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Sep 13 2012

Valve’s Big Picture Could be a Game Changer

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When I was a kid my father wouldn’t allow me to use his work computer to play games until after dinner. If I wanted to play a game before then I had to use my Nintendo. I would grumble and complain that computer games were different but my father would always tell me that a “game was a game,” and that it didn’t matter which room I played in. He didn’t quite understand the difference between the two. I had just got my hands on Space Quest II for PC and while I enjoyed my Nintendo I could only spend so much time playing Bases Loaded before getting bored. “Why couldn’t I play Space Quest on my TV?” I thought. I was a silly child who knew nothing about how business was “supposed” to work.

Eventually I and many others began to accept that there were two worlds of gaming; PC gaming and console gaming. At first this was mainly due to hardware differences but even as technology became more versatile, the companies in charge of the gaming business kept them independent from one another. Consoles remained exclusive for the most part, with larger titles sometimes being released to PC on a secondary basis. Then Valve came along like a kid who doesn’t know how the world is “supposed” to work and asked, like I did many years earlier, “Why can’t I just play PC games on my TV?” A question so brilliantly honest and naïve that it’s hard to believe it came from a billion dollar company. Continue Reading »

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