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Jul 03 2014

The Most Unpolished Of Gems: Nier

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A funny thing happened when I started looking for my own games.  Having listened to Unreality readers, and thoroughly enjoyed the best of the best of the last generation’s console games, I turned inward.  “Okay, you fell in love with Mass Effect,” I said to myself.  “You enjoyed the hell out of GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption, and you spent waaaaaaaay too much time banging away on a mortal and pestle in Skyrim (100 Alchemy; totally worth it) – now what?”

Deep cuts, that’s what.  Gut feelings, spur-of-the-moment pickups, and not relying on Metacritic.  That’s what led me to the Square Enix forgotten child, Nier, and though I’ll be the first to say that the game is flawed, perhaps even deeply flawed, at its heart, it’s compelling, evocative, and worthy of your time.

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Jul 03 2014

Super Mario Spheres

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Artist Christopher Lee channels a wee bit of Katamari Democracy (I still have yet to understand that game in the least) to pay tribute to Super Mario Bros. His series of prints spans practically the entire series, and you’re likely to find almost every hero and villain from the franchise in one of his clusters.

You can check out the other ones below, and I’d love to see him make more for other Nintendo franchises. Continue Reading »

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Jul 02 2014

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Remade in Real Life

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Some avid Spanish fans of Grand Theft Auto have decided that they want the game to come to their city, literally. They created a trailer for “Grand Theft Auto: Madrid,” which is a shot by shot remake of the original trailer for the game.

A few of the shots are probably pretty easy to recreate, but others like police chases, car crashes and fighter jet flights took a bit of work I’m sure. You can see it above, and watch the bottom left corner for a comparison shot to the original.

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Jul 02 2014

Cosplay of the Day: A Return to Lady Link

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It’s been a while since we’ve featured a good old crossplayed Link, and I figured Lolita Zombie’s attempt was as good a time as any to revisit the subject.

It is a rather good costume, and Lolita proves yet again that Link looks better probably 90% of the time when being cosplayed as a women. If Nintendo just flipped his gender in one of the games one time, I’m not sure how many would even complain. Just kidding, everyone would complain because…the internet.

Check out the other photos in the series below: Continue Reading »

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Jul 01 2014

Elder Scrolls Online Lets You Design Your Character’s Internal Organs, Nervous System

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This latest Onion video hits home for me, as yes, I’m the type of person who spends no less than two hours on the character creator before every new RPG. And while I have a tough enough time trying to get their cheekbone width and brow height correct, it seems The Elder Scrolls Online has me beat.

In what I believe is a clever bit of ESO marketing, they’ve partnered with the Onion to share that you can not only customized the face and body of your hero in the game, but literally every internal organ, nerve, artery, cell and protein of your character. All of which has a big impact on whether they live or die from the moment the game starts.

I love it. Just watch.

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Jun 30 2014

The Amazing Pixel Paintings of Gauvain Manhattan

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French artist Gauvain Manhattan has a habit of finding old canvas art, and giving it a pixel-perfect makeover. Garbage yard sale art is turned into something fantastic, and the pictures all have a texture to them you just won’t find in traditional, digital pixel art.

There are a bunch more of these below, but naturally I his Pokemon piece above. But there’s also Street Fighter, Duck Hunt, Castlevania and more to be found in the rest of the gallery. Continue Reading »

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Jun 30 2014

Why All Games Should Have An Easy Mode

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The makers of Bioshock knew they had something genius on their hands, but they wanted a way to ensure everyone knew it. The only way everyone would truly know it is if they got to the “twist” about 2/3 into the game. They talked amongst each other and came up with a plan. A way that everyone could play through the game, no matter how good or how bad they were at FPS’s. That invention was the Vita-Chamber. A way in which you could die in a game, but come back at same point, endlessly if need be. I realize there were probably games and game companies that may have done this before Bioshock, but Bioshock was the first game I remember pretty much insisting I beat the whole game (whilst giving me the tools to do so). To me, I really believe every game should have a vita-chamber option. Though I understand that wont happen (for many reasons), for now I will turn this article into why I think every game should have an easy mode.

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Jun 27 2014

Eight Terrific Games You Probably Haven’t Played Yet

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This is a guest post by Mike Leaño, a freelance writer, aspiring evil genius, and founder of Console Gamer, an independent video game blog.

There are literally hundreds of video games that come out every year. In the second half of 2014 alone, we’re already looking at over 70 titles with confirmed release dates, and that number grows. Not all are worth your time and money, but even if you do get rid of the bad and mediocre ones, what’s left remains a formidable backlog.

Wait till you see the ones you missed out on in the previous years. Is your wallet ready for more abuse? Here’s our list of terrific games that you probably haven’t played yet. Continue Reading »

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Jun 25 2014

Video Games Enhanced By Wrestling Commentary

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I’m pretty surprised that no one has tried this sooner, but as it turns out, video gaming is very much enhanced by traditional wrestling commentary documenting every move.

WWE legend Jim Ross lends his voice (unknowingly) to narrating various video game sequences, and the result is pretty hilarious. Seeing as you can buy “announcer packs” in many games now, I’m pretty sure this proves that Jim Ross should be one of them, don’t you agree? I thought so.

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Jun 25 2014

Seven of the Best Geeky Kid’s Meal Toys

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Kid’s meals: they make childhood diabetes and obesity fun!

Including a cheap, Chinese-made trinket in a Happy Meal was a brilliant stroke by McDonald’s in 1979 (no pun intended). Not only did the ploy have kids begging their parents to take them to the restaurant that added a “free” toy, but McD’s also cleverly made each prize one of a set. Obsessive kids would ask for repeat trips to make sure they got every toy in the limited series.

Having the toys be some sort of promotional tie-in with an already-popular show, movie, or toy line only compounded this compulsive desire. The association with a trendy franchise even had the potential to rope in adults who felt the need to collect low-quality trinkets targeted at children.

Not all of the toy series are complete crap, though. Some legitimately exude quality, ingenious design, or perhaps just enough charm and nostalgia to get people in the door. It’s also no secret that nerds are amongst the collecting-est people around, and they have less scruples when it comes to their favorite intellectual properties.

In honor of dweebs, nerds, and geeks who order off the kids’ menu, or who scour eBay for junk that belongs in yard-sale bargain bins, here are some of the coolest and most tantalizing kid’s meal toys in history… Continue Reading »

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Jun 23 2014

Assassin of Thrones

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assassin thrones

Assassin’s Creed has spanned many time periods so far, and will span many more to come as it will be annual franchise for as long as it makes money for Ubisoft. The image above could probably be from one of the eras we’ve seen already.

That said, if you told me that this was a rogue member of the Night’s Watch from Game of Thrones who felt like wearing white instead of black, I’d believe you. I’d love to watch an Assassin cut through Wildlings and White Walkers, though I suppose he’d need a obsidian blade for that last one.

The artist here is EVenture, and she’s got a ton of awesome stuff over at her DeviantArt.



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