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Oct 14 2014

Check Out “Great Martian War,” a Video About Exactly What You Would Think It’s About

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And now, as part two of Historical Mecha-Fiction Tuesday, I bring you “Great martian war.”

Most of you are probably familiar with H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds. If not, please excuse yourself to the nearest bookstore for a few hours and wallow in shame/visionary sci-fi. Anyway, this video is about the closest thing to a period-accurate War of the Worlds we’ll ever get. It’s still off by twenty years, but whatever.

Whoever put this thing together is pretty slick. It’s genuinely difficult to tell how much of this is modified archival footage and how much has been shot recently. Maybe all of it is one or the other. I have no idea.

NOTE: If you have any sort of respect for film music, you’ll mute the off-tone stuff they put over this piece and play something more appropriate. My suggestion is below. Continue Reading »

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Oct 07 2014

Video Game Locations Recreated

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Here’s a rather beautiful video that shows a number of famous video game locations, recreated through the magic of 3D recreation. Chances are if you’ve played any major games in the last decade or so, you’ll recognize at least a few of these. But even still, I couldn’t get them all.

Here’s the cheat sheet if you can’t guess them all on your own:

The Last of Us – Hidden Pines Corral ranch int/ext
Grand Theft Auto V – Michael’s safehouse
Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven – Salieri’s bar int/ext
Fallout 3 – Tenpenny’s Tower, Vault 101
Half Life 2 – Kleiner’s Lab, Apartments, City 17
Alan Wake – Cauldron Lake Lodge
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Mountains, Windhelm, Riverwood
Mirror’s Edge – City canals
The Stanley’s Parable – Museum Ending, Meeting room
The Walking Dead Season 1 – Clementine’s house
Dishonored – Dunwall Tower
DayZ – Chernarus
Hitman: Blood Money – Mission: A New Life
Left 4 Dead 2 – Whispering Oaks
Shadow of the Colossus – Colossus #15

Which do you have the most memories in?

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Oct 07 2014

“And the Other Way is Wrong”: An Exploration of David Fincher’s Genius

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Let’s not mince words: Gone Girl was straight brilliant. Easily top-five material for 2014, at least as of this writing.

And while I’m sure much of the movie’s brilliance should be attributed to novelist/screenwriter Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl is nevertheless a David Fincher movie to the marrow. His deft manipulation of tone and ironclad technique let the lurid story pretty much explode off the screen. There’s just one question How does he do it?

Well, I’m sure no one can completely answer that in less than eight minutes, but Tony Zhou — remember him? — comes pretty damn close. Hit that video up there and enjoy the kind of filmmaking breakdown that will make you want to rewatch everything Fincher ever made.

Now if I can just find my copy of Zodiac

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Oct 03 2014

A Western Cover of the Game of Thrones Theme

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I suppose Game of Thrones has a few things in common with Westerns of old. Proud families, lots of murder and revenge, and so on and so forth. Therefore, I suppose it doesn’t seem out of place that the show has now gotten a Western-style cover of its theme from Ben Dan.

It works shockingly well, almost, and you absolutely must watch the video above. Now all we need is an artist to go through and to western remake versions of all the characters that we can look at as we listenn to this track.

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Sep 30 2014

Turns Out Knights Weren’t Like Swordfighting Robots After All

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I guess this video doesn’t technically have anything to do with movies, TV or video games, our usual fare on the site here, but given how often we consume media where people in armor plating fight with swords, it still seems pretty relevant.

The video above shows two men in full armor suits fighting with far more agility than you would believe. They act out some scenes from some old paintings, and also the roll from Dark Souls as well, showing that despite what people thinking, knights weren’t actually just lumbering Tin Men with no flexibility whatsoever.

It’s a cool video, and worth watching to dispel some long-held beliefs.

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Sep 30 2014

New Tube: YouTube Channels You May Not Have Seen VOL. 2


Fire up your eyeballs, Unrealtors, today I’m sharing three new YouTube channels you may not have seen yet. Hopefully after you read this article the second button you hit after play is subscribe. Let’s get tubin’. Continue Reading »

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Sep 29 2014

Bad Leap Reading Meets The Walking Dead Season Four

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I feel like you should all be familiar with the concept of Bad Lip Reading by now, given that their channel has about 3 million subscribers their videos are scattered across the internet every other week or so.

This one? This is one of their best. They’ve taken on The Walking Dead season four (hardly their first visit to the show), but something about this one tops most of their other videos. I don’t usually just pull one example of a recurring video series, but given how much I laughed during this one, I figured that it was worth an exception.

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Sep 26 2014

Peter Quill, Han Solo and Mal Reynolds Have a Debate

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I don’t think you can even name three cooler intergalactic gunslingers than Han Solo, Mal Reynolds, and Peter Quill. And put them all together? Their awesomeness would have be contained by rendering them in LEGO form.

The video above has the three heroes debating the idea of shooting first. The conversation comes at a particularly relevant moment for Han, which you’ll see as you watch above. I really do love this. Can all three of these guys be in the next LEGO Movie voiced by their actual actors? Err I guess Chris Pratt is already in the LEGO Movie.

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Sep 25 2014

The Animated Adventures of Buffy

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Every make a piece of fan media so good, the star of the show actually loves it? Well, then you’re not Stephen Byrne, the animator who has impressed everyone from random internet strangers (like me!) to Buffy the Vampire Slayer herself.

Sarah Michelle Gellar tweeted how much she liked this animated Buffy intro which is currently spreading around the internet like wildfire. It’s only a minute long, but reimagines Buffy using a unique animation style. In Hollywood’s current state, it’s clear Buffy will be resurrected/rebooted in some form or another soon enough, but out of all available options, I’d kind of love to see an animated series like this with the original cast providing the voicework, of course. From the looks of it, Gellar would be on board.

See it for yourself above.

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Sep 23 2014

Kevin Spacey Impersonates Al Pacino In Front of Al Pacino

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It goes without saying that Kevin Spacey is a hugely talented actor, but many may not know that one of his abilities includes a mean Al Pacino impression. One so good it’s actually legendary within Hollywood. On Letterman, Dave asks Pacino if he knows about the impression, and Pacino says yes, but he doesn’t think it sounds like him.

To put that to the test, Letterman trots out Spacey to do the impression live. Spacey doesn’t actually say two words in his own voice, and instead goes full Pacino for the duration of the clip. Obviously the impression is pretty great, though it’s just a touch awkward to do an impression of someone who just said that they don’t like it. “They love it!” Pacino says, referencing the audience, while seeming to imply that he still does not.

In any case, it’s a hilarious clip and one of late night’s better moments if you’ve missed it so far.

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Sep 19 2014

Watch This Surprisingly Great Firefly Fan Film

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I’m usually already starting to cringe by the time I hit play on most fan films, and given how rabidly devoted Firefly’s fanbase is, I have to say I was a bit worried about this one. But instead, “The Verse,” is a surprisingly good fan re-entry into the Firefly universe with a team of actual actors in an actual set with an actual script that feels in keeping with the tone of the original show. I even recognize a few of them from other places.

Weirdly, the film was actually commissioned by Loot Crate, the geek subscription service which sends you a box of nerdy goodies for specific franchises every month. It’s tied into a new Firefly package they have, and to celebrate, well, they went ahead and made this 15 minute fan film.

The captain may be a little too Mal, and the crew falls into the same various roles of the show even if their genders and races change, but it’s pretty fun all the same, and definitely worth a watch.

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