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Jul 23 2014

League of Legends Gets Animated

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Riot Games has come out with yet another rather excellent cinematic, showing what it would be like if their 5v5 Summoner’s Rift matches were scripted by say, Pixar, instead of in the game itself.

I’d go off about how Riot needs to seriously get moving on a League of Legends animated movie or TV show before their star potentially fades, but I already wrote an entire article about that. The moral of the story? If your game has 120+ characters an 67 million players, USE THEM.

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Jul 22 2014

The Queen’s Royal Guard Plays the Game of Thrones Theme

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There are very few actual kings and queens left in the world these days, but one of them is in England, so I suppose it stands to reason that her Royal Guard might be Game of Thrones fans. They may have to defend her from tourists, not Baratheons and Starks, but they take their job pretty seriously nonetheless.

In the video above, her guard is taking a break from standing still and marching to bust out a rather great version of the Game of Thrones theme. That’s right Queen, please those peasants with song!

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Jul 21 2014

Disney Princesses Go to War

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Robot Chicken ventured into Unreality territory with a segment on the Disney princesses going to war with one another. Their picture perfect dynamic changes when Brave’s Merida shows up with her bear of a mother (“the trailer was very misleading!”) and the princesses split and head to battle with one another.

I really do need to watch Robot Chicken more, as I definitely spent a solid hour an YouTube playing random clips after I watched this. It’s been far too long.

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Jul 18 2014

The Halo Theme Sung in a Stairwell

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I don’t imagine this is how the original Halo theme was recorded, but I was quite impressed with how well an echo chamber this stairwell turned out be. Who needs million dollar recording studios when you can just have the staircase in the back of the building work just as well?

Shoot, all this Halo talk makes me want to play the Destiny beta. Excuse me…

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Jul 17 2014

Female Ninja Warrior Competitor Is Pretty Much a Real Life Superhero

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People who couldn’t care less about Ninja Warrior have been passing this video around the past 24 hours, but you know what? I’m a Ninja Warrior hipster. I was watching when it was only Japanese and Nagano scaled the last tower for the first time.

Now it’s something of a fun summer past time in America, as competitors compete to try and make it to the Japanese version of the course. Qualifying itself is brutal, and now, for the first time ever, a woman has qualified to go to the famed Japanese stage of doom.

Her name is Kacy Catanzaro, a world-class gymnast whose qualifying is a big deal not just because she’s the first woman to do so, but also because she’s just so damn tiny. She’s five foot zero, meaning obstacles that six foot guys can simply stretch to if they want, she has to LEAP to. This happens a few times in the video, and it’s just amazing what she can accomplish simply being so much smaller than her competitors. Oh, and she also can bust out an Arrow-style Salmon Ladder like it’s no problem at all, in case you think this is all some magical gymnast agility trickery. Truly amazing stuff.

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Jul 17 2014

True Blood Meets Cheers

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So Syfy gave nerd icon Wil Wheaton his own Soup-like show, and what that means is he has a cable TV budget to produce the kinds of mash-up videos we feature here on Unreality, normally by amateurs. I promise Wil Wheaton is not paying me to post this.

With that budget and a good sense of humor, we get videos like this Cheers/True Blood combo, conceived because both spend a lot of time in bars, presumably, and both have characters named Sam. It’s pretty good, and you can check it out above.

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Jul 16 2014

More Video Games With WWE Commentary

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We featured the first video in this series a few weeks ago, but now Jim Ross is back with some video game commentary, and the result is just as effective as it was the first time around. I’m not sure why no one thought of how funny the combination of this would be until now, but it’s good someone finally discovered it.

Check it out above if you missed it last time, and click through it to see episode one.

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Jul 15 2014

A Real Life Peter Griffin Walks the Earth

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The fact that this man, who could not look more like Peter Griffin, and also has the ability to sound exactly like him, exists in the world is practically the equivalent of if there was a bald, pouchy yellow man out there with a voice exactly like Dan Castellanata.

But alas, there’s only Peter, and though I don’t know his actual name, I’m going to just assume Seth MacFarlane made some pact with the devil to bring his creation from paper to flesh. The video above has him killing it doing stand-up at the Allentown Comic-Con.

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Jul 11 2014

Noah’s “Creation”

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I saw the trailer for Ridley Scott’s Exodus earlier, and once again, if you didn’t tell me it was a Ridley Scott film, I might have just rolled my eyes and dismissed it. Sorry to say, but I haven’t been a fan of the man’s work for a decade now, and I’m not sure his trip to the Bible will redeem him in my eyes.

That said, there are some great Bible movies to be found, as evidenced by Darren Aronofsky’s recent retelling of Noah. I went into the film confused about why he’d taken on the project, and with rather low expectations, but it kind of blew me away.

This is one such scene that represents Aronofsky’s take on the old story, and perhaps it will make you interested enough to see the final product. Watch “Creation” above.

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Jul 10 2014

New Favorite Thing: Bad CGI

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Over on reddit they’ve created a new subcategory that is nothing but videos of the worst examples of CGI from TV and film, anywhere from 5 to 30 years ago. It’s my new favorite thing because most of the videos are something I saw at the time and thought it was okay, but now today it looks absolutely absurd by comparison.

Some was obviously bad at the time (Wolverine’s claws in X-Men Origins) but others like the Scorpion King above didn’t seem all that awful at the time. But now? Yeeesh.

Watch the clip above, and see the whole collection here.

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Jul 08 2014

This is How You Beat Fallout 3 in 24 Minutes

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I’m used to seeing video game speedruns for the likes of Mario, Sonic and so on, but Fallout 3? Given the fact that I’d sunk 100+ hours into that game, I didn’t think it could clock in at anything less than six.

But it turns out there are a few exploitable wallhacks in the game that can be used to boost speedruns into the sub half-hour range. The new record has been set by BubblesDelFuego, who beats the game in 24:23 using this method. It’s precisely as ridiculous as it sounds, but it’s a must watch if you’re a fan of the game.

Really need me a PS4/Xbox One Fallout 4. New Vegas just didn’t cut it for me, and I want a full evolution. Let’s do it, Bethesda.

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