Oct 13 2014

The Morning Link: Things You Secretly Suspect About Famous People

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tom hanks

“Thanks to gossip sites, we have a fairly intimate knowledge of all of our favorite celebrities. However, there’s always the unconfirmed stuff we’re pretty is absolutely true — but we just don’t have proof.”

Go here to see the list.


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Oct 10 2014

The Final Countdown: Walking Dead Fixes, Walking Dead Bachelors and Call of Duty Upgrades

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walking dead11

Go here to see how to fix The Walking Dead.

“While a spinoff of the highly successful series The Walking Dead has been rumored for years, it was finally confirmed when AMC recently ordered a pilot. Though the creators have released some vague tidbits on the cast of characters, they’ve been tight-lipped on the location, only stating that, while this series will be in the same post-apocalyptic universe (no way!), it will not be set in the same state as the companion series, which takes place in the most soul-crushingly boring part of Georgia imaginable.”

The Countdown

The most eligible Walking Dead Bachelors – [TVO]

Call of Duty gets a free next-gen upgrade – [Insert Coin]

Dracula Untold is super terrible – [Pajiba]

Popular movie posters meet real life – [GeeksAreSexy]

Tarantino’s new movie has its lead – [FilmDrunk]

Romantic movies guys will like too – [SheBudgets]

The meaning of Rhianna’s tattoos – [CelebrityToob]

Ferrari makes an awesome chess set – [Worthly]

Things that got lost in translation – [TheChive]

Key and Peele take on Family Matters – [WWIW]

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Oct 10 2014

Flash! Aaa-ahhh!

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Since 2012, Arrow has remained the gold-standard in live-action superhero television.  Between its dynamic cast of characters, Shakespearian narrative and gripping action, there’s no real question as to why that is.  In light of that series’ success and in conjunction with DC’s other small screen debuts, the CW launched its long anticipated Flash spin-off series on Tuesday night.  The only real question going into its first episode was whether or not Barry Allen, the fastest man alive, could hold pace with Arrow‘s high quality output.

As a child, Barry Allen watched his mother’s mysterious murder before his very eyes: a crime that his father was wrongly convicted of.  As an adult, he channeled his need for answers into a career as a forensic scientist for the Central City Police Department.  But after a particle accelerator at S.T.A.R. Labs explodes, feeding unknown energies into a thunderstorm, Barry is struck by a bolt of lightning that leaves him in a coma for nine months.  When he awakens, however, he discovers that he can now run at supersonic speeds and heal at an accelerated rate.  With the help of a team of disgraced scientists with everything to prove, he becomes the Flash: a masked vigilante who fights other metahumans that were created by the same storm of cosmic energies that gave him his powers.

At its core, difference between Arrow and the Flash is difference between Batman and Superman.  Arrow is the Dark Knight of television: dark, brooding and intense.  Oliver Queen is an urban commando, stalking white collar criminals who have fundamentally failed the city and pin-cushioning them with arrows.  His actions are fueled by redemption: cleansing himself of the vapid playboy that he used to be through selfless dedication to the common good.  Like Tony Stark, he realizes what his narcissistic inaction has done to both his home and to the people he cares most for, and dedicates himself to reversing the moral entropy that has gripped Starling City. Continue Reading »

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Oct 10 2014

This Week In Movie Trailers!

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A plethora of good movies coming out recently and I’ve not had a single ounce of time to go watch any of them. (insert sad face here) I have hopes that I’ll be able to escape the clutches of the to-do list of my home dwelling and go see Gone Girl this weekend. I doubt that Dracula, the Judge or Alexander could knock it from the top spot … but I’ve been wrong before. Thankfully I write this weekly post and delve into the world of movie trailers to supply some sort of “fix” for my anguish.

By the way, at the end of each little blurb I typically jot down “Will I see this?” followed by an answer. I’ve never outlined what those answers mean but I’ll do that now…Yes, I will definitely go see it in theaters. Maybe, I will see it in theaters but I’ve not decided yet – this might be dependent upon the reviews. Rental, I’ll watch it at home via Netflix or something. Nope, I will not be watching this movie ever.

Let’s do this.

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Oct 10 2014

The Morning Link: Movie Plots in 140 Characters Or Less

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“In today’s busy world, we don’t have time to read the entire synopsis on a film’s Wikipedia page. We need that information before we’re finished with our pumpkin spice lattes. Thankfully, our readers came through in the clutch and provided entire film plots in 140 characters or less.”

Go here to see the list.

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Oct 09 2014

The Final Countdown: American Horror Story, Flash Costumes and Destiny Social Skills

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wtf moments

Go here to see the most WTF moments of the new American Horror Story.

“The highly anticipated premiere of American Horror Story: Freak Show finally aired last night with “Monsters Among Us” to much hype and fanfare, that — as I mentioned yesterday — ultimately paid off in the end, no matter how determined Ryan Murphy was to burn us out with endless teasers. From a cinematographic standpoint, the series is beautifully and artfully shot, and does an excellent job of capturing the era it’s set in. But who cares about that, because TERRIFYING CLOWN KILLER. And two-headed Sarah Paulson!”

The Countdown

Sadly rejected Flash costumes – [TVOvermind]

Destiny needs to improve its social skills – [Insert Coin]

There is a $250,000 belt – [Worthly]

How did Eurotrip snag Matt Damon? – [FilmDrunk]

Five movie plans that rely entirely on luck – [Cracked]

South Park’s take on music production – [TheChive]

Frozen as an 8-bit video game – [GeeksAreSexy]

Americans spending less on food – [SheBudget]

A bunch of mascot fails – [WWIW]

Pictures that will fool your eyes – [izismile]

Robin Thicke getting divorced – [CelebrityToob]

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Oct 09 2014

Five Characters Who Would Make Fox’s Gotham a Better Place.

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I definitely had my doubts about whether giving Batman the Smallville treatment was the best idea, but after a few episodes, I think it’s safe to say that the approach they came up with for Fox’s show about the formative years of Gotham’s most famous residents is shaping up pretty well. But there’s always room for improvement.

Although the show predictably opens with the fateful night at the theater that led to the eventual creation of the Batman, rather than focusing on young Bruce Wayne the star of Gotham is a rookie James Gordon, still many years away from being the Commissioner, making his way through the mire of corruption that is the Gotham City Police Department. Naturally, our heroes split time with some of Batman’s rogue’s gallery, who occupy various stations around the city prior to their eventual rise to supervillaindom.

Many of the usual suspects are already accounted for at this point, but we’ve seen them all time and again in countless incarnations. Gotham represents a whole new approach to the Batman mythos; one that’s more down to Earth and character-based than what most of we’ve seen in the past. In a weekly serial format, that opens up a lot of possibilities for characters that often get overlooked in film or animated adaptations in favor of more recognizable or zany alternatives. Here are five characters I’d like to see from Batman comics that could help make the show a real winner. Continue Reading »

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Oct 09 2014

5 Amazing Episodes Of Television From Terrible Shows

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Sometimes I get sucked into bad TV shows.  I’m willing to overlook some pretty terrible flaws if a show has the right things going for it.  I mean, David Duchovny alone was enough to get me through several seasons of Californication, even after I realized it was basically a song stuck on repeat after a few episodes, and the lyrics were “Hank Moody’s penis gets him alternatively into, and then out of trouble.”

But every now and then, an otherwise insipid show will go nuts for an episode and play way about its head.  Unfortunately, you usually have to wade through a lot of crap to stumble on these hidden gems, and who has time for that?  Well, apparently I do, as when I started researching this article I realized that over the years, I’ve ended up watching a lot of of terrible shows.  But hey, my pain is your gain!

Here are a handful of episodes that manage to rise above they shows they were spawned from.

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Oct 09 2014

The Morning Link: Accidentally Awesome Glitches in Famous Games

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“There is literally no such thing as a glitch-free video game. They’re complex programs, often made by lots of people under brutal deadlines — that shit is going to spring a leak every now and then. And really, we wouldn’t have it any other way. How else would you wind up with scenes like this, where a game’s most emotional moment is ruined by the main character repeatedly screaming his child’s name into the face of every stranger he meets?”

Go here to see the list.

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Oct 08 2014

The Final Countdown: Actor Auditions, Adaptations and Fincher Films

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chris evans

Go here to see hilarious, embarrassing celebrity audition stories.

“I don’t get starstruck. I’m fine. Especially Ben [Affleck]—he’s a Boston guy; I should be fine. I walked in, and I’m walking down the halls looking for this room, and as I passed a room I heard, ‘There he is.’ In my head I was like, ‘That’s Ben.’ I turned around and it was, and for some reason I instantly was nervous.”

The Countdown

Seven film adaptations the author hated – [Cracked]

Ranking David Fincher’s films – [FilmDrunk]

Myst is coming back in TV and game form – [Insert Coin]

The Flash is a smash hit for The CW – [TVO]

The gritty reboot for Adventure Time – [GeeksAreSexy]

A flying car you can drive and park – [Worthly]

Romantic movies to watch on Halloween – [SheBudgets]

A gallery of terrifying photos – [TheChive]

The highest grossing Lindsay Lohan movies ever – [CelebrityToob]

When photoshop goes right – [WWIW]

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Oct 08 2014

The Rise of the Badaptation

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I had such high hopes. Too high, maybe, but that wasn’t the real problem. Gone Girl was technically wonderful, as are most things under David Fincher’s ever vigilant eye. But a big mistake was made in its creation.

Adapting for film is a tricky business. Novels are the most recognised form of adaptation (I’ve heard around a third of all films are estimated to be somehow derived from books), but there are other sources – plays, games, historical figures/situations, websites, and the latest, childhood board games. There’s certainly plenty of inspiration for studios and filmmakers who want the safety net of a pre-existing audience.

The key word here is inspiration.

There’s a reason video games are yet to have a breakthrough film that shows the potential for good RPG to DVD adaptation. The mediums are much too similar! You play a game, you like the game, and you think ‘Wouldn’t it be cool to see this as a movie?’ You mean on a screen? With people moving and talking and stuff? Haven’t you already seen that? Continue Reading »

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