Apr 14 2014

Some Rather Gorgeous Disney Gender Swaps

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Usually when we see “gender swap” art or cosplay, it’s girls taking over traditionally masculine roles. As fun as that may be, it’s interesting to see the other side as well. From regularly featured artist Sakimi Chan comes a series of rather amazing Disney swaps with BOTH genders represented for a change. I mean, there are a lot of princesses after all.

My favorite is probably Boyriel (Arian?) who appears to be straight out of a Final Fantasy game, but I also like Cruella Dudeville (I’m really pushing it with these). Swapped Beauty and the Beast may be the strangest, while flipped Nightmare Before Christmas is the most innovative. The entire series is below, and definitely worth a look.

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Apr 14 2014

The Morning Link: Five Animals That Look Like Cartoons Until They Kill You

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“We all worry about packs of wolves, errant bears, and rogue sharks, even though this is technically the Internet and we should all be safe in here, so long as we never leave. But you shouldn’t ignore or underestimate Mother Nature, no matter how innocent and unassuming her avatar might be. If only because that’s exactly what she wants you to do.”

Go here to see the list.

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Apr 11 2014

The Final Countdown: Secret Superpowers, Mad Men and Assassin’s Creed Movie

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Go here to see sensory superpowers you didn’t know you had.

“Fiction loves to explore the crazy idea of humans having some kind of magical “sixth sense” (like in that Bruce Willis movie, The Fifth Element) but that’s kind of silly, considering how we barely use the senses we have.”

The Countdown

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Athletes who starred on reality TV – [TVOvermind]

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Game of Thrones has a nudity imbalance – [Pajiba]

Beauty in the strangest places – [TheChive]

The tallest high school player in the nation – [WWIW]

10 things you didn’t know about Shakespeare – [Neatorama]

Nic Cage’s 8 craziest performances – [Maxim]

Chimps on the loose in Kansas City – [BroBible]

The 25 greatest baseball movies – [Gunaxin]

Game of Thrones theme in jazz and goat – [ToplessRobot]

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Apr 11 2014

Get Ready for a New Web Series — WebCamelot!

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Y’all don’t know this, but I’ve been wanting to write this post for almost a year.

Production is wrapping up on the original comedy web series WebCamelot, a low-budget, independent venture between myself and a couple other (even more) talented fellas. And you can see it soon right here on Unreality!

I’ll save myself the trouble of coming up with a new way to describe this thing and just give you the official pitch:

“In a recent discovery that rocked the historical community, archeologists uncovered a cache of video blogs dating from the reign of ARTHUR PENDRAGON, KING OF CAMELOT.

Hardworking, unpaid interns have compiled these vlogs to create a behind-the-scenes account of life during that time. Looks like we’re going to have to rewrite the history books…  or at least, the interns will.

WebCamelot is a brand new comedy webseries that gets up close and personal with the intimate joys and embarrassing pains of the everyday lives of the citizens of Camelot.”

And it’s actually pretty good! I know, like what else am I going to say.

The trailer drops next Friday, so be looking for it. The episodes will follow soon after. There’ll be eight of ‘em, seasoned with some cool behind-the-scenes goodies for those interested in low-budget filmmaking and VFX and stuff like that.

Watch this space. Spread the word.

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Apr 11 2014

Silicon Valley vs. Girls: A Show Comparison

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Silicon Valley aired this weekend, fulfilling all of my Martin Starr dreams.  The internet response to the show was varied, with some loving how accurately life in the Valley is portrayed and other claiming it’s another vapid show about unlikeable people.  A vapid show about unlikeable people you say?  That sounds to me like Girls.  And since these shows share a common group of haters, I thought I’d break down what both have to offer. Continue Reading »

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Apr 11 2014

Debate of the Day: Colbert Hosting The Late Show

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By now you’ve heard the news that Stephen Colbert has been tapped to replace the retiring David Letterman as the host of The Late Show. Colbert has just signed a five year contract with CBS, and will leave both The Colbert Report and his ultra-conservative persona behind.

While it’s great to see someone like Colbert showered in riches and acclaim on primetime, I can’t help but wonder what he’ll be like as the Late Show host, or really, what CBS will let him do. CBS and Comedy Cental’s target audiences really do not overlap, and I worry about Colbert being forced to play it more “safe” than usual.

What do you think? Is this a good fit and I’m being paranoid? Or will Stephen Colbert prove to not be quite as funny as “Stephen Colbert”?

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Apr 11 2014

This Week In Movie Trailers!

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Hey everyone, it’s This Week In Movie Trailers! time again! Good week for everyone I hope; I know it was for me, mainly due to the amazing weather we are finally getting!

So, for this week we have a ton of trailers to get through, so let’s dive right into things, shall we? Continue Reading »

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Apr 11 2014

The Morning Link: Captain America May Be Nice, But Isn’t Boring

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“A couple of days ago, Vulture ran a piece called Why Captain America Is Only Interesting If He’s a Prick, and it rubbed me the wrong way. At the same time, I sometimes look at myself and wonder who I am anymore, because back in the day it was always the bad boy who was interesting to me.”

Go here to see the article.

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Apr 10 2014

Not Sure How I Feel About Adult Baby Avengers

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(click to enlarge)

I’m normally a fan of babies. They’re cute and cuddly and sometimes loud and smelly but that’s forgivable. As you may guess, I do not have one, but someday that’s bound to happen.

But these babies? I’m not quite as enthused. They’re Avengers, baby-fied, but in a way that’s not quite cute, since many of them have facial hair. They’re closer to dwarves than babies most of the time, and the effect is a bit off-putting.

Good work Ben Oliver. You are talented and have made me uncomfortable.

[via Geek Tyrant]


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Apr 10 2014

You Should Netflix This Now: Blue Is The Warmest Color

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Right off the bat, let me just say that you should NOT Netflix this now.  At least not “now” in the literal sense.  Blue Is The Warmest Color is a film you have to gear up for.  Not so much in the emotional sense where you’re strapping in to watch 12 Years A Slave and feel absolutely awful for the next 24 to 48 hours.  No, this is more in the practical sense.  There are four things you should know before you go into this one:

1. Weighing in at a hefty 179 minutes, it’s just a hair under 3 hours long.

2. It’s in French.

3. It contains the most graphic, explicit, long sex scenes I’ve ever personally seen in a film.

4. It’s a pretty fantastic movie.

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Apr 10 2014

Realistic Movie Toys Make for Very Cool Live Action Posters

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I’m sure any collector would get angry for me mixing up “toys” and “figurines,” but I grew up with a tub full of superhero action figures, so it’s a hard habit to break. In reality, many action figures have become just “figures” now, and as such, have a level of realism to them that’s simply unprecedented.

One collector, Romain Vendrell, is also a great photographer, and decided to light and pose his figures in such a way where they could be edited into movie posters. The figures are so realistic, the effect is pretty eerie, and you should check out the rest from Wolverine to Captain America to Batman below: Continue Reading »

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