kinds of whatnot.

    I would like to add Anthony Micheal Hall in The Breakfast Club, just because he’s a unlikely stoner, but then maybe that’s because he only gets wasted the once…

  • Jim

    Grady Tripp (Michael Douglas) in Wonder Boys.

  • sigvertutank

    I think that if someone deserves to acompany that list, it’s definetly Anna Faris for her great performance in Smiley Face!

    (Also I think Jason Schwartzman as Ross from Spun(or anybody from that movie) should be on the list…)

  • Neuro

    I see my sugestion doesn’t really fit this list but I feel it has to be mentioned in this context anyway.
    Woody Harrelson’s character in “A Scanner Darkly”.
    He plays it wonderfully and it’s one of my favourite Dick novels and definitely my most favourite adaption for film.
    That part about the 24-gear-bycicle is a classic stoner talk, although kind of way out.
    In the movie; it’s depicted as if they were on that “Substance D” most of the time but in the book you can feel that they are on pretty much whatever they can get.
    And that’s exactly what exludes this role from the list.
    Still, had to mention it :).

  • E, SF

    I’ve heard that Jim Breuer does not actually smoke weed in real life. Phony!

    And even if he did, to include him in the pantheon of movie stoners would be an insult. There are so many in film history that have actually had roles that required some range, and his character is not one of them.

  • Dave

    How about Otto from the Simpsons?!!
    At the end of the movie he’s sitting on the steps of the school bus taking a nice long toke from his bong.

    South Parks Towlie. “Wanna get high?”

    And speaking of cartoon stoners… Beavis and Butthead. Yeah you never saw them smoke out, but come on, you know those two were stoned all the time!

  • Phil E. Drifter

    “Let’s not forget Donald Sutherland as Sgt. Oddball in Kelly’s Heros.”

    Let’s not forget Donald Sutherland in ‘Animal House.’

    Sutherland (as Prof. Jenkins): “teaching’s just a way of paying the rent while I finish writing my book.”
    Pinto: “It must be wonderful.”
    Sutherland: “It’s a piece of shit. Would anyone like to smoke some pot?”
    Boone (quickly) “yeah!”
    Boone’s girlfriend: When have you ever smoked pot?
    Boone: “There’s a lot of things I’ve done that you don’t know about!”

    Pinto: “So that means… one tiny atom in my fingernail…could be…”
    Sutherland: “… one tiny little universe!”
    Pinto: “Could I buy some pot from you?”

  • Phil E. Drifter

    Ooops, forgot a line:

    Sutherland: “It’s a piece of shit. Would anyone like to smoke some pot?”
    Boone (quickly) “yeah!”
    Sutherland: “have you ever smoked before?”
    Boone: “yeah.”
    Boone’s girlfriend: “When have you ever smoked pot?”
    Boone: “There’s a lot of things I’ve done that you don’t know about!”

    (later, after they’re all high)
    Pinto: “So that means… one tiny atom in my fingernail…could be…”
    Sutherland: “… one tiny little universe!”
    Pinto: “Wow! .. This is too much! *squeaks* Could I buy some pot from you?”

  • Bryan Sykes

    Withnail and I is without a doubt, the best film on the planet!
    I have now seen it so many times that I can recite the words perfectly. Danny is one of the best characters (Purveyor of rare herbs and prescribed chemicals) in the film, even with only a cameo role.
    Cool article.

  • Great list! But you left off two good ones. Rip Torn as Oldman in the movie Rolling Kansas. And Tom Fergus as Claude in Over the Edge.

  • Reginald

    How about implied stoners?

    1. Bill and Ted from the Bill and Ted movies

    2. Stony from Encino Man (played by Pauly Shore)

  • rudi

    what about Michael Caine’s character from Children of Men? There’s a fine example of the mighty stoner.

  • how about The Trailer Park Boys (there are fantastic scenes from mainly the show, but they did have 2 movies released, the first being waaaaaay better than the second)

    “Jeez, Ricky — lay off the six paper joints”

  • vote for Detroit Rock City as well, as it had not been mentioned.

    And yeah, if anyone wants to appreciate true stoner comedy, watch Trailer Park Boys — the show, not the movies.

    your welcome, from Canada

  • tim

    This list needs Anna Faris’ character Jane F. from Smiley Face! The whole movie is basically just her doing the stoner gig solo, impressive

  • Pingback: Anatomy of a Summer Bonfire Party()

  • Dylan

    anna faris in smiley face is brilliant. she shows the true thought process of a stoner. one of the best scenes is when shes looking at the picture of corn in that random persons house wondering why there is a picture of corn and decides that its because the owner of the house really likes corn so she decides that shes going to put a picture of president garfield on her mantel so people would ask her ” jane, why do you have a photo of President Garfield on your mantle? and id be like, because i like lasagna, of course” a must see stoner movie

  • nygenxer

    @senstor, re: female stoners

    The movie “9 to 5” – three coworkers (Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton and Jane Fonda) get stoned and fantasize about what they’d like to do to their dickish boss (Dabney Coleman). Good movie.

    I also like reminding people of this movie because at one time not too long ago (1980), EVERYONE worked eight hour days AND got a paid lunch hour. Yes, a full hour for lunch. Yes, paid. Yes, everyone. Yes, only 30 years ago.

    Oh, and in “Dogma” Jay is clearly smoking a joint twice. Once while The Voice of God transports them all to a restaurant. “I think this shit just kicked in” and again on the train with the fallen angel Loki.

  • Veronika

    good list – too bad all the stoners are men.

    Last time I checked, women were allowed to drink, swear, and even smoke! …just not in hollywood.

    Leaf-loving ladies are just as common as male stoners in my generation.

  • reownt

    Everyone overlooks the stoned age, it’s a really good movie.

  • supperman

    How the hell can someone forget Messers Del Toro and Depp in Fear and Loathing. :)”

    Agree! A must see:

  • Amy G

    I liked Jack Black and Kyle Gass in The Pick of Destiny.

  • Amy G

    I forgot also, Ralph (John Kassir) from Reefer Madness: the Movie Musical.

  • Amy G

    I once again forgot Marc from Empire Records. : p

  • Great movies

  • rock slabb

    Movies great list. on TV of course shaggy and scoob, Manered (Cant Spell it even spell check could not help) G Crebbs Dobi Guillis. Yeh I’m Old as crap.

  • Surfin Bear

    What about Dr Gonzo in Las Vegas Parano?

  • i always thought shaggy from scooby doo would have had a splif or two every now and then!!

  • RedneckBarbie

    How can you not have Shaggy off scooby doo??!?! or Bio dome? Dude wheres my car?

  • Lock Stock

    Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels has a number of characters to offer this list. But, probably the best Female stoner out there… comatose Gloria.
    Being sat on by accident Plank, and carried home along with a bag of fertilizer by Willie, Gloria truly shines when she wakes and picks up the Brink gun and proceeds to unload it in ultra-slow motion… amazing writing.

  • Leah

    It’s not a well-known movie, but “Bongwater” starring Luke Wilson, Andy Dick, and Alicia Witt (with many other great supporting actors) has so many great characters in it. It’s obviously a stoner movie, but with a lot of surreal qualities to it. One of my favorite movies of all time.

  • pothead

    “mind if I do a jay?”

  • I have to disagree I think tommy cheech is the best movie stoner because he’s not only an actor but also an activist!

  • Bob

    Rex, you were right about RVD