Oct 17 2008


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  • Frank Hackett


    Just want to say love your site, i check it out everyday at work. I just wanted to submit a link for you (if you have time of course) of a video me and a few friends put together. We are the No Class comedy show – we have 4 videos now and a few little things, the 1st one was put out many many months b-4 we sat down and revamped it for the 2nd, 3rd and the christmas special which i am submitting in hopes you’ll like it and maybe publish it. Thanks for your time i hope you enjoy it.

    ~Frank Hackett


  • Devin Prouty

    Add “The Last Seduction” (1994) Linda Fiorentino owns this movie where she wins over all the men in her life. Check it out its a great thriller

  • Professor P

    I found this site through Digg and I just wanted to say I will definitely be checking out this site more often. Whoever is the big Metroid fan, I am the same way. I love everything about the Metroid storyline. It’s a really cool website and thanks for doing the kinds of posts that you all do.

  • http://quasi-superspooge.blogspot.com Quasi

    I love this site, I happened upon it through Digg.
    I will definately be checking this out on a regular basis. I have added this site to my blog roll and linked to it for my viewers to see.

    Thanks for this great site.

  • http://BenHeck.com SgtSmackaho

    Hey guys,
    I had some free time as of late (nice way to say I LOST MY JOB) so I decided to do something constructive, I saw another LCD case mod but it was a 4 in screen and SERIOUSLY OVERPRICED! So I decided to build one myself. Did some research and some seriously thrifty shopping and this is what I came up with.

    You can find a link to my worklog over at BenHeck.com here
    And a Youtube link as well

    If you decide to use this for your site (Im really hoping you do!) please just credit:
    “SgtSmackaho from the BenHeck.com forums”
    It has become my online home, and they were very helpful and have a great community. Ben does alot of work to help the disabled enjoy gaming. So anything you can do to help spread the word would be greatly appreciated.


  • Richard O’Dwyer

    Rencently watching movie ‘Australia’ i noted a mistake. When Nicole Kidman confronts the character Flynn in the house he goes to take a drink from the gramaphone, the bottle of rum he removes is full but when he removes the cork the bottle is empty, then shows a full bottle in his hand in the next shoot.
    I would love to get into this line of business (Editing) as i am always noticing mistakes in the movies. Does anyone have any information on how to get into this business or of any courses or apprentice work in Ireland & the UK.
    Appreciate the feedback.

  • http://www.apollospad.tv Apollo

    Hello Unreality Magazine,

    We love your site. Of course, we love just about everything in the Break family. Boy, do we sound like a bunch of sycophants.

    So, we wanted to share our new online comedy series with you called APOLLO’S PAD. The website is http://www.apollospad.tv. and it’s about a bunch of degenerate puppets trying to pull off a web show from their bar. It’s retarded, to say the least.

    Now, is there anything we could do for you, Unreality? Extra clicks on your Phoenix University ads? Help with the RSS feeds? Anything you want, you got it!


  • http://WomenWithoutBorders.us Bobbi

    Woah, cool site. Now we are talking. Graphics, text, all of it.

    Thanks for putting this together, so while you are at it I would like to direct your attention to an intense dramatic actor who is busting through to the next level. Think Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder “Lesman’ crossed with Sean Penn…throw him in Sparticus, or Nixon…and he is bound to kick someone’s ass.

    His name is “Martinez”. And you can see him here..http://actormartinez.wordpress.com/ and there’s plenty of video’s to pluck around in. Thanks. I will be back.

  • BattleFlag0013

    Hi, guys-
    I really enjoy the site, especially the movie “Lists,” as my best friend and I are movie junkies and we do that sort of shit all the time. By the way, your casting list for Abrams proposed “Dark Tower” movie was pretty good. (Although how you guys missed Vigo as Roland I’ll never know! Have you not seen “Appaloosa”??) Anyway, I have a couple of ideas for movie lists I thought you guys might like. First, how about a “best of” list for Lovecraft-inspired or related movies, kind of like the list for Phillip K. Dick movies. Obviously you would have the straight up adaptations like “Re-animator” and the silent B&W “Call of Cthulhu,” but you also have the “inspired bys” like “In the mouth of madness,” “Event Horizon” and “Evil Dead.” Most people wouldn’t even know that those movies are so strongly based on Lovecraft’s work. Another idea I had would be for a series of lists for monster-based movies, focusing on a different monster each time: vampires, werewolves, zombies, demons, etc etc etc. Like I said, just a couple of ideas I had. Keep up the good work!


  • Madison

    @ BattleFlag0013

    Thanks for coming to the site. I think based on your suggestion, I’ll look into Lovecraft’s work a little deeper and maybe churn something out.

    As far as the monster-based movies, good idea, and I already did one on werewolves:


    Enjoy, and thanks for the input.

  • diego

    Love the website, check it out everyday, its one of my favorites. Was wondering if you were aware of a group of internet movies called drunk history where people who are smashed explain american history and actors like jack black, micheal cera and duke clark act out the aimless drunken history lesson in full costume.
    Pretty awesome on all accounts

  • Madison

    @ diego

    I’ve seen those; they’re great. The Jack Black one is the best, I think, probably because his physical style of comedy goes so well with the drunk narration.

    Glad you enjoy the site; thanks a lot for stopping by.

  • diego

    I was wondering, since you seem to be a big fan of time travel in popular media, if you knew of any examples of time travel done well. Recent articles you have written showing horrible plot holes in the series where time travel is used as a plot device (Heroes, Flash Forward) show that you not only have somewhat of an interest in them, but also enjoy poking holes in the logic of them. As someone who finds these type of plot devices interesting but also hates the plot holes created, I was wondering if you knew any good examples.
    Love the site keep it up the good work

  • David Mcgregor


    I’m David, here on behalf of Doritos. After looking at your blog, I thought you and your audience might be interested in an innovative advertising campaign for the Super Bowl. This year, Doritos presents the “Crash the Super Bowl” contest, incorporating user generated videos and shelling out $5 million in prize money. Out of 4,000 entries, 6 finalists have been selected and the winning contestant’s video will air during the Super Bowl.

    The finalists’ videos, B-Roll and stills are available at http://www.magicbulletmedia.com/MNR/DoritosSuperBowl for free downloading and sharing.

    Can I send you the press release as an attachment?

    Let me know if you have any questions.



  • http://nul anti virus

    cool site but the pop up page redirect that tells me i have a virus all the time? not cool! stop it!!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/account?feature=mhw4 LWspikE

    Hey I noticed you put my old World Record Pit video on MW2 and i have to say i made a new quicker World Record vid….

    Heres the link perhaps you could put it on the site like last time?

  • Jackie

    Okay, I’m bummed. Absolutely nothing on “Legend of the Seeker”?!? After Le Femme Nikita was cancelled…I found Witchblade…and after that was canceled, found nothing to feed my inner warrior until…”Legend of the Seeker”!!!!

    Are you a Kahlen or Cara fan?


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  • colin
  • colin
  • http://humormakers.be HUMORMAKERS

    Just walked into a post. On June 15, the dance record of http://www.humormakers.be online. There is already a trailer, see the site. http://Www.humormakers.be team

  • colin


    A better Resident Evil cast…of every major character!

  • Eric

    Your website is great! Your posts seem to be about everything i like in entertainment, one question though, where did you get that pic of the blondes dressed as Ninja Turtles that thing freakin rocks!!! its the button image for your “television” category. I cant find it any where if you could email it to me or link it, id love to see the full image. Keep up the awesome work!

  • http://trickfist.com Schlank

    Very cool site.

    If you are interested in a link exchange let me know?


    I can plug your stuff and syndicate your rss feed as well.


    Schlank Anderson

  • Matt

    Hey dudes, I was just wondering if you’re still in the process of reviewing Buffy. I friggin love the show and am on season 5 already. I liked the reviews of 1 and 2 so far, just seeing if you are continuing. Peace out!! Also what are you’re thoughts on Star Trek TNG/DS9 and X-Files? Greatest televisions shows of all time, our *ucking greatest television shows of all time?~Thanks again

  • Leander

    Absolutely love the way you represent your content. I am a die hard fan of yours.


  • BOLT

    You had me at Arrested Development, lost me with Step Brothers (gimme a break) and got me back with Shawshank
    Very entertaining site! Keep up the good work…

  • Skeebo

    Love the site, need to get y’all reviewing Community.

  • colin

    Here’s a fan-made trailer for the Green Lantern with Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan, looks soooo much better.

  • http://www.thebilgepumps.com Craig Lutke

    It’s a pirate Christmas carol!


  • ProfessorSomething

    I am entirely certain you will not read this, but in the off chance that you do, I’d like to offer my services to your site. I’ve been reading it everyday for 2 years, sometimes for hours at a time, and the one thing I’ve noticed is the professional critique you offer the readers. I think the way I view cinema and all other forms of media would be a welcome change of pace for the site. Not dumbed down, but someone who loves to write about what he loves, whether it’s a critical success or not.

    I’m not asking for a paid position or anything, just an outlet. A different view on all things cinema, TV and whatever else. Perhaps a man of the people?

  • Cosplayer

    Found some pretty cool Warcraft cosplayer

  • http://img600.imageshack.us/img600/8713/crn015maskv3rgb.jpg Von

    Here’s an image of a Carmonica, or, a car covered in harmonicas. Maybe it’s a harmoniCar. I dunno.

    There’s another link here that uses the sound that the car made.

    Pretty funny.

  • http://www.sublimedesigns-art.com Kathi / Sublime Designs

    Hello Unreality mag.. I happened to stumble upon your site, and wanted to say, Kudos.
    I have an Art, Animation & Video Website called Sublime Designs . Access it.. http:www.sublimedesigns-art.com
    I do A LOT Of fanart and manipulated photots.. Check out my Flickr photostream at http://www.flickr.com/photos/sublime_designs-art/
    and Phohobucket albums at http://s996.photobucket.com/albums/af85/sublimedesigns1/ and my You-Tube account – http://www.youtube.com/user/hiddenfangzz?feature=mhum

    I’d love to have you use some of my art, if you’d like to, for your different categories.

    Feel free to contact me.

    Kathi / Sublime Designs

  • Blackpill

    Hey. Love the site. And may be this videos you’ll find useful.




  • Beha
  • MattMurdock

    Hi, I’m a jouralist in college and I just wanted to say that I think you do a great job on the site. You have great content and can tell that you care about the focus. Keep up the solid work.

  • OTWarrior

    Great site..pity I can no longer see it due to the adverts for Nexus overtaking the screen

  • Cube

    You might want to check this out–


  • http://www.grifonosso.com Farrem

    Hey Paul, check this crossover out, Star Wars and Tron: http://www.buzzfeed.com/abrams/darth-tron

  • Angie

    hey, well yeah, i’m also a big fan, you’re site’s growing on me which is really not the case for most of the blogs i (still) keep on reading and of course this is gonna sound like shameless ass kissing in lieu of the fact that i’ll plug my little effort in this post. but the fact is that what i’d really like is more than just to get a few more views, i’d be more than greatful to get an opinion on my project. what i tried to do was a mash of a music video and a completely different media work to make it look like the hero of the latter would be the singer in the video. does sound a bit confusing, but hey, check it out for your self, if you got the time. i hope you’ll give me your honest opinion on the grade of “wackness” (or maybe lack of) of this project. the video’s here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pKdNlcr44c

  • OTWarrior

    Yours is one of the best sites I view, but I am wondering. How did you build it? Is it using a premium version of wordpress?

  • RaFF

    Hey, just wanted to say that this website is awesome, i check it out daily and love the content you put up. I found this pick I think you might like.


  • Colby

    Seriously do you guys have a Tumblr page? Because I see things pop up on my tumblr and then every other day I see somemthing I saw on there being posted by you guys on here

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  • Broadband

    Do you realize your “content” column is barely larger than your off site links? I get that you need to take advantage of any decent venue for traffic but it’s a little sad you don’t take enough pride in your work to really feature if. If you still think a 800×600 monitor resolution is the norm and are catering to it I apologize for my comments.