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Nov 09 2012

Lingering Excuses: Why I Still Love Sons of Anarchy

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If I learned one lesson from Fox’s The X Files, it’s that shows reach a point in their production history when the decline in storytelling is inevitable. That doesn’t mean that each and every episode after that certain point smells something like garbage; rather, it implies the ongoing investment with fictional characters has a shelf-life.  Even creators should respect the expiration date on their products. Good characters never die; they just have to morph into something that can transcend the obvious.

… which brings me to FX’s Sons of Anarchy.

As a mostly meat’n’potatoes Conservative-leaning schmoe, I’ve taken a little flack over the years whenever I admit to being a fan of the program. Once the derision dies down, I plead my case, that being that ‘Sons’ isn’t so much a cable program celebrating old-school gangbangers and their illicit ways as it is a classically-structured Greek drama. It has kings and queens and knights and serfs and peasants (all or most wearing leather), riding their steeds (Harleys) into the wild (California) looking for spoils (drugs, guns, hot chicks, etc.) in the collective pursuit of happiness (money, sex, family). Like those Greek plays, it has mommy and daddy issues galore, and there’s a heavy, heavy emphasis on building a kingdom while respecting a code of honor unlike anything on any other TV program broadcast today (yes, including MSNBC), even when that respect means ‘taking one for the team’ under the most perilous circumstances. Continue Reading »

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