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Sep 26 2014

Peter Quill, Han Solo and Mal Reynolds Have a Debate

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I don’t think you can even name three cooler intergalactic gunslingers than Han Solo, Mal Reynolds, and Peter Quill. And put them all together? Their awesomeness would have be contained by rendering them in LEGO form.

The video above has the three heroes debating the idea of shooting first. The conversation comes at a particularly relevant moment for Han, which you’ll see as you watch above. I really do love this. Can all three of these guys be in the next LEGO Movie voiced by their actual actors? Err I guess Chris Pratt is already in the LEGO Movie.

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Sep 26 2014

The Mighty Mountain

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the mountain

I’m not clear on the next time we’ll see The Mountain in Game of Thrones as (SPOILERS), the last time we saw him he was dying of poison from Oberyn Martell’s spear as a lasting parting gift from the Viper. Too bad too, as The Mountain remains the most physically intimidating villain to ever appear on the show (at least in this latest iteration), and hopefully we’ll see him return.

This bit of fan art is from Marvin del Mundo and shows the massive knight in animated form, with a bonus appearance by the ruined skull of Martell in the background. God, even just thinking about that scene still gives me shivers.

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Sep 26 2014

The Good, the Bad and the Gotham

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Image 1 (Above Paragraph 1)

Everyone knows who Batman is.  Everyone knows how he watched his parents gunned down as a child on the streets of Gotham.  Everyone knows how he dedicated his life and fortune to becoming a modern-day cross between Hector and Sherlock Holmes.  Everyone knows how he took his one-man war on crime to the heart of Gotham, taking on the mob and an increasingly psychotic menagerie of super villains.

But this is not his story.  It’s Gotham’s.

When Thomas and Martha Wayne are killed, hot-headed police rookie James Gordan promises their traumatized son that he will find the killer.  But with the police in the mob’s pocket and an organized crime war on the horizon, justice is in short supply in Gotham.  Paired with a corrupt partner and pressured by their superiors to close the case quickly, his investigation leads to an innocent man’s death.  When he starts asking the wrong questions, however, he draws the attention of mob boss Fish Mooney, who refuses to allow one idealistic detective to derail her carefully laid plans.

Gotham understands that the real appeal of the Batman franchise is not its heroes, but its villains.  Bruce Wayne is little more than an Easter egg: a supporting character that only exists to provide context to a cop drama with an especially flamboyant roster of criminals.  Before we ever see the Waynes – who any other Batman series would have paraded out as its first order of business – we see a juvenile Selena Kyle pickpocket her way through a crowded street.  When the Waynes do die, the focus is not on them – not even on their inconsolable son – but on her: the solemn witness to the crime.  Rather than delve into Bruce’s grief, the series rapidly cuts to an investigation that introduces the Penguin, the Riddler, Poison Ivy and quite possibly the Joker in rapid succession.  More time is devoted to even mundane mob bosses like Fish Mooney and Carmine Falcone than in the young Batman-to-be. Continue Reading »

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Sep 25 2014

The Animated Adventures of Buffy

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Every make a piece of fan media so good, the star of the show actually loves it? Well, then you’re not Stephen Byrne, the animator who has impressed everyone from random internet strangers (like me!) to Buffy the Vampire Slayer herself.

Sarah Michelle Gellar tweeted how much she liked this animated Buffy intro which is currently spreading around the internet like wildfire. It’s only a minute long, but reimagines Buffy using a unique animation style. In Hollywood’s current state, it’s clear Buffy will be resurrected/rebooted in some form or another soon enough, but out of all available options, I’d kind of love to see an animated series like this with the original cast providing the voicework, of course. From the looks of it, Gellar would be on board.

See it for yourself above.

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Sep 25 2014

“You’re The Worst” Just Wrapped Season 1; Binge This

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To binge watch, or not to binge watch.  Our Fearless Leader Paul Tassi has vacillated between the pro and con sides of this debate, but like most things, I think the correct view depends a lot on context.  Most shows could go either way, but there are some that are custom-made to binge watch (like the vastly under-exposed Children’s Hospital).  FX’s You’re the Worst, which recently wrapped its first season, is also a show that really blossoms if you power through it.  And with 10 episodes, each around 25 minutes, combined with the show’s snappy dialogue and lighting-fast pace, even if you watch all 10 in a row, you’ll feel like it took maybe an hour.

This is one where I hated the premise on paper – single people who do shitty things and don’t believe in love fall in love, wow, how original – and yet the devil is in the details.  Or, I should say, the beauty is in the execution.  Cliches aren’t bad in and of themselves, it’s when they’re leaned on lazily, or executed poorly.  Done right, a familiar trope like this one can be a neat sidestep of lots of plodding exposition, cutting right to what we care about: the comedy and the characters.

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Sep 24 2014

Cosplay of the Day: Dark Wings, Dark Words

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I almost called this “Littlefingered Sansa,” but there was really no way that can be interpreted as anything other than dirty. Cosplayer Princess Nightmare has dressed up like goth made-over Sansa who has donned a darker shade of…everything in order to keep her identity a secret as she plays the game of thrones with Littlefinger in the Vale as he tries to assume power.

The costume is top notch, and she’s got the look down too, even if she isn’t seven feet tall like the original actress. Check out all the images in the gallery below, and remember it’s only like, seven months or so until the show returns.  Continue Reading »

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Sep 24 2014

Ten Screen Actors who Understand Voice Acting

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An awful thing happened during my childhood. Following the success of The Lion King and Toy Story, animation studios erroneously began to think that casting nothing but celebrity voices was an okay thing to do.

Unfortunately, without a good casting director, incredibly poor choices are made. Worse yet, without a good voice director, we get awful performances that either fall flat or miss the mark by millions of miles. The result was a stream of hit-or-miss films bogged down by screen actors who had no experience in voice acting, and who were not being guided through the proper techniques.

Screen actors have the benefit of facial expressions, body movements, and general on-camera presence. Without all of these tools at their disposal, many A-list, well-recognized actors will inevitably flounder, especially without a rigorous director to show them the ropes.

John K., creator of Ren and Stimpy put it best by saying that good cartoon character voice acting involves having a good ear for sounds. Different inflections and creative ways of reading lines are necessary to “fill” the character within the animation.

Neglecting this element of craft makes a David Schwimmer character sound just like David Schwimmer, and allows someone as talented as Scarlett Johansson to sound devoid of emotion, especially when compared to her animation. You can tell this is not her fault when she gets some legitimate motivation to work with.

The bottom line is that becoming a character without makeup, costumes, or blocking can be difficult for many screen actors to handle. I get the feeling that most directors feel like making their celebrity actors go through too many takes will be a waste of their time, fat paychecks be damned.

In fact, some actors are just getting paid to be themselves or, worst of all, just have their names appear on the poster. Chris Rock’s smug as f*** Oscar presentation a couple of years back embodies how many screen actors are barely scratching the surface of what it takes to be a voice actor. He clearly has no clue that he’s being let off easy because Dreamworks thinks we want to hear the same character every single time.

So, to cut this rant short, there are a few shining examples that run contrary to this trend. Here are my favorites: Continue Reading »

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Sep 24 2014

Clear your DVR, TV is BACK!

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I’m glad summer is over. Fall is clearly the superior season because of all the great things it has in store for us. Things such as Football (the American kind), Halloween, bbq’s, leaves changing colors, the ability to wear jeans again, Thanksgiving, and last but not least our beloved TV shows return. Not only do we get to pick up where we left off with our favorite characters, but we’re also given new shows to watch to see if they can earn a coveted spot on our DVRs.

This past Monday night was a big evening for television lovers. An Emmy winner and a headless horseman came back to our living rooms while three new shows debuted which turned my social media feed into a mini review thread. A pretty big night that many had been eagerly waiting for. What’s awesome is that there is plenty more to come in the next few weeks with even more new shows and more returning favorites!

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Sep 23 2014

Kevin Spacey Impersonates Al Pacino In Front of Al Pacino

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It goes without saying that Kevin Spacey is a hugely talented actor, but many may not know that one of his abilities includes a mean Al Pacino impression. One so good it’s actually legendary within Hollywood. On Letterman, Dave asks Pacino if he knows about the impression, and Pacino says yes, but he doesn’t think it sounds like him.

To put that to the test, Letterman trots out Spacey to do the impression live. Spacey doesn’t actually say two words in his own voice, and instead goes full Pacino for the duration of the clip. Obviously the impression is pretty great, though it’s just a touch awkward to do an impression of someone who just said that they don’t like it. “They love it!” Pacino says, referencing the audience, while seeming to imply that he still does not.

In any case, it’s a hilarious clip and one of late night’s better moments if you’ve missed it so far.

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Sep 22 2014

Cosplay of the Day: Can You Cosplay a Smile?

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Sure it helps your cosplay if you have a perfect costume and a passing resemblance to the character you’re playing, but having the attitude of the character in question goes a long way as well, and that’s certainly the case for Maya Dinerstein here.

In addition to looking like she could be Jewel Staite’s little sister or at least first cousin, her Firefly costume is amplified by her radiant, Kaylee-esque smile that’s the highlight of the photo above. I wish there were more in the series, but when you have a photo this good, one is enough, I suppose.

[via Fashionably Geek]

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Sep 19 2014

Cosplayers Dress Up As Those Retro Game of Thrones Characters

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Talk about dedication. This group of cosplayers took a look at Mike Wrobel’s amazing retro Game of Thrones illustrations (which have been featured here many times) and decided they’d look good in real life too.

For most of these, you’d have no idea what they were supposed to be by themselves, but when placed next to the original photo, it’s pretty incredible how they tried to get almost every detail exactly right.

I also hadn’t seen Hodor/Terminator and Oberyn/Ryu yet, which are both fantastic. Check out the entire gallery for yourself below: Continue Reading »

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