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Nov 26 2014

Another Tough Day at the Office For Lord Vader

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Must be tough having to rule an entire galaxy, or at least try to.  And on top of all that imagine the stress that comes with being the father of one of your biggest enemies.  This Darth Vader guy doesn’t have it easy man.  That’s probably why the dude is on the phone all day every day.  He’s just a leader trying to lead.  But it seems the dude is always putting out fires.   At least he’s got a business card though!

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Nov 26 2014

Is Baked Potauntaun on the Menu For Thanksgiving?

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Indiegogo is known for a number of wacky campaigns but often times they’re not necessarily in line with our site.  I’m not even 100% sure if this is but since we’ve got a Star Wars theme here, we’ll stretch the bar a bit.   Here’s how the story goes.

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Nov 26 2014

A Plausible Theory that the Death Star Attack was an Inside Job

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What’s so amazing about the Star Wars franchise is that after nearly 40 years, the movie A. still holds up, B. will always hold up, C. is still continuing, and D. Theories upon theories are still popping up about the movie.  The latest theory is something that we simply had to share because it’s just awesome.   So imagine for a moment that instead of the Death Star being simply a Jedi Attack, that it was actually orchestrated from the inside.  It’s certainly possible isn’t it?  Not only is it possible.  In the pictures to follow you’ll see that it might even be a certainty!

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Nov 24 2014

JJ Abrams Teases 88-Second Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

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J.J. Abrams is one of the best social media marketers in the business.   While many people don’t realize it, the guy spends almost zero money and hypes his upcoming projects with cryptic tweets including set pictures, videos, etc etc that make fans go absolutely insane.  Case in point?  The wait for the next Star Wars teaser trailer will soon be over.  Abrams, director of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, took to social media today and left fans a sneak peek of what’s in store for them.

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Nov 12 2014

Consensus Says Science Teacher is Boba Fett on the Star Wars Set

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Boba Fett Unmasked

Well, at least that’s what the consensus is saying right now.   This picture has been circulating around for the last 24 hours and many people are speculating as to who in the hell this guy is?  What we do know is that this is the man who’s been roaming around the Star Wars set playing Boba Fett.  Personally my favorite interpretation of this guy would come from Revolverevlover who said:

I was thinking a science teacher. I can totally picture a short-sleeved button-down shirt with a pocket protector under that armor. Oh, and brown slacks from Sears.

Here are some others that may interest you:

“Heidely-ho, bounty-hunterinos!”

The illusion has been ruined… Boba Fett, notorious bounty hunter and mercenary, wears coke bottle glasses…

Please feel free to join in on the fun!

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Oct 28 2014

Why the Star Wars Rebels Pilot is Basically a Swedish Fan Massage

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Rightly or wrongly, I sorta feel a responsibility to weigh in on significant pieces of Star Wars news. Probably because my taste in those movies is all wrong but so, so right. Star Wars Rebels is kind of the big story happening between whatever crazy scoops people have landed on Episode VII. The story takes place between the Prequel and Original trilogies, following a group of characters on the fringes of the infant Galactic Empire. Superficially, its semi-well put-together, with a brisk approach to action and dialogue weighed down by animation that’s honestly just kinda fug.

But that’s not what bothers me. I can deal with (or at least ignore) mediocre Star Wars television. The real issue I take here is that the Rebels pilot is really just fan service — likable fan service, sure, but fanservice all the same. In fact, by the end of its pilot, REBELS has clearly established itself as the most fan-wanky piece of Star Wars cinematic history to date.

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Nov 16 2012

Lingering Excuses: An Open Star Wars Question to Walt Disney

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I remember reading a very specific interview with George Lucas. In it, he was asked why he’d begun telling his Star Wars story with the Original Trilogy instead of with the Prequel Trilogy. In other words, the reporter wanted to know why Georgie-boy hadn’t spun his tale in the proper chronological order. The filmmaker answered by explaining how his universe’s back-story was largely a political one, how the real fun of telling any story is where all the action is at, and he firmly concluded that was during the timeframe of Luke, Han, and Leia’s rebellion. Hence, he served up the Original Trilogy first, and he’d follow, years later, with the Prequel Trilogy.

To paraphrasing his point, Lucas felt that the stakes were higher for the Rebels than they were for the Republic. Higher stakes generally means greater conflict; greater conflict generally leads to high drama; and high drama means more to audiences than, say, political skullduggery.

Now, far be it from me to argue with the one-time Jedi Master of all things cosmic, but methinks there’s a little something more to our collectively endearing so much of the Original Trilogy while somewhat dismissing the “importance” or feigned “relevance” of the Prequel Trilogy. Continue Reading »

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