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Aug 19 2014

Alison Brie and Jennifer Lawrence in a 2007 Buffy Parody That Never Aired

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I had to do a triple take here to see if this wasn’t some bad Funny or Die skit, but it’s a very real clip from a very real show which thankfully never aired. It’s a 2007 show called “Not Another High School Show,” which debuted in the height of the “Not Another Teen Movie” craze, meaning someone thought it was a good idea.

It’s so, so egregiously terrible, but the worst part is that it actually has a great cast with Alison Brie as Buffy parody “Muffy,” H. Jon Benjamin as a janitor, and Jennifer Lawrence as…I don’t even know. In the short clip you’ll see that Buffy, The OC and Dawson’s Creek are all parodied, and I genuinely don’t think I could have watched any more of this without bursting into tears from its awfulness.

Thank god all of these actors managed to get past this and move onto bigger and better projects like Community, Archer and winning Oscars. I’m not sure their careers would have survived if this ever actually aired.

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Aug 15 2014

Dancing Groot is the Perfect Way to End the Week

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It’s been a tough week, right? Well, it has for me, on the tail end of a month-long move across the country. I’m so tired I’m not even sure if I’m really writing this, or if I’m dreaming. Hey, what’s that unicorn doing in my room? Why is a shirtless Chris Hemsworth riding it?

Anyway, if you’re as stressed as me, take a look at baby dancing Groot above, a Guardians of the Galaxy scene which has just been officially released by Marvel for all of us to enjoy. If you know why there’s a baby dancing Groot, it’s a spoiler. If you don’t, it’s not. So it’s probably fine. Just watch it.

All movies need more dancing, is what Guardians of the Galaxy has taught me.

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Aug 13 2014

Doctor Who: The Animated Series

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This is a (sadly) fictional animated series that takes Doctor Who from real life to cartoon form. It’s by animator Stephen Byrne, and even though it’s only a short snippet, gives insight into what it might look like if Doctor Who ever decided to embrace its more childish side, and create a cartoon version of itself.

I may not be the biggest Clara fan, but I can’t deny that the animated version of her is quite adorable. Though I guess the same could be said of Capaldi. Watch for yourself above.

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Aug 11 2014

40 Early Celebrity Auditions

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Some intrepid supercutter has tracked down 40 rare celebrity audition tapes and mashed them all together into one four-minute video. They’re not so rare where I hadn’t see at least a third of them before, but I’d missed some that did appear to be pretty unique, like Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia audition, or Brad Pitt’s Backdraft audition that made me wonder if anyone ever gave him an early gig for any reason other than his pretty face (hint: I doubt it).

It’s interesting to see how much better nearly everyone here has gotten over time, though the audition process is pretty nerve-wracking I imagine, and I suppose it’s not always a full measure of talent. Some of these you can see right away why they were chosen, however (dat Rachel McAdams cry). Watch the whole video for yourself above.

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Aug 11 2014

The Walking Dead Gets an Uncensored Ending At Last

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For those of us who tuned into the season four finale of The Walking Dead a few months back, we were disappointed when (spoilers) the gang got captured by the new crazies of Terminus. Not because of their predicament necessarily, but because Rick was forced to sign off with such a lame line.

“They’re gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out….

They’re screwing with the wrong people!”

Womp womp.

I’ve never seen a line fall so flat because of censorship, not since the days of “Yipee Kai-Aye Motherlover!” on TV airings of die hard. Fortunately, the uncensored version of what Rick was supposed to say has been released online, and as you can see above, it carries a lot more weight to it. You can show zombies cut to pieces all day long, but think about uttering THAT word? Even once? Forget about it.

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Aug 08 2014

Chris Pratt’s Perfect Forgot About Dre Rap

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That Chris Pratt, he’s so hot right now. I could have told you that for the past six years or so when I’ve been watching Parks and Recreation, but now he’s turned his flab to muscle and starred in the smash hit movie of the summer and nowwww everyone wants a piece of him.

Whatever, that’s cool. I’m fully on board the internet’s next crush. Rare to see a guy, as we’ve been fawning over Emma Stone, Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence for like five years now.

The video above has Pratt rapping Eminem’s full verse in Forgot About Dre, something everyone from 25 to 35 should know by heart. On top of that, someone synced it up to the actual track, and the result is nothing short of amazing. Watch for yourself.

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Aug 04 2014

Watch Vin Diesel Adorably Get Into Character as Groot

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There were many breakout stars among the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy. Chris Pratt will now be sought after as a leading man. Dave Bautista can now be considered an actor. Bradley Cooper demonstrated his ability to voice small mammals. But I think Vin Diesel’s contribution as Groot is being overlooked.

While the character only had one line the whole movie, he was kind of the film’s heart. Vin Diesel knew his part was relatively small, but he wanted to do his best to get in character all the same. He voiced his one line in five different languages (with a million different inflections) and also stood on stilts to imagine what it would be like to be an enormous living tree. He says that he might be called upon to do mo-cap for the next film, and it’s good training.

This is about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, watch it above.

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Aug 01 2014

The Ultimate SDCC Cosplay Music Video

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You may have missed SDCC this year (like me!) but if you wanted to catch up on at least some of the best cosplay from the show, look no further than the above music video. We see a lot of these every year, but there’s perhaps no more epic cosplay event than SDCC itself, so this is kind of the king musical cosplay video of them all.

If you’re at all into the scene, you’ll see a few recognizable faces, if not, you’ll see a hell of a lot of awesome costumes all the same. Watch the full video above, and you’ll be groovin’ and movin’ and planning your next costume by the end.

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Jul 31 2014

Brian Williams Reports That His Daughter is NBC’s Peter Pan

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Brian Williams may not be quite the legendary newscaster that someone like Walter Cronkite was, but he’s pretty fantastic in his own right, namely for his droll sense of humor that’s on display during 30 Rock guest appearances or whenever he stops by The Daily Show to give Jon Stewart a hard time.

But when news reporting? He’s a pro. Such a pro that even when reporting the fact that his own daughter was just cast as the lead in NBC’s Peter Pan live action musical, he gave her a wink and a nod most wouldn’t have even of caught if they didn’t know the two were related. Watch above. It’s cute.

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Jul 30 2014

Mega64’s Live Action DBZ Trailer

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I guess there’s a new animated Dragonball Z movie coming out, which will somehow condense 20 episodes of posturing into two hours. Incredible!

To promote it, the team hired Mega64 to do a recut of the trailer, but they just went ahead and did whatever the hell they wanted. And naturally, it’s amazing.

I promise you’ve never seen Dragonball Z until you’ve seen Goku go Super Sayan level 20 and transform into a flaming shoe. Watch the video for yourself above.

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Jul 28 2014

Of Course You Want to Watch The Game of Thrones Season Four Gag Reel

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Game of Thrones may be all fire and blood by the time we see it onscreen, but unsurprisingly, it’s actually a lot of fun to make. As part of the “we’re not going to reveal anything important” philosophy of the show’s appearance at SDCC, they debuted their new gag reel for season four.

While it may not answer burning questions about how the show will match up with the books in season five, it is quite hilarious, and it’s always funny to see the actors in costume breaking character as they screw up their lines or miss a cue. Oberyn Martell almost burned himself alive with a wall torch, it seems.

Be sure to stay all the way to the end – #DINKLAGESWAG.

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