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Apr 18 2014

Even More Baby Pokemon Dressing Up As Their Final Forms

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I’m never one to let a good series go, and so when I heard that Birdy Chu had done even more of her adorable “Pokemon in Final Form Costumes,” I knew I should revisit her work.

She’s expanded her scope from the first few initial Pokemon to even more from the original Red and Blue, and others from Gold, Silver, Aqua, Navy, X, Y, Z, I’ve really sort of lost track as to what they’re at these days.

All are just as cute as ever, and you can check them all out below: Continue Reading »

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Apr 17 2014

Cosplay of the Day: Don’t Mess with Mecha-Chu

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What happens when Pokemon meets Warhammer 40K? Why, Mecha-Chu is born, of course.

This badass costume was spotted at Supanova in Australia by Furbeach, and there’s one more photo below.

I think my favorite are the Pokeball shoulders and the string of Badge-ribbons on his chest. I’m half surprised he’s not toting Meowth’s severed head on his belt, but perhaps that would have been taking things a bit too far. Continue Reading »

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Apr 16 2014

Pokemonified Versions of NBA Logos

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I think we’ve seen Pokemon versions of NFL logos in the past (though that could have been a weird dream or something), but now we’ve moved onto the NBA.

The logos seen here are a mix of actual NBA teams and Pokemon cities. I don’t know enough about sports to say that ALL are direct parodies of NBA teams, but they could be and yet again, my athletic knowledge fails me,

Check out a big chunk of the teams for yourself below:  Continue Reading »

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Apr 15 2014

The 50 Most Frustrating Moments in Video Games

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As I watched this video I was surprised with just how many I’d actually experienced, most being pulled from my childhood because well, nostalgia. I almost started getting mad just thinking about some of these, further proof that video games cause aggression through losing, not violence.

Could have done without the narration, but it’s a very comprehensive list. What would you add to the pile here that wasn’t mentioned?

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Apr 15 2014

A DIY Borderlands Claptrap Trashcan

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The good folks at Our Nerd Home have created a DIY project like no other. It’s a Claptrap garbage can, the robot pulled from the Borderlands universe where he’s usually standing around being snarky rather than shoving trash inside his head.

The process to create the can was pretty lengthy, and you can see all the stages at their site here. You could probably do it yourself if you had the time and talent, but I’m content to admire from a far.

A few more pictures of Claptrap in action below: Continue Reading »

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Apr 14 2014

Indie Game: The Art

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(click to enlarge)

The last few years have seen an explosion of Indie games as audiences have accepted cheaper, simpler games that are executed well. No need for huge AAA campaigns or super HD graphics. Rather, it plays well and/or is hilarious, that’s good enough to fashion an Indie hit.

This artwork by Memoski takes nearly all the biggest success stories of the Indie scene and puts them in one place. If you can name them all, I will give you the key to Unreality (it’s a figurative key. and shaped like a Pokeball fused with a Disney Princess tiara).


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Apr 14 2014

Discovering Free-to-Play Online Rhythm Game OSU

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Yesterday, I discovered a tragedy as I browsed through the iOS App Store. I was hoping to find the game Tap Tap since I haven’t played it in the longest time. It was one of my favorite games when the iPhone and the iPod Touch were still in its early generations. However, I was puzzled upon noticing that there was no trace of it. I even typed Tapulous, the developer, in the search bar to no avail. Alas, my worst fears came true when I finally sough to find the truth. The company shut down along with all of its titles years before. Guitar Hero was gone too!

My friend knew about my plight and introduced to me a similar game called OSU that he and his other group of friends were obsessing about. OSU is a free-to-play online rhythm game that’s primarily available on PC platforms. You use your mouse instead of tapping or stepping on a dance pad. It reminded me of the Dance Dance Revolution PC emulators my friends had. I found them similar because other players can create their own levels and upload them online for others to download.

Is this something you might want to check out? Read on for more about OSU and what I thought.

Continue Reading »

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Apr 10 2014

The Dream Team

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(click to enlarge)

Deviantartist LoneFireWarrior took to Garry’s Mod and Photoshop to craft what could be the most badass cast of characters ever assembled in one place. He’s pulled from mostly video games, but a few films (hello ringleader Fett) and I’m not sure who you could add to make this team more scary. Batman? Kratos? Jesus Christ?

Here’s a question. Out of everyone here, who is actually the most powerful? I know Fett is iconic, but frankly, I think he’s one of the weakest. Dude was accidentally bumped into a Sarlac pit, after all. I’d have to go with Starcraft Sarah Kerrigan being on a whole other level compared to the assortment of space marines seen here. That girl’s got power.

What do you think?


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Apr 09 2014

Black Desert May Have the Most Insane Character Creator in Video Game History

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Upcoming Korean MMO Black Desert has made a big splash by introducing what very well might be the most detailed character creation system to ever grace a video game. As someone who usually spends a solid hour with the Skyrim/Saints Row/Mass Effect creator before even starting the game, I imagine I could triple that with the insane amount of detail featured here.

While naturally, hot Asian elf females are the focus of the video, it’s clear that you can make ALL different kinds of good looking people with the creator. The level of detail you have access to is just insane.

I actually like using character creators in games to try and bring to life characters from my books. Like, Asha, one of the stars of my trilogy, ended up being my lead character for the last two Saints Row games. It’s just cool to be able to give life to characters you have in your head when you’ve only written about them, and can’t draw terribly well.

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Apr 09 2014

The Console That Could Not Be Killed: Game Boy Turns 25

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April marks the 25th anniversary of the Nintendo Game Boy’s official world debut. While certainly not the first handheld console ever manufactured, it was the first to make an impact on both culture and commerce.

When released in Japan on April 21st 1989, stores almost immediately sold out of the initial production stock of 300,000 units. Three months later in July, the American debut would sell an unheard of 40,000 units on the first day. Nintendo had difficulty keeping up with demand, and never imagined the console achieving such runaway success. Despite being technologically inferior to other available handhelds in every way, the Game Boy squashed competition and created a legacy that lasted nearly ten years.

The system was designed by Nintendo veteran Gunpei Yokoi to be cheap and durable. As such, it lacked the processing power and display capabilities of other systems such as the Atari Lynx and Sega Game Gear. The monochrome, non-backlit display had a low resolution and only 4 shades of nauseating green to convey the game’s graphics to players.

What it had instead was the Nintendo name, which to consumers was worth it’s weight in gold. A string of immensely successful Mario games, as well as countless other NES titles made the public hungry once a portable Nintendo console was announced. What no one expected, though, was an insatiable addiction that could be taken with you wherever you wanted… Continue Reading »

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Apr 07 2014

Minimalist Last of Us Wallpaper

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The game’s moment in the sun has come and gone, but The Last of Us will remain a classic for years to come. It will likely get a sequel at some point, given how well the original sold and the state of the industry, but before that happens, enjoy the simplicity of the original with these wallpapers.

They’re a bit Olly Moss-ish, and feature various memorable moments from the game. It seems weird to say one of them contains spoilers given how little can be seen, but it does ruin one of the better “surprise” moments that doesn’t have to do with a character death. It’s just better to experience it on your own. With that in mind, check out the rest below. Click on any to enlarge. Continue Reading »

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