Jul 21 2014

The Final Countdown: Actor Performances, Bus Thief and Destiny Info

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Go here to see amazing performances from not-acting actors.

Acting is hard, and directing actors is even harder. Some of the best directors have spent decades mastering their art so they can draw out the precise emotions they’re looking for. Other directors, as we have shown you before, just decide that the whole “acting” thing is overrated and that it’s easier to get a good scene by genuinely traumatizing someone. Here are some examples of the latter school of thought.

The Countdown

12 year old steals two school buses – [Uncoached]
Why Destiny doesn’t have cross-platform play – [Insert Coin]
The most expensive phone bills of all time – [Worthly]
Five amazing Twilight Zone episodes – [TVOvermind]
10 burning questions from The Leftovers – [Pajiba]
Why is it hot underground? – [GeeksAreSexy]
True Blood star joins Daredevil cast – [CelebrityToob]
Facebook people that believe The Onion – [TheChive]
Video of a terrifying rock slide – [Izismile]
Kim Jong Un wants a video down – [WWIW]
New American Horror images – [OMGBLOG]
The beginner’s guide to goal setting – [Caveman]

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Jul 21 2014

Disney Princesses Go to War

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Robot Chicken ventured into Unreality territory with a segment on the Disney princesses going to war with one another. Their picture perfect dynamic changes when Brave’s Merida shows up with her bear of a mother (“the trailer was very misleading!”) and the princesses split and head to battle with one another.

I really do need to watch Robot Chicken more, as I definitely spent a solid hour an YouTube playing random clips after I watched this. It’s been far too long.

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Jul 21 2014

Cosplay of the Day: MeishaMock’s Mononoke

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When I was a kid, Princess Mononoke was my first anime crush, and she didn’t need giant gozangas to get my attention, like so many other characters in the genre. She was capable, cool and fierce, and I’m a sucker for any good cosplay I see of her.

One such example would be MeishaMock’s version, which is just about as good as you can get, costume-wise. If you browse her page, she’s also a great Nidalee from League of Legends and Daenerys Targaryen as well. Continue Reading »

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Jul 21 2014

A Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball 3 Wish List

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A lot of people who have been following the stuff I write online know that I am in love with the video game Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball series. I recently discovered that a third game is indeed in development, but the bad news is that it will be delayed. I wasn’t that disappointed with the news because I’m glad that Tecmo finally acknowledged that there will even be another game for the fighting game’s spin-off.

Consequently, this made me think about the things I want to see in the next game. Some people even joked that the reason behind the delay is because the boob physics aren’t up to par. Yes, I’m sure a lot of fans would like to see that improved on the latest generation of consoles. Joking aside, the series deserves a lot more credit with its other features besides the partial nudity and innuendo.

What am I looking forward to in the third game?

Continue Reading »

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Jul 21 2014

5 Movies That Make Your Family Seem Normal

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Chances are, your family isn’t that normal. I only say this because no one has a normal family. The Brady Bunch ideal is all but dead in America, and pretty much everyone has one slightly creepy or always drunk uncle. Sometimes you may look around at your family and think to yourself you landed in the strangest, most dysfunctional pod of people on Earth. Honestly, there is truth to that and exaggeration in that. The truth is, dysfunctional is the new normal, and these five movies will prove to you just how far from abnormal your family really is. So the next time you are thinking to yourself how insane your family is, watch any of these five movies and you will realize you actually have it pretty good. Your family is probably normal by comparison. Continue Reading »

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Jul 21 2014

Middle-Aged Harry Potter Book Covers

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You’ve probably heard by now that JK Rowling broke the internet when she released a 1,000 word story that reunited with a 34 year old Harry. She didn’t say much, but the internet took that to be a sign that more adult Potter books are surely on the horizon, and they’re going nuts as a result.

One artist, via SomeECards, decided to figure out what exactly Potter might be up to a few years after 34, provided JK Rowling sticks with the character that long. The results are…depressing. And also hilarious. Check them out below. Continue Reading »

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Jul 21 2014

Tumblr Invents Pokemon Shaming

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The weird, wide world of Tumblr has invented a new use of fan art, Pokemon shaming. By now you’ve probably seen at least one picture of a dog or toddler wearing a sign saying they ate something they shouldn’t or crapped somewhere they shouldn’t.

Now, the artists of Tumblr have descended to bring the concept to Pokemon, and the growing series has a number of creatures being shamed for doing something they shouldn’t with their elemental powers. Mewtwo’s is particularly bad, but you can check out all the other ones below. Continue Reading »

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Jul 21 2014

The Morning Link: 20 Celebrity Men With Tiny Dogs

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A surprising amount of manly men actors have tiny dogs in their lives. Here is a photo gallery showing which ones have small pups around.

Go here to see the list.

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Jul 18 2014

The Final Countdown: Subliminal Messages, Annoying Movie People and eSports on ESPN

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Go here to see subliminal messages you missed.

“Easter eggs are all the rage these days. It seems like you can sit down with any film from the last 10 years and find some hidden intentional reference to another movie, director, or actor. But as it turns out, we’ve been missing a whole lot more than we realized.”

The Countdown

The five most annoying people at the movies – [Uncoached]

Why eSports doesn’t need ESPN – [Insert Coin]

Sean Bean drops all sorts of Game of Thrones spoilers – [Pajiba]

The five best X-Files episodes – [TVO]

OJ almost played The Terminator – [FilmDrunk]

New Captain America revealed on Colbert Report – [GeeksAreSexy]

Young bull owns a matador – [Izismile]

Little kid scores an awesome goal – [WWIW]

The most intense places on the planet – [theChive]

15 celebrities who had to learn English – [CelebrityToob]

The most expensive Lexuses – [Worthly]

Rainbow Brite getting a reboot – [OMGBLOG]

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Jul 18 2014

The Halo Theme Sung in a Stairwell

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I don’t imagine this is how the original Halo theme was recorded, but I was quite impressed with how well an echo chamber this stairwell turned out be. Who needs million dollar recording studios when you can just have the staircase in the back of the building work just as well?

Shoot, all this Halo talk makes me want to play the Destiny beta. Excuse me…

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Jul 18 2014

More Great Rivalries and Pairings From Scott C

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You may remember Scott C‘s rather fantastic Great Showdowns series from a few months back. Well, it turns out that he’s done a bunch more in a series called “Revenge of the Great Showdowns” for another upcoming gallery show.

Scott pulls from every corner of pop culture to get ideas for these pieces, and if there’s every been two characters in conflict in a movie, game, show or book, he’s all over it. I couldn’t even fit all the new ones below, but here are some of the best: Continue Reading »

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