8 New Generation Male Actors That Could Hold an Oscar Someday

As skeptical as I am about movies today, it doesn’t mean I don’t think there’s talent out there.  I just think that today’s movies have more emphasis on visuals than stories and acting than say 15 years ago.

However, there are still great movies that come around once in a while and usually it’s that combo of a great story and an unforgettable performance that will keep me going to the theater.

Speaking of great performances, who are the next generation of Oscar winners?  I’ve selected seven that I think fit the bill…

Joseph Gordon Levitt

I think it’s just a matter of time before Levitt wins an Oscar.   He probably could have gotten one for 500 days of Summer.   I personally thought he’d be the successor if they ever resurrect the Joker role in all the Batman movies.   Levitt’s been around a very long time and has definitely earned his spurs.  Guy started at 8 years old and he’s barely 30.

Jesse Eisenberg

He’s already been nomiated once and I think he’ll get nominated again.  The only flaw with Eisenberg is that he’s made for roles where he plays kind of a sad, dorky dork type of a guy.  Not sure if he’s being typecast just yet but it remains to be see how versatile an actor he is.  But something tells me another Zuckerberg type role is in his future.

  • JGL definitely should, but probably won’t, get an oscar nomination for 50/50. His best role to date, by far.

  • Drester

    Who is that Henry Lee Hopper you are talking about? He has made one mediocre movie.

  • Nicky W.

    Great list and everything but…what about actresses?

    • Nattyb

      Good Call Nicky, we’ll get to the females in another article.

  • MetFanMac

    Good on you for nominating Shia LaBeouf. He gets so much hate for his roles that people often ignore his acting chops.

  • sk0ut

    Joseph Gordon Levitt is just getting better and better. Especially after 50/50. It’s only a matter of time before he nabs one. Like Nattyb said, you should do a female article too. That’d be pretty interesting.

  • I saw Shia LaBeouf in one movie I liked, and he was terrible in it. It was easy to brush off though, because it was New York, I Love You, so his scene was fairly short.

  • Drester

    Lol @skOut

  • Jim

    Michael Pitt I like… great Murder By Numbers intro and rockz in Boardwalk Empire… but needs a good movie to break through.

  • Jeff

    After watching Drive I must say that Ryan Gosling is my new hero.

  • Steve

    Lol, I don’t know who more than half these actors are.

  • Allan

    No Emile Hirsch?

  • Actresses I would nominate for a future Oscar

    Carey Mulligan
    Jennifer Lawrence
    Anna Kendrick
    Felicity Jones
    Emilia Clarke
    Rooney Mara
    Kate Mara
    Emma Watson

  • Kit

    Gosling has been around a while, but he only just turned 31.

  • Jackie

    LOL, Jesse Eisenberg is a terrible actor. If he can get an oscar anyone in Hollywood can.

  • Mark

    Definitely JGL, been watching him since Brick and after The Lookout was a huge fan…

    I like JE and the best thing he has done to date is prove he is not another Micheal Cera…

    No love for Ben Foster? In the least he deserves as much consideration as JF and RG… He was a scene steal in Alpha Dog, held his own against Russell Crowe in 3:10 to Yuma and the really the only good thing about 30 Days of Night…

  • Justin

    Obviously JGL has it but I was also surprised no love for Ben Foster. The guy has been pretty versatile in his roles (from geek to bad guy to hero) and seems to really enjoy getting deep into each character.