10 More of The Saddest Costumes Ever

Sad Costume

Sub Zero brought you guys a list of Sad gaming costumes a few weeks ago.  And you know something?  They were pretty damned sad.  But I think it’s about time to share some more.  Given the recent release of the photo above,  I figured why not go on another search for some people who probably shouldn’t have gone out that day.

And you know what the worst part about this is?  I guarantee you that some of these getups took a damned long time to put together.  Oh well.  Sucks for them.

Here are some more of the saddest costumes ever.

Possibly the most wrong costume ever – She/He Really is Wonder Woman

Sad Costume

Larry Croft

Sad Costume

More like Optimus Primed up to Eat a Big Mac

Sad Costume

Pandora My Ass

Sad Costume

This one wins the “Guy I’d like to beat up most” Costume Award

Sad Costume

Come on Cardboard!  You’re better than that

Sad Costume


Sad Costume

Congratulations in Impersonating Rental Buildings

Sad Costume

Worst. Bunny. Ever.

Sad Costume

Just Kidding.  This Costume Rules

Sad Costume

  • Sgt. C. Foxtrot

    Ten was a kindness.

    Especially after all the others. ZOMG D:

  • I almost lost my lunch after the optimus prime pic.

    Who DOES this stuff? Makes one wonder about the human race…a bit

  • elsha

    the one with the question marks is supposed to be the prince from katamari damacy, which is the greatest game ever made or will be made in the future…

  • Emily

    You forgot the Tron guy. No horrid costume list is complete without him.

  • Oh Exploitable

    ????????? = Beautiful Katamari

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  • Ya gotta give the Tigger guy credit. That took some balls although he could have done with stuffing a sock down there at least.

  • Tigger

    Why do you want to beat up Tigger? Because he looks gay? I actually got gay bashed once. Two black eyes and a broken nose. Not cool.

  • connor

    that tiger and spider man one made me want to hurl…
    puke, vomit, blow chunks, ect.