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Sep 02 2014

Watch Karen Gillan Shave Her Head for Guardians of the Galaxy

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Nebula may not have been a starring role in Guardians of the Galaxy, but that didn’t stop her from fully committing to the part. Even in this age of special effects, there would be no bald caps for Karen Gillan when she was playing the blue-domed villainess. She went ALL the way, shaving her head completely for the role.

And continuing the tradition of adorable Guardians of the Galaxy-related videos, someone actually documented the moments where she shaved it all off. You can literally hear the fear in her voice as it’s happening, but she seems pretty okay with it by the end. I remember seeing her on the red carpet bald for months a while back, but I never put two and two together that it was for Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Aug 29 2014

Prepare to Be Disillusioned by the Game of Thrones S4 VFX Reel

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We all know that Game of Thrones isn’t REALLY filming in Westeros (I just found this out), but you may not realize the massive amount of VFX work that goes into the show that you never even notice. Obviously some things like dragons are fake (also just learned this), but half the backdrops of every scene you see are greenscreen. Fortunately the tech has evolved to the point where you can’t even tell.

You can see what I’m talking about in the VFX reel from season four above, and I will just assume that something, somewhere in there is a spoiler, so beware.

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Aug 27 2014

The Harp Twins Take on Star Wars

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I love the internet. Only here can you find a pair of beautiful twins who have risen to international fame because of their ability to rock out on the harp. That would be Camille and Kennerly, who perform medleys from pop culture, usually while in costume.

Their latest Star Wars tribute is no exception, only this time they jump through three different costumes in one video, including dressing up as Ewoks, which deserves a round of applause itself. Thankfully, by the end they aren’t wearing Jar Jar Binks ensembles.

Just watch, it’s delightful.

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Aug 26 2014

Michael Rooker and Dave Bautisa “Grooting”

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What’s even more adorable than baby Groot doing his baby Groot dance during Guardians of the Galaxy? Why, having supporting actor Michael Rooker do the same thing as a press event with Dave Bautista.

I never imagined that a sixty year old man gyrating to music could be considered “adorable,” but then again, not every man is Michael Rooker. This is absolutely fantastic, and probably my favorite Guardians video to be released since the movie itself, and I’ve seen about ten million of these, most involving Chris Pratt being likable or Vin Diesel walking on stilts imagining he was Groot.

Just watch.

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Aug 21 2014

Nic Cage Invades Halo

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What could make Halo, beloved video game shooter franchise, even better? Why, Nicolas Cage, of course. Some intrepid modder has taken it upon themselves to insert Nic Cage’s face into as many places as possible in Halo, and the result is exactly as terrifying/awesome as you might expect.

Master Cage is one thing, but Cagetana is probably where this experiment is the most horrifying. You’ll just have to watch for yourself above to experience the weirdness in full.

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Aug 21 2014

Jimmy Fallon Plays Goldeneye With Pierce Brosnan

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While Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and John Oliver may be the kings of late night snark, there’s no more infectiously likable host than Jimmy Fallon on TV these days. He may not be providing brilliantly incisive social commentary, but he’s always doing something fun to make his show a must-watch.

His most recent endeavor might be his best. To fulfill a childhood dream, when Pierce Brosnan stopped by his show to promote his new movie (The November Man), Fallon had an N64 on hand so the two could play Goldeneye.

That’s right. Goldeneye. With James Bond, himself.

It’s exactly as amazing as it sounds, though you’ll have to watch the video to see how Brosnan does. I can’t believe they didn’t play Temple.

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Aug 20 2014

The Real League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

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I think most of us are still doing our best to forget 2003’s League of Extraordinary Gentleman, the botched adaptation of Alan Moore’s famed comic. But the idea of a possible film is not forgotten entirely, at least not by one fan who has made their own intro for a movie/show based in that  universe.

It’s a masterwork of animation, and he’s assembled a half-decent fantasy case too, including John Hurt and Charles Dance in various roles. I would love to see the idea live again in a much better format, and I think that it could work with the right kind of reboot. Knowing Hollywood, I’m sure that’s exactly what we’ll see soon enough.

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Aug 20 2014

Looper’s Awesome Proof-of-Concept Trailer

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Director Rian Johnson was still a relatively unknown in Hollywood when he wanted to make Looper, and as such, he had to make a “proof-of-concept” trailer to show that it could be as cool in practice as it was in his own head.

Such trailers are made using a few original clips, but mainly other movies that are similar visually and in tone. Here, Johnson drew on films like Se7en and Blade Runner to illustrate what he was going for, in addition to crudely animating a few sequences himself.

It’s a pretty cool cut, and really makes me want to try the same thing for my sci-fi books. I’ll mash-up some District 9, The Road and Mass Effect cutscenes, and I’ll be on my way!

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Aug 19 2014

Alison Brie and Jennifer Lawrence in a 2007 Buffy Parody That Never Aired

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I had to do a triple take here to see if this wasn’t some bad Funny or Die skit, but it’s a very real clip from a very real show which thankfully never aired. It’s a 2007 show called “Not Another High School Show,” which debuted in the height of the “Not Another Teen Movie” craze, meaning someone thought it was a good idea.

It’s so, so egregiously terrible, but the worst part is that it actually has a great cast with Alison Brie as Buffy parody “Muffy,” H. Jon Benjamin as a janitor, and Jennifer Lawrence as…I don’t even know. In the short clip you’ll see that Buffy, The OC and Dawson’s Creek are all parodied, and I genuinely don’t think I could have watched any more of this without bursting into tears from its awfulness.

Thank god all of these actors managed to get past this and move onto bigger and better projects like Community, Archer and winning Oscars. I’m not sure their careers would have survived if this ever actually aired.

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Aug 15 2014

Dancing Groot is the Perfect Way to End the Week

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It’s been a tough week, right? Well, it has for me, on the tail end of a month-long move across the country. I’m so tired I’m not even sure if I’m really writing this, or if I’m dreaming. Hey, what’s that unicorn doing in my room? Why is a shirtless Chris Hemsworth riding it?

Anyway, if you’re as stressed as me, take a look at baby dancing Groot above, a Guardians of the Galaxy scene which has just been officially released by Marvel for all of us to enjoy. If you know why there’s a baby dancing Groot, it’s a spoiler. If you don’t, it’s not. So it’s probably fine. Just watch it.

All movies need more dancing, is what Guardians of the Galaxy has taught me.

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Aug 13 2014

Doctor Who: The Animated Series

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This is a (sadly) fictional animated series that takes Doctor Who from real life to cartoon form. It’s by animator Stephen Byrne, and even though it’s only a short snippet, gives insight into what it might look like if Doctor Who ever decided to embrace its more childish side, and create a cartoon version of itself.

I may not be the biggest Clara fan, but I can’t deny that the animated version of her is quite adorable. Though I guess the same could be said of Capaldi. Watch for yourself above.

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