Aug 27 2014

IKEA Instructions for Horror Characters

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Introducing my favorite thing of the week, this series of amazing illustrations from Ed Harrington, which shows IKEA-like instructions for assembling a collection of horror villains/characters. Perhaps this speaks to me more than most as I’ve just moved and have spent dozens of hours assembling my entire new collection of furniture from this damned store, but I think most people will be able to appreciate it regardless.

Jason, The Fly, Edward Scissorhands and the Human Centipede are all below. I suppose it’s not fair to lump in kind soul Edward Scissorhands with the rest of these horrifying movies, as Burton’s tale is actually kind of beautiful, but here he is, because there was definitely some assembly required with him. Check out the rest: Continue Reading »

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Aug 27 2014

Firefly Cartoon-ified Again

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Yeah, alright I’ve definitely seen Firefly turned into a cartoon at least a dozen times at this point, but that doesn’t mean my imaginary Serenity animated series I keep seeing in my head stops being any less cool. It’s just voice-acting! They could get the cast together for that, right?

Anyway, this new version is actually a T-shirt from TeeCraze. In it, we get vaguely Disney princess versions of the ladies, and somehow Shepard Book is more buff than Jayne, not sure how that happened.

Someone make this show already, please.

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Aug 27 2014

The Sunday Afternoon Abyss

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You ever find yourself sitting on the couch on a lazy Sunday afternoon just flipping through channels hoping you’ll find something to watch on TV? You go to your favorites first, ABC, CBS, NBC maybe FOX and then you start hitting the cable channels from there. You know what I’m talking about, the channels like TBS, USA, and FX. That particular list could go on forever – I know. (I’m sure there are plenty of others out there – like AMC etc.) If you don’t find anything on those channels and you’re paying for the higher ups, you’ll start surfing through HBO, Showtime, Encore, Starz and Cinemax to hopefully find something. I’ve noticed that more often than not, I decide to watch a film I’ve probably already watched at least a few times, if not more, and I will sit my butt down on that couch and watch it all over again till the credits roll.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this. There are probably those of you out there who are reading along and nodding your heads in agreement. I don’t know about you – but I get sucked in. I can’t escape the draw of a film that I’ve already seen. Heck, half the time it’s not even considered to be a “good” film. That doesn’t mean it won’t entertain me for the next two hours in which I have nothing better to do with on that Sunday afternoon.


Continue Reading »

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Aug 27 2014

Is Rain Our Next Big TV Show?

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by Jake Thompson

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am for this to be my first article on Unreality. The site has always been a regular stop to get my entertainment news, and to put a smile on my dial. But it’s exciting on another level too, as John Rain is the main man in one of my all-time favourite novel series. And now he’s coming to TV thanks to that familiar, ageless face up there.

If you’ve read any of the Rain books by Barry Eisler (of which there are eight, plus various short stories), you already know why I’m excited about this. But for anyone unfamiliar with the story, here’s a general overview. A half-Japanese, half-American assassin with a colourful history of violence can take control of any combative situation. But as he attempts to balance this lifestyle with a ‘normal’ life, that control begins to slip through his fingers.

The novels are written beautifully. Rain flies almost as frequently as Bond, with each book taking him to at least one new country which Eisler consistently paints with an expert brush. And this is truly intriguing from a television point of view. Assuming the series adheres to the globe-hopping nature of the assassin, it’s an ambitious task which wouldn’t have been possible until recently. However, with TV and film finding themselves on an almost even keel, ambition can be rewarded. Continue Reading »

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Aug 27 2014

“Nerd” T-Shirt Tropes That Need to Go Away and Die

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T-Shirts are great. They give us a chance to feel like we are expressing ourselves despite wearing the exact same garment every day.

The sudden rise of t-shirts that reference popular or “nerdy” pop culture minutia has given sub-communities a greater sense of belonging and identity. Before the early 2000s, finding a Batman t-shirt usually meant going to Six Flags or digging through catalogs. Now Wal-Mart sells them, along with original NES controller shirts, because the market for such things has become so big and reliable.

Artists making these type of shirts also get a chance to get their work seen. They can create a design as an homage to something that they love and give fans a new reason to be proud.

All of these aspects of the nerdy t-shirt market are great, but seriously, some of this shit has to stop.

The problem lies not in any one shirt design, but a host of copies or formulaic “insert combined reference here” cash-ins that start to feel lazy once juxtaposed with other nearly-identical work. The market has become saturated, and despite a slew of creative artists putting fresh spins on existing ideas, vendors seem to be picking the most lukewarm and uninspired designs to pad out their sales.

Here are some of the worst examples… Continue Reading »

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Aug 27 2014

More Fan Made Episode VII Posters

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Seeing as we still appear to be a long way off from any official Star Wars Episode VII promotion, fans are continuing to take it upon themselves to hype up the film anyway through mash-up trailers and promotional art. One fantastic recent example is this series of fan-made posters which are by Andrew SS7.

They have “Aftermath” as a theme, and show smoking machines of war on both sides of the conflict, the Falcon and X-Wings above, a star destroyer and Death Star below. Check them out. I like them more than those fake posters which just mash all the actors’ faces together. Continue Reading »

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Aug 27 2014

The Morning Link: Nine of the Top 15 Earning TV Actors are on CBS

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“Forbes has released its annual list of the highest paid television actors of the year. It what should be a surprise to no one at this point, it is just lousy with CBS employees. Specifically, your parents’ favorite network is responsible for 9 of the 15 entries, and all of the top four. And one of the other six is Charlie Sheen, who was replaced on Two and a Half Men by this year’s number one, Ashton Kutcher. Don’t believe me?”

Go here to see the list.

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Aug 26 2014

The Final Countdown: Easter Eggs, Emmy Fashion and Pokemon Fighting Game

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Go here to see bizarre sexual easter eggs hidden in kids games.

We tend to forget that the people who made the classic games of our youth were gamers themselves, just like you or us — and just like you (but not us), they were also big pervs. Since most of these games were made before instant Internet porn became a thing, some of the developers had to express their most basic desires anywhere they could … like, for example, in some innocent children’s game.”

The Countdown

The Emmys fashion round-up – [Pajiba]

New Pokemon fighting game revealed – [Insert Coin]

Five things to note after last night’s Emmys – [TVO]

Time for other people to win Emmys – [WarmingGlow]

Could you survive your favorite games? – [GeeksAreSexy]

Dog and elephant are friends – [PuppyToob]

Websites to organize your debt – [SheBudgets]

DiCaprio accepts ice bucket challenge – [Pajiba]

A gallery of Comcast hate – [TheChive]

The least expensive laptops on the market – [Worthly]

Josh Charles expecting first child – [CelebrityToob]

The best news headline of the day – [WWIW]

A gallery of amazing interior design – [Izismile]

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Aug 26 2014

Mom of the Year Back With More Geeky Napkins

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I believe we’ve featured Nina Levy here in the past, a mom who brightens her children’s day by drawing elaborate napkins filled with pop culture characters. I think she does one a day, and either she’s the world’s fastest artist, or she’s an expert in time management to get one of these done a day in full color.

She’s kept this up for a long, long time, and so it’s time to feature another batch of awesome napkins that you can check out below. I’m not sure any can compete with Pikachu holding a Portal gun, but they’re worth checking out: Continue Reading »

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Aug 26 2014

Michael Rooker and Dave Bautisa “Grooting”

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What’s even more adorable than baby Groot doing his baby Groot dance during Guardians of the Galaxy? Why, having supporting actor Michael Rooker do the same thing as a press event with Dave Bautista.

I never imagined that a sixty year old man gyrating to music could be considered “adorable,” but then again, not every man is Michael Rooker. This is absolutely fantastic, and probably my favorite Guardians video to be released since the movie itself, and I’ve seen about ten million of these, most involving Chris Pratt being likable or Vin Diesel walking on stilts imagining he was Groot.

Just watch.

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Aug 26 2014

The Girls of Guardians of the Galaxy

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While I loved Guardians of the Galaxy, one aspect I wish had a little more time devoted to it was the explanation of the relationship between Nebula, Gomorrah, Thanos and Ronan, which was confusing at best, and nonsensical at worst. I know there’s more of a history in the comic, but both seemed willing to betray their “father” Thanos at the drop of a hat. I believe that’s because they were technically captives, but why would he think they’d be loyal to him if he didn’t keep them on a leash? I didn’t quite get that, as it was like, “duh, of course they’ll betray him.”

Annnyway, artist Andy Park has come out with some concept art showing what alternate versions of each character could have looked like. The final products were pretty close to these, but there are some definite tweaks, especially in the other pics below which you should check out. Continue Reading »

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