Jul 18 2014

More Great Rivalries and Pairings From Scott C

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You may remember Scott C‘s rather fantastic Great Showdowns series from a few months back. Well, it turns out that he’s done a bunch more in a series called “Revenge of the Great Showdowns” for another upcoming gallery show.

Scott pulls from every corner of pop culture to get ideas for these pieces, and if there’s every been two characters in conflict in a movie, game, show or book, he’s all over it. I couldn’t even fit all the new ones below, but here are some of the best: Continue Reading »

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Jul 18 2014

This Week In Movie Trailers!

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Well, if you ask me this was quite the slow week for movie trailers. Maybe that is due largely in part to the fact that all the films coming out this coming weekend are 45% or less on the RT scale …? Production companies know when other movies suck and don’t want to attach what might be a seemingly great trailer to something no one is going to see.

Let’s do this.

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Jul 18 2014

Some Rather Fantastic Coffee Cup Art

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While this may not be quite as impressive as literally making art out of coffee itself, which some barristas are internet-famous for, I do rather like Jimmy T’s series of coffee cup art, which actually allows him to use more colors than white and brown.

It’s most superhero-based, so we see everyone from the Avengers to X-Men to Batman in these cups. Other characters stop by for a quick appearance like Mega Man and Darth Vader, and you can check the rest below: Continue Reading »

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Jul 18 2014

’90s Rock

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I think this was originally supposed to just be a picture/headline pun, but it most served to remind me that there wasn’t much of anything the awful, awful fashion of the ’90s couldn’t make worse. Even someone as empirically badass as The Rock.

I know that every decade things look cool, then 10 years later everyone is like “what the f*** was I thinking?” but I feel like its always twenty times worse with the 90s. The 80s was so tacky it was funny, but the 90s are just cringe-inducing, as evidenced by The Rock’s fanny pack here.

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Jul 18 2014

The Morning Link: Actors Who Auditioned So Well That Television Roles Were Changed To Suit Them

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"The Walking Dead" 100th Issue Black-Carpet Event Powered By Hyundai And Future US

“When casting directors begin to piece together their ensembles, they generally have a rough idea of what they want in their characters: Their race, their age, their gender, and maybe even their hair color. But sometimes, people who do not fit the description come in and audition anyway. In very rare instances, those auditions are so good that the casting directors end up changing the character to suit the actor, instead of finding an actor to suit the character. In even rarer instances, characters are created specifically for an actor who was so good auditioning for a different roles.”

Go here to see the list.

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Jul 17 2014

The Final Countdown: Character Rip-Offs, Will Ferrell Sequels and Kardashian Video Game

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Go here to see characters that are secretly rip-offs.

“It’s become commonplace nowadays for the unwashed masses to scream at Hollywood about regurgitating the same concepts over and over again. But this is nothing new — Tinsel Town has been ripping itself off for years, and most likely on purpose because that’s what kind of bastards those guys are.”

The Countdown

Will we ever seen another Will Ferrell sequel? – [FilmDrunk]
Kim Kardashian may make $85M from her video game – [Insert Coin]
When Twin Peaks meets the Muppets – [TVO]
Pikachu themed cafe’s awesome meals – [GeeksAreSexy]
The creepy shows of Canadian youth – [Pajiba]
Wrestlers in their 50s – [Uncoached]
15 celebrities who walked away – [CelebrityToob]
The highest grossing Star Wars movies – [Worthly]
15 amazing food movies – [SheBudgets]
Odd Google searches get GIF-ed – [TheChive]
The best news headline of the day – [WWIW]

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Jul 17 2014

Female Ninja Warrior Competitor Is Pretty Much a Real Life Superhero

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People who couldn’t care less about Ninja Warrior have been passing this video around the past 24 hours, but you know what? I’m a Ninja Warrior hipster. I was watching when it was only Japanese and Nagano scaled the last tower for the first time.

Now it’s something of a fun summer past time in America, as competitors compete to try and make it to the Japanese version of the course. Qualifying itself is brutal, and now, for the first time ever, a woman has qualified to go to the famed Japanese stage of doom.

Her name is Kacy Catanzaro, a world-class gymnast whose qualifying is a big deal not just because she’s the first woman to do so, but also because she’s just so damn tiny. She’s five foot zero, meaning obstacles that six foot guys can simply stretch to if they want, she has to LEAP to. This happens a few times in the video, and it’s just amazing what she can accomplish simply being so much smaller than her competitors. Oh, and she also can bust out an Arrow-style Salmon Ladder like it’s no problem at all, in case you think this is all some magical gymnast agility trickery. Truly amazing stuff.

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Jul 17 2014

All Hail Turtle Kong

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turtle kong

Between Godzilla and Pacific Rim, we’re on a mini giant monster kick at the movies the last few years, so what if Michael Bay’s upcoming Ninja Turtle reboot went down that path instead? Artist James Callahan has a vision of the horror that might reveal itself, in the form of a massive four-headed turtle using construction equipment and building pieces as their signature weapons. Naturally, April is their captured lady, but I’m sure she can placate them with pizza.

Callahan has some pretty bizarre stuff on his site, this being probably the least weird of all. Check it out here.

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Jul 17 2014

Where True Blood Went Wrong

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You know, it doesn’t seem so long ago that HBO’s supernatural sex and violence fest was the toast of geektown. A best-selling series of books to draw from, the HBO pedigree, an original vampire mythology that didn’t completely defang our favorite creatures of the night, and a great cast; what more could you ask for? Some bizarre spoilers from throughout the series will be present. I’m not sure anyone still cares, or if non-viewers will even believe them when they read them, but just in case, here’s your warning.

Season one was pretty much an entertainment masterpiece. Reworking and expanding on Charlaine Harris’ novel Dead Until Dark, True Blood managed to perform one of the rarest of feats; an adaptation that surpassed the original work. While the novels focus exclusively on psychic heroine Sookie Stackhouse’s point of view, the writers crafted an outstanding ensemble cast, expanding existing characters who were barely in the novels into fan favorites along with some originals and adding in political subtexts without harming the story’s original narrative. And people loved it.

But the love affair didn’t last long. By the time Game of Thrones came along, people had stopped speaking of True Blood with excitement. In fact, scorn is probably a better word for the typical reaction. But the best word for how people felt about the show was the unkindest one of all: indifference. People may pretend it’s because vampires are out or play the maturity card as if the new hotness wasn’t just as full of unnecessary nudity and violence. But let’s look at the real reasons why True Blood is in its last season and nobody cares.      Continue Reading »

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Jul 17 2014

5 Movies That Begin At The Ending

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Some twist endings are satisfying, and some aren’t.  But some make you want to watch the whole movie over again with a new perspective.

Finding out that, “Luke, I am your father!” is a pretty cool twist.  It’s become such a huge part of the zeitgeist that it’s hard to remember that when you watched Star Wars for the first time at age 11, that moment blew your freaking mind.  But as cool as it was, it’s not something that immediately makes you reconsider everything you’ve watched up to that point.  It’s not something that makes you want to stop the movie, rewind it, and begin again at the beginning.

Here are 10 movies that don’t truly start until the twist is revealed and your perceptions are shattered, movies that almost demand a rewatch.

Continue Reading »

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Jul 17 2014

True Blood Meets Cheers

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So Syfy gave nerd icon Wil Wheaton his own Soup-like show, and what that means is he has a cable TV budget to produce the kinds of mash-up videos we feature here on Unreality, normally by amateurs. I promise Wil Wheaton is not paying me to post this.

With that budget and a good sense of humor, we get videos like this Cheers/True Blood combo, conceived because both spend a lot of time in bars, presumably, and both have characters named Sam. It’s pretty good, and you can check it out above.

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