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Oct 02 2014

Cryptarchs, Loot Caves and Everything Else Wrong with Destiny’s Loot System

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I woke up last Wednesday to gaming news reported as if it was an international crisis. Destiny’s “loot cave,” it seemed, had been shut down. Just what the hell a loot cave was and what it signified was something I had to find out.

After reading several reports on Kotaku, I had gathered all the information I needed. Once, throngs of Guardians stood shoulder-to-shoulder, firing blindly into a small pocket tucked underneath a hillside. It seems people would assemble here day after day to endure a repetitive chore that held no joy but promises of ample rewards.

The gathering that would form was akin to the back alley frequented by Arlen’s neighborhood residents in King of the Hill – people who dutifully showed up day after day and acknowledged each others’ presence with solemn nods. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if many a beer was cracked open with one hand while another held the controller, blasting away mindlessly into the tiny hole.

Hours after soaking up this information, I happened to take a walk down the street to where my little brother lives close by. He recently bought an Xbox One, and as much as it pained him to do so, he had to give up his prior obsessions in the process: his 360, GTA V, and Skyrim, in favor of new ones like Destiny.

When I arrived at my brother’s house, lo and behold he was there, at the hillside, blasting into the dark cave. He had a morose expression upon his face, and he looked up at me with no traces of his typical enthusiasm. “It’s just not the same,” his face seemed to say. An online companion joined him momentarily, but quickly lost interest and left the area.

What, then, drives people to this madness? What sort of game design creates a troop of mindless zombies, who would rather stare into one small crevasse than explore several planets worth of vast areas?

At the heart of this surely mentally-unhealthy behavior lies a deeply-flawed understanding of game design. Fixing all of the problems therein will take years of player feedback and careful fine-tuning. As it stands now, though, Destiny has many lessons to learn from its predecessors. Continue Reading »

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Oct 02 2014

Cosplay of the Day: Lil’ Shepard

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lil shepard

I’m not sure if eight year olds actually play Mass Effect, as I think they’re all into Skylanders and Minecraft and what not, but at least one kid knows what’s up. Taken ahead of the Pittsburgh Comicon costume contest, this little bro is looking fresh in his padded N7 armor. Like, how could he not win? That expression alone makes the costume.

Man, when I was a kid I put on a red shirt, blue overalls and stuck brown paper to my face so I could be Mario for Halloween. My, how times have changed.

[via Fashionably Geek]

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Oct 01 2014

Cosplay of the Day: Has Science Gone Too Far?

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Why yes, you ARE looking at sexy Scyther cosplay, a Pokemon that I never thought I’d see in this format. And honestly, it’s really damn good! The concept was executed by Termina Cosplay, who had the fortitude to go where no other Pokemon cosplayer had gone before. Though given that this is the internet, I suppose I’m about to be linked to like 20 other sexy Scyther costumes I’ve somehow missed over the years.

There are many more photos in the series for you to check out below, which show just how cool this costume actually is. You can also think of her as “badass Tinkerbell” too if that helps, which was actually my first thought when I saw this originally. Continue Reading »

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Sep 30 2014

New Tube: YouTube Channels You May Not Have Seen VOL. 2


Fire up your eyeballs, Unrealtors, today I’m sharing three new YouTube channels you may not have seen yet. Hopefully after you read this article the second button you hit after play is subscribe. Let’s get tubin’. Continue Reading »

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Sep 30 2014

Destiny Loot Drops in Real Life

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Destiny may have its fair share of loot problems right now, with relatively crappy items dropping relatively infrequently with true gems hard to find, but whatever the case, I want to get my hands on this damn pistol.

It’s a replica of “Thorn” in the game, currently underpowered, but perhaps the most badass looking weapon you can find across four planet. The above is a replica of the weapon in real life made by Eric Newgard who used a 3D mold to bring the gun out of the virtual world and into the real one.

Yes, you can buy it. Yes, it’s $420. Honestly, that’s sort of tempting.

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Sep 26 2014

Cosplay of the Day: Lady Vaas

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Far Cry 3 is one of those games that managed to surprise me, mainly because I had no expectations going into it. Yes, it was the typical Ubisoft “liberate areas of the map” format in some ways, but it was an open world shooter that still managed to feel a little bit fresh with an interesting story and cast of characters.

The biggest character of all was Vaas, one of the main villains of the story played by Michael Mando. The voicework and motion capture was so spot on, it tranlsated his performance into being one of the most memorable in video game history, in my opinion (though “performances” in video games haven’t been around very long at this point).

Naturally, he’s been cosplayed a bunch, but I did like this crossplay version of the character by Delsey Cosplay, which had the mohawk and machete fall to a girl instead. More photos below: Continue Reading »

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Sep 22 2014

Link is Done With Ganondorf’s Respawns

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Link is tired of Ganondorf returning time and time again to wreck havoc in Hyrule, and he’s figured out a final solution to his villain problem, as evidenced by this rather brutal art from Daniel Warren Johnson.

We’re obviously never going to see a “dark and gritty” Zelda game from Nintendo that would feature actual dismemberment with the Master Sword, but I’m willing to say that’s perfectly fine by me. Some series are meant to stay all-ages appropriate, and in my mind The Legend of Zelda is one of them.

Still, pretty wicked art, I have to say.

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Sep 22 2014

Video Game Rewind: Age of Mythology

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I started playing the remastered edition of Age of Mythology again this weekend and it brought back a lot of memories. My dad was the one who introduced me to the game more than a decade ago if I’m not mistaken. It’s basically a real-time strategy games with characters and locations from Greek, Norse, and Egyptian myths. Yes, imagine Anubis warriors and Minotaurs going at it! It was fun playing the game regardless of what mode you chose: online, campaign, or simply a random map.

Let’s go back and reminisce about what made Age of Mythology a timeless video game.

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Sep 18 2014

The Naming of Things


That’s a pretty clever name, right?  Squid Vicious.  I thought of it entirely independently.  I got really excited, because it hit me in just the perfect way – clever, catchy, irreverent.  I was going to assume the mantle of Squid Vicious and have it become my internet avatar.  I was going to write a whimsical novel about undersea creatures overcoming their differences to form the world’s first All-Aquatic punk band.  The only problem?  Turns about about 1,000 other people thought of it before me.  Such is life in the modern era.  But it got me thinking about names.

What’s in a name?  On the surface, nothing.  The flotsam and jetsam of our lives latches on to names like barnacles to a hull (I’ve really got a whole nautical theme going today, huh?), giving them meaning.  But it’s a transitory meaning.  Would my life really be that different if my name were Dexter instead of Indy?  Probably not.  Would my life really be that different if instead I was named Lord Blackskull Burnface?  More likely, but I’d still be me.

But even though it’s a highly subjective affair, names are interesting, because what we choose to call things matters.  We choose.  We manufacture that meaning from almost nothing.

When it comes to pop culture, names certainly have an almost magical power, able to evoke feelings and memories with just a few words.  And what about the 2nd level names?  Stuff like a character name, the name of a TV show, the title of a book – that stuff stands out.  But what about the little things?  The meta-names that aren’t even really part of the fictional world?  The title of an episode, the name of a certain video game level, or the title of a certain chapter?  They can be almost a throwaway, or they can really, absolutely floor you.  This article is about the second kind.

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Sep 16 2014

Team Extreme Archeology

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The most famous two archaeologists in pop culture (outside of Indiana Jones, who inspired them both) are most definitely Lara Croft and Nathan Drake, and though they never appear together in a game, they make for rather excellent couples cosplay.

I tried to dress up as Nathan Drake a few years back on Halloween, but I’ll admit this guy does a wayyy better job of it. Mostly due to that scarf. And handsomeness. Obviously lady Croft is flawless as well. There are more pictures to check out from their shoot below. I love that she bought an ice pick.  Continue Reading »

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Sep 15 2014

Should We Start Expecting Less from Video Games?

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watch dogs

I’ve already been disappointed by three of the biggest video game blockbusters that have been released so far. I never learned my lesson and I had pre-orders lining up despite facing previous upsets. I’m always searching for movies, television shows, books, and video games that will awe and move me. It’s a tall order, but it’s a feeling I actively seek out. Sometimes I can’t help but think that certain games will have that affect on me. Maybe it’s the hype and other times it’s because I’m intensely loyal to a particular company.

I’ve played The Sims 4Destiny, and Watch Dogs so far. I’m not saying they were terrible games, because they’re actually quite good. However, they not great or amazing either. Is it bad to expect the most out of video games, or should we be challenging developers with our expectations?

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