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Aug 13 2014

All Pokemon as Alpacas

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pokemon alpaca

Am I supposed to have some sort of deep explanation as to where there are 152 Pokemon in alpaca form above here? An explanation other than “well, this is the internet?” I didn’t think so.

Artist Lopaki is the one who sat down and decided that alpaca variants of all original 152 needed to be made, and yes that includes glitch-paca, Missingno. Was there every a cooler moment in childhood gaming than discovering Missingno and the rare candy trick when you were a kid? I would argue no.

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Aug 12 2014

Permadeath and Appreciating Randomly Generated Characters

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I bought State of Decay during the Steam Summer Sale recently and I only got the chance to play it now. I won’t be giving a long review but long story short, it’s worth every penny regardless if it was discounted or not. It’s everything an open-world zombie game should be. There are glitches and shortcomings, but that’s unavoidable. Resources are finite and controllable characters can permanently die. Timing and strategy are key factors to ensure survival. Sometimes you need to make tough choices that’ll force you to either mercy kill a survivor that’s probably infected or take the risk of waiting it out.The interesting about it is that you can avoid infection to begin with and never have to face this dilemma. In short, this game is pretty awesome and I’ll be discussing its best quality in my opinion.

State of Decay isn’t like Telltale’s The Walking Dead and The Last of Us. We don’t follow a duo or a handful of characters and see them evolve over time. There aren’t any heartbreaking cut scenes with intense voice acting and writing to move you to tears. It’s not even one silent protagonist for the entirety of the game. In this game, you could actually be playing more than 100 randomly generated survivors in one go since death is permanent. One survivor could be eaten by a horde, while one gets expunged from the community from being a freeloader. The game then gives you the opportunity to find replacements or additions to your little community. It seemed like the type of game that didn’t require much investment from the player. However, I was dead wrong three days later and 24+ hours spent playing.

I found myself heavily invested in the randomly generated characters in this game even when it was only the beginning. It’s an impressive feat considering a lot of AAA titles seem to have lackluster narratives and characters despite the massive production level.

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Aug 12 2014

It Should Be A Movie By Now: Final Fantasy VII

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Just hear me out. Granted, there are many GREAT stories in the Final Fantasy spectrum, but none seemed to really resonate with me the way FFVII did. The love interest, the inner turmoil, and the arch-nemesis seemed to all be perfectly balanced for what I consider to be one of the best games I’ve ever played to date. (yeah, I went with a video game this time to try and spice things up)

I know that there are probably plenty of you out there that would rather see a Final Fantasy 3 or 4 or even 5 film made, and those are all valid games too. Though, nothing stands out more in the realm of Final Fantasy than that of the seventh installment. I’ll even go further out on a limb and say that it deserves to be a trilogy in order for the complete story to be told and told well. (*waits for the stones to be thrown) Continue Reading »

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Aug 11 2014

The Last of Us by Janice Chu

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the last of us

I kind of love this piece of art from Janice Chu, which shows all the various ways you can kill Clickers and bandits in The Last of Us. Granted, you run into a lot more bricks and bats than you do automatic weapons, but I do believe this is every tool of destruction from the game.

I have not yet played the remastered edition of the game which will have all these in glorious next-gen level graphics, but I remember still being impressed with how the game looked when I went back to play the most recent segment of DLC. Usually jumping back a generation automatically makes everything look terrible, but not so with The Last of Us, which is probably PS3′s most gorgeous game, and will be until that console breathes its last.


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Aug 07 2014

You Guys, Nier Is Even Better Than I Thought

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nier kaine and nier

When I first wrote about Nier about a month ago (original article here), I called attention to its music, its minimalist storytelling, its pastiche of familiar titles and genres, and its flawed brilliance.  When I wrote about it, I was almost to the end of the game – I’d beaten it, but not quite… or so I thought.  Since I’m fanatical about spoilers, little did I know that when I “beat” the game, it was only the beginning of the game’s true brilliance…

I’ve written about movies where the real pleasure is watching them again after you know the twistNier takes it a step further, since it’s a video game and you’re controlling the character.  So not only do you see events in a different light after you figure out what’s going on, you get (are forced) to be a willing (unwilling) participant in some pretty heartbreaking actions.

Before I go any further, let me just say, if you’re planning to play Nier, stop reading this right away.  You’re cheating yourself out of a pretty amazing emotional roller coaster if you read the fine details of the plot before you actually play it.  That being said, if you’re just here to read a fascinating way a video game takes advantage of your assumptions as a player of video games, read on. Continue Reading »

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Aug 05 2014

My Love/Hate Relationship with Indie Games

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I recently read an article on IGN about why a lot of people hate indie games. I’ll be honest, I felt a pang of guilt while reading through the piece because I’ve given the scene a share of the illegitimate hate it receives. Colin Moriarty started the discussion by talking about the definition of “indie.” It’s interesting because he’s right about how a lot of gamers call games indie just because it was less than $10 dollars or if it’s only available via PC and PS Vita. Heck, it didn’t matter if it fit the actual definition.

Indie games aren’t really my scene and people always give me crap about it. I don’t hate on it just because it’s an indie game. There are a couple of independent games that I quite enjoyed like The Novelist, Goat Simulator, and Gone Home. However, I noticed that I kept seeing the same type of the game over and over again in the indie scene. It can get boring seeing the same stuff, but it’s not like AAA games are any different (still prettier though tenfold).

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Aug 04 2014

The Perfect Back to School Purchase

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travel boy

Want the perfect backpack as you head back to elementary school, junior high, high school, college, or hell, even grad school? Well ThinkGeek’s Travel Boy is fun for all ages. The 25th anniversary of the Game Boy was this week, and to celebrate, they came out with this awesome backpack.

The buttons are actually raised (though pressing them doesn’t do anything) and though I wish it was a Pokemon battle captured onscreen, it’s still pretty damn cool. The backpack is only $40, and you can pick one up here if you’re so inclined.

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Jul 30 2014

Another Pair of Golden Books

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I cannot escape the Jo3bot it seems. We featured two more of his Golden Books yesterday, but now here’s another pair, this time video game themed. He’s taken Halo and The Last of Us and transformed them into kid-friendly titles. That’s especially impressive, given how brutally violent the latter is. But with his style of makeover, it looks ready to be read to three year-olds.

Check out the other cover below, and who knows what tomorrow will bring? The guy has his own gallery show coming up. Continue Reading »

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Jul 30 2014

Where Does Nintendo Go from Here?

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The Nintendo 3DS has slowly trudged its way back uphill thanks to a desperate price cut and building a slow momentum of quality titles. While the Wii U could eventually end up in a similar situation, all investors see now is a scary record of weak sales and next to no market presence.

Nintendo now finds itself under the scrutiny of millions of anticipatory eyes, who point to several quarters of losses and want to know what’s to be done about it. Responding at this year’s E3 in typical fashion, Nintendo tantalized long-term fans with announcements for supplements to venerable franchises like Mario, Zelda, and even a new, fun-looking IP, Splatoon.

But will this be enough? Can Mario Kart 8 and a Super Smash Bros. game they haven’t bothered to give a title to encourage people to pay attention to the wayward system and boost sales numbers?

Nintendo has always banked on the strength of their first-party titles to convince people that a console is worth the price of admission, but those purchase decisions were typically bolstered by confidence that more games than a once-every-three years Zelda title will show up. They have also been accused in the past of merely upcycling older games to work on the new consoles, rather than boldly staking out new, creative IPs.

So what is Nintendo to do? Here are some realistic possibilities for their future, and why those may or may not happen… Continue Reading »

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Jul 30 2014

Next Level Pokemon Fusion

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One of my favorite things we’ve featured here on the site has been the Pokemon fusion generator, which lets you combine 8-bit sprites of Pokemon with one another to often hilarious results.

Well, one fan took that idea to the next level, and has come up with detailed illustrations of what exactly the most badass combinations of Pokemon would look like, using ones from all the different generations.

If you’re a gen 1/2 fan like me, some of these may escape you, but they are pretty incredible nonetheless. See the rest of Josephine’s work below: Continue Reading »

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Jul 28 2014

Video Games are Better Without the Hype

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watch dogs

San Diego Comic Con was on everyone’s radar recently and I was expecting to go crazy for it too. I normally eye livestreams, social media pages, and what not during events like these. However, it’s strange how I let the weekend by without paying attention to any of the news that came out. I only found out about stuff through my Facebook feed or my friends. Promise of information about my favorite games didn’t do much either. I was satisfied knowing in my own way and in my own time. I even stopped looking for The Sims 4 news almost every day even if I love the franchise to pieces.

Sometimes you can appreciate games more the less you know about it…

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