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Oct 10 2013

LEGO Helms Deep is the Most Impressive Thing You’ll See All Week

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Dear lord. Guess how many pieces are in the above LEGO recreation of the Battle of Helms Deep from Lord of the Rings? 50,000? 80,000?

Try 150,000. And 1,700 of those are minifigs, both orc, human and elf. I’m not sure how many man hours it too, but I’m sure the answer is “too many.” This is one of the coolest LEGO projects I’ve ever seen though, and that’s saying something considering how long I’ve done this job. There are a bunch more angles of the incredibly detailed set (which is not for sale, and custom made, obviously), which you can check out below.

Next up in epic movie battle sequences to recreate, 300 Spartans vs. a million Persians at the Hot Gates of Thermopylae? DO IT. Continue Reading »

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Oct 08 2013

Seven Space Screams: Sci-Fi Horror Flicks

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Space Waltz by Tomas Kral, Czech Republic.

There’s plenty of horror flicks to choose from when coordinating a Halloween party or simply a spooky night in with a mega-tub of buttery bad-for-you popcorn.  One of my personal favorites, however, is the horror flick set in deep space; there’s an added fear factor of being totally deserted and inaccessible.  The common theme of “space dementia” naturally lends itself to the thriller/horror genres, adding that extra level of psychological terror.  I’m not talking about  events that simply take place on another planet; I mean legit suspended in the vacuum of nothingness in a ship, or sometimes just a pressurized suit – sometimes less than even that.

Having been docked during previous film competitions for a lack of clear distinction between horror and thriller, I’ve decided to define “space horror” films as those containing a fair amount of blood and gore.  Since Halloween is right around the corner (and I haven’t even started getting my costumer together), lets dive into seven space screamers where the blood floats in zero-G like the salmon of Capistrano (you know, if salmon were congealed, weightless blobs). Continue Reading »

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Oct 04 2013

If the Final Season of Breaking Bad Was Written by Dr. Seuss (Part II)


[Spoilers below. Also, click here if you missed Part I of my ridiculous poetry.]

When last we left Hank he was thrown for a loop

From a book that he read as he took a short poop

All at once the wool lifted from over his eyes–

Double W’s told of old Walt’s old disguise


Meanwhile, young Jesse had grown more morose

And no meth, or “blood money,” or cannabis dose

Could cure all the guilt or the anger inside

So he went for a midnight-ish charity ride

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Oct 02 2013

From Botches to Crits: An Introduction to Nerd Poker

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I got a twelve-sided die…

To truly appreciate why I listen to podcasts on the regular, first allow me to enlighten you on my daily commute.  I live in a city with dismal public transit options, where nearly 90% rely on personal automobiles for transportation.  It is also, land-wise, the largest city by area in the United States (not counting Alaska).  Meaning it can easily take an hour or more to make it from one side to another, and that’s not counting traffic or the seemingly endless roadway construction.

I’m up at 6:00 and out the door to take my son to school, about 8 miles away.  Then off to my desk job, another 15 miles north, which averages about 45 minutes depending on morning rush hour.  After work, time for school, 11 miles east and always jam-packed during afternoon commute time.  The ride back home is the longest at over 20 miles, but fortunately only about 30 minutes long.  In average, I can spend anywhere from two to three hours per day driving, across some of the most boring, flat land this side of the Florida-Georgia border.  If my radio didn’t work, I’d probably drive into one of the many highway-adjacent retention ponds. Continue Reading »

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Sep 10 2013

Win a Pair of Free Tickets to Virgin Mobile FreeFest

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Hey guys, Unreality is partnering with Virgin mobile to give away a pair of tickets to Virgin Mobile’s FreeFest this year which happens in about two weeks. We don’t normally do music here, but I’m hip enough to know that a lot of these acts are great, and you and a date (friend, mother) can go.

All I need you to do is send me an email ( with a photo of you holding some sort of “Unreality” sign so I know you’re not a spambot. Unless spambots are now sentient and can read this and photoshop sign pictures. Damnit!

Anyway, do it fast as time is of the essence. Accepting submissions through the end of the day only. And yeah sorry, but U.S. exclusive.

Good luck! Let’s see your smiling faces!

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Sep 03 2013

Why I Stopped Playing The Last of Us

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I was really looking forward to The Last of Us. For one thing, the first two Uncharted games are some of the most immersive, rewarding experiences I’ve had on the PS3 to date. With those, Naughty Dog proved themselves capable of delivering huge worlds, memorable characters, and surprisingly engaging narratives.*

Unfortunately, upon getting into the richly-realized world of The Last of Us, I found myself getting bothered by the combination of elements the game had to offer. Ultimately, I wound up selling it after, oh… a couple hours of gameplay. And the things that were bothering me are still on my mind, so I figured I’d just take the time to explain myself.

Also, I’m not here to kill sacred cows or troll or whatever. This is just my personal experience with the game. As always, let’s not get bent out of shape.

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Sep 02 2013

Happy Labor Day!

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We (and I, now that I’m back from my honeymoon) will return in full force tomorrow! Happy day off, Americans.

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Aug 27 2013

Thomas Edison Channels ‘Hey Girl’ Memes

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 Apparently, GE crafted a clever campaign by using Thomas Edison instead of Ryan Gosling on ‘hey girl’ memes. These lines are actually quite funny and I can imagine my engineering friends saying these phrases. Pick up lines may be cheesy, but I indulge in them if they are witty. On a side note, ‘hey girl’ memes were also popular when people used it on U.S congressman Paul Ryan during the 2012 elections. So, I think GE chose the right meme to ride on.

What do you think of GE’s attempt to promote themselves using these popular memes?

[via GeeksAreSexy]

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Aug 26 2013

‘Geek’ Leggings are a Thing Now?

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I think that I have been living under a rock because somehow video game/geek themed ‘leggings’ seem to be very popular lately. The first one I saw was a Miranda Lawson inspired one where it donned the famous honeycomb pattern on her suit. It’s quite cool because it’s not just a random design slapped on a piece of clothing. It actually mimics a costume from a game. However, I haven’t actually seen anyone wearing it in a public place. I’ve only read and heard about it all over the internet.

What do you think about this? Is there any video game theme in particular you’d like to see on leggings?


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Aug 19 2013

PS4 is Coming

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ps4 coming

PS4 is coming, and we’ll know exactly when tomorrow, I hear, with the release date being announced some time during the day. If I had to guess, it’ll be out a week or two before it’s competition as Sony really likes to get the jump on them, if you haven’t noticed.

Unreality has partnered with Sony for their “Greatness Awaits” campaign, because you folks seem to be the type of people who might be into a new video game console. After E3, everyone was pretty gaga over the system, and I’m wondering if that’s still the case. Have you preordered one? What game(s) will you be getting at launch? Have you figured out what that touchpad is for yet?

Anyway, I’m also featuring their “Greatness Awaits” trailer which has been running for a while now, and continues Sony’s streak of effective ads. It’s no “Michael,” and I miss Kevin Butler, but this is pretty good too. You can check it out below if you haven’t seen it yet. I’m guessing once we get closer to launch, there will be similar ads with the same theme. Continue Reading »

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Aug 13 2013

Some Thoughts on Fruitvale Station

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Don’t think of this as a review.

A movie review indicates that there will be some sort of evaluation of quality. Will take into account all the elements of filmmaking, like writing, acting, cinematography, et al.

Very rarely, a movie comes along that hits me in just the right way as to make a review feel hollow and pointless. Such is the case with Fruitvale Station.

All I can offer are some thoughts free of promise, because this movie absolutely gutted me.

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