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Aug 26 2014

Cosplay of the Day: Ring Collectors

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sonic and tails

Cosplay is more fun with family, and I think it’s pretty damn cool that these two sisters have close enough interests to form their own cosplay team, Opposite Cosplay.

Their latest shoot captured by Meg Super has one as Tails and one as Sonic in homemade costumes that upgrade the famed critter to having racing-ready high heels. That’s probably the only time I’ve ever seen Sonic lounging around, but at least he’s having ten million dreams per minute, or something like that. Gotta go fast.

I highly suggest you check out more cosplay from the ladies at their Facebook page here.

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Aug 25 2014

Some Mortal Kombat Catch Phrases

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Shao Kahn remains my biggest video game rival, as I literally had to quit playing Mortal Kombat 9 after losing to his cheap-ass tricks fifty times in a row. I’ve never encountered a more brick-wall video game boss fight, and I’ll never forgive him for it.

Anyway, this is a cool series of Mortal Kombat prints that were made by Ottyag, and feature some phrases from different characters in the game. Sadly, there’s no Scorpion “Get Over Here” which is probably the only one I would even reference if you told me to quote Mortal Kombat, but perhaps that’s coming later. For now, check out the ones below: Continue Reading »

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Aug 22 2014

Choose Your Destiny

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destiny new1

Few upcoming games have me more excited than Destiny, out in just a few weeks now from the creators of Halo. I’ve spend probably 30 hours with the shooter MMO across the alpha and beta tests already, and I’m ready to dive into the full game and amass piles and piles of loot.

I’m not the only early fan, it seems, as artist Adam Doyle has taken the time to craft these minimal-yet-cool Destiny posters for each of the game’s three classes, Titan, Warlock and Hunter. Check out the other two below. Continue Reading »

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Aug 21 2014

Nic Cage Invades Halo

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What could make Halo, beloved video game shooter franchise, even better? Why, Nicolas Cage, of course. Some intrepid modder has taken it upon themselves to insert Nic Cage’s face into as many places as possible in Halo, and the result is exactly as terrifying/awesome as you might expect.

Master Cage is one thing, but Cagetana is probably where this experiment is the most horrifying. You’ll just have to watch for yourself above to experience the weirdness in full.

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Aug 21 2014

NES Circa 1986

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1986 was a pretty phenomenal year for video games, and if you don’t believe me, check out the tribute art from Nuri Durr above. That’s right, Metroid, Kid Icarus and The Legend of Zelda all came out that year, and here they’ve been immortalized in Durr’s signature style.

Link has probably found the largest measure of success to date, but Samus Aran isn’t far behind. Kid Icarus is mostly known as a Smash Bros. character these days, but he’s come back to life in other ways as well. Didn’t Icarus die after the sun caught his wings on fire? Seems a bit strange to name your character after a doomed fable like that.

Anyways, I wanted to show them all at one time, so there’s nothing after the jump for once. But click anyway! Yay pageviews! Continue Reading »

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Aug 20 2014

Six Video Game Locations That Feel Like Home

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Video games are supposedly a relaxing pastime but damn if they aren’t sometimes stressful, too. Some of the best games ever made can also be some of the most remorseless, jamming the player into a corner before beating them into submission.

Luckily, there are games that offer a respite from this sort of abuse. Some offer you have a cozy haven in between slaughterfests to recoup and gear up for the next adventure, and others give you have a little slice of home within the game world to call your own and customize to your heart’s content. Some games even succeed at doing both.

Freud calls this concept heimliche, a term often used in literature to describe happy, non-threatening feelings and settings.

In my long and probably excessive experience of playing video games, certain ones stick out to me for being the most heimliche, giving me a cozy little bit of warmness to combat the scourges of the harsh, cruel world. Here are some of the most memorable… Continue Reading »

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Aug 19 2014

DC Characters Turned Pokemon Trainers

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Superheroes plus Pokemon? I’m all over it.

In this series of illustrations from Creees Lee, he imagined which Pokemon would pair well with which famed DC superhero (or occasionally, villain). Obviously Batman would be surrounding by a flock of annoying Zubats, but what about Shazam, Flash, Aquaman and Catwoman?

You’ll have to check out the others below to see, if you haven’t guessed them already. Continue Reading »

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Aug 19 2014

Fall 2014: The Most Exciting Time for Video Games?

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I used to think that last fall was the most exciting time in video games in the last five years. With the arrival of new consoles, who wouldn’t feel excited about video games last November? Gamers saw the dawn of a new generation, but there weren’t a lot of game releases to sustain the momentum in my opinion. The transition is always awkward and there can be a bit of a drought as the industry gradually adjusts to new hardware.

Others would say that 2015 will definitely be THE year for gamers. However, Fall 2014 still has a lot in store for gamers down the line. If this year isn’t the most exciting, then it’s definitely the perfect kickoff to another great year in gaming. My wallet is already crying because it knows it’s going to lose a lot of weight in the next few months.

Let’s take a look at some of the upcoming highlights.

Continue Reading »

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Aug 14 2014

Adorable Little Super/Video Game Heroes

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Artist Rocky Davies is the man responsible for creating these sickeningly cute superhero/video game hero portraits seen above and below. Tony Stark’s is a little weird considering he still has a beard, but the rest are thoroughly cute.

Not sure why Samus Aran as a girl has bigger eyes than the other five combined, but it kind of breaks up the aesthetic strangely. We have enough giant anime eyes. I like the tiny little glass beads found on most of these guys. Check them out below:








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Aug 13 2014

All Pokemon as Alpacas

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pokemon alpaca

Am I supposed to have some sort of deep explanation as to where there are 152 Pokemon in alpaca form above here? An explanation other than “well, this is the internet?” I didn’t think so.

Artist Lopaki is the one who sat down and decided that alpaca variants of all original 152 needed to be made, and yes that includes glitch-paca, Missingno. Was there every a cooler moment in childhood gaming than discovering Missingno and the rare candy trick when you were a kid? I would argue no.

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Aug 12 2014

Permadeath and Appreciating Randomly Generated Characters

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I bought State of Decay during the Steam Summer Sale recently and I only got the chance to play it now. I won’t be giving a long review but long story short, it’s worth every penny regardless if it was discounted or not. It’s everything an open-world zombie game should be. There are glitches and shortcomings, but that’s unavoidable. Resources are finite and controllable characters can permanently die. Timing and strategy are key factors to ensure survival. Sometimes you need to make tough choices that’ll force you to either mercy kill a survivor that’s probably infected or take the risk of waiting it out.The interesting about it is that you can avoid infection to begin with and never have to face this dilemma. In short, this game is pretty awesome and I’ll be discussing its best quality in my opinion.

State of Decay isn’t like Telltale’s The Walking Dead and The Last of Us. We don’t follow a duo or a handful of characters and see them evolve over time. There aren’t any heartbreaking cut scenes with intense voice acting and writing to move you to tears. It’s not even one silent protagonist for the entirety of the game. In this game, you could actually be playing more than 100 randomly generated survivors in one go since death is permanent. One survivor could be eaten by a horde, while one gets expunged from the community from being a freeloader. The game then gives you the opportunity to find replacements or additions to your little community. It seemed like the type of game that didn’t require much investment from the player. However, I was dead wrong three days later and 24+ hours spent playing.

I found myself heavily invested in the randomly generated characters in this game even when it was only the beginning. It’s an impressive feat considering a lot of AAA titles seem to have lackluster narratives and characters despite the massive production level.

Continue Reading »

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