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Apr 08 2014

The Beautiful Deaths of Game of Thrones

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I’m thrilled that I stumbled upon this gorgeous treasure trove of Game of Thrones “Beautiful Death” tribute art. Robert Ball designed them all, and each focuses on a major or minor death found throughout the series so far.

Obviously this should be full of spoilers, but most of the pieces are so subtle, you wouldn’t know who they were talking about unless you’d already witnessed the deaths onscreen for yourself. Still, better not to take chances.

But if you are caught up? This is absolutely worth seeing, and I hope he continues to make more prints as the body count keeps rising. Continue Reading »

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Apr 07 2014

The Now and Forever Winner of the Most Ergregious Product Placement of All Time

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I know this clip is a year or two old at this point, but I just found it in my mailbox with the subject line “MUST FEATURE: WORST PRODUCT PLACEMENT.”

It did not disappoint.

I thought that nothing would ever beat the episode of Smallville where Pete Ross gets superpowers from a Kryptonite laced piece of Stride gum while attending a concert in an abandoned Stride gum manufacturing plant which shut down becaues “the flavor lasted too long,” but this is a LITERAL COMMERCIAL inside an episode of Hawaii 5-0. I think the Smallville one is more hilariously terrible, but this is just…awful. Watch for yourself.

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Apr 07 2014

Game of Thrones Review: “Two Swords”

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two swords

Game of Thrones is back for season four, finishing off the second half (and maybe more) of George RR Martin’s third book. Fortunately, there’s so much action packed into Storm of Swords, it can easily create two incredibly impactful seasons, and I think most people are still reeling from last year’s Red Wedding. A TV massacre truly without equal.

Season four didn’t exactly start out with anything like an upheaval. Rather, it was more about setting the stage for what’s to come, and as such we got to touch base with I think nearly every major group of the show, a rarity for the program, and also meet a few of the new characters as well.

King’s Landing is buzzing with preparations for Joffrey’s wedding to Maegary Tyrell, who had the best line of the night referencing Joffrey’s necklace of “dead sparrow heads.” Joffrey didn’t do anything too terrible other than make fun of uncle-father Jaime, who is finding readjusting to life post-capture rather hard.

two swords2

Jaime is perhaps the most interesting character going forward for the show. Cersei has rejected his affections, though I’m not precisely sure why. Yes, he was gone a while and lost his hand, but what has turned her away from him to such a degree? Jaime’s father wants him to essentially retire while Brienne is badgering him about “protecting” Sansa, though he has no idea what he’s really supposed to do about that.

In short, Jaime lost nearly everything about himself when he lost his hand, and it’s going to take some time to find himself again. I love Jaime because of the transformation he’s undergone, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally, and that’s only going to continue over time.

Cracks are beginning to form between Shae and Tyrion who rejects sexy fun time because he’s too stressed about his borderline suicidal wife. Sansa has found a new friend in the form of the drunk Ser Dontos, who the “previously on” scenes were careful to reference so we remembered who he was. She’s rather despondent as per usual, and the Red Wedding has affected her more than anyone else. She’s practically a ghost, wandering the halls of King’s Landing, forever grieving as her family members keep getting massacred. I don’t think she knows if any of her family is still alive at all, other than possibly Jon Snow, if she even counts him.

We did go up to the wall briefly where we see that Jon Snow is getting hounded by the new ruling party of the Night’s Watch, ie. that one guy that hates him and that shitty guy who Tyrion fired from security duties at King’s Landing. Snow warns of a massive Wildling attack, and Maester Aemon forces the others to forgive him for his sexy crime of bedding a Wildling girl. And you know, betrayal and all that other stuff. Surprisingly, we saw Ygrette and Tormund even without Snow, as they now have to deal with the menacing Magnar of Thenn, aka the terrifying Albino from Banshee. The Thenns are cannibals, so that’s fun.

two swords3

Across like six million oceans and continents is Dany, plotting her next slave-city conquest as her dragons get scary big. The black one, Drogon, is becoming a giant compared to the others, and she’s losing control of them. Will she maintain enough influence to actually be able to ride them at some point? Also, we got our first look at the new Daario, which frankly, is a welcome change. The other actor felt weirdly out of place on the show, and I like the new one quite a bit more. He’s got personality while the other was just a pretty face. Dany accepts his flowers, and who knows what else from him in the future. God, she’s so freaking tiny. I only just noticed that when she was walking through her army. Girl needs some heels. Or you know, a dragon to ride.

The most major new cast addition would be Oberyn Martell of Dorne, whom we meet in a rather dramatic fashion as he rolls through a whorehouse stripping women and stabbing Lannisters. We learn that his whole family has a grudge against the Lannisters as they murdered the children borne by his sister to Rhaegar Targaryen as they swept out the dragon-clan from King’s Landing. With Joffrey’s wedding coming up, all eyes turn to him to see if he’s going to try anything. Soon we’ll get to meet the recast Mountain too, I imagine.

Finally, we get to see Arya get some measure of revenge against the men who killed her friend and captured her long ago. That was an exceptionally badass bar brawl, and Arya was downright cold-blooded once she got in on the action. For some reason, that Needle to the throat kill was one of the most brutal I’ve ever seen on the show, just for how long it was dragged out. Though the Hound impaling that dude’s face on his own knife was pretty rough as well. Arya’s slow transformation into badass killer begins, it seems, which is all we’ve ever wanted for her.

I didn’t watch upcoming scenes so I don’t know if the wedding is next week, but I’m going to guess it’s episode three, just for the amount of set-up it needs. And it will be worth waiting for, I imagine.

Book Stuff (spoilers ahead)

- I was surprised to see them bring Dontos back, and he gives Sansa a necklace rather than a hair net (which is a little less odd). I half expected them to just do away with Dontos and have Petyr Baelish make his intentions somewhat more clear, but it seems they want to keep his involvement a secret like it was in the books. We didn’t see him at all last night.

- I think the show is already setting up Shae’s betrayal of Tyrion better than the book did. I didn’t quite understand why she turned against him, but here, the cracks between them are a lot more obvious. He’s distant, she’s jealous, it will make sense when it happens. Though I don’t remember them being found out by that servant girl, who tells Cersei what’s going on. How will that play into things? Is that how Tywin finds out about her?

- How long will it take for Jaime to get his sword mojo back? Two and a half books later, and he’s just barely starting to be able to wield a sword again. Will he really be out of combat commission for that long, or will they allow him to recover more quickly?

- I’m glad the book isn’t ignoring details like Dontos or the City Watch guy becoming a Crow. It would be easy to simply forget stuff like that, but detail is important.

two swords4

- I don’t think Dorne has really been set up too well to this point. I have to imagine show-only-watchers don’t have any idea where Dorne is and who the Martells are. Though to be fair, when we do go to Dorne later in the books, it’s one of the worst sub-plots, right alongside the Iron Islands. Speaking of, where is Reek and the Bastard of Bolton?

- I expect to see relatively little of Bran this season. We’ll meet Coldhands, but Bran’s story is just not that interesting, and I don’t think we’ll see him more than a handful of times.

- I wonder how Ygrette’s death will be handled. It seemed like something of an anti-climax in the book, though now the show is actually giving the Wildling her own segments. Perhaps it’s so the audience gets more attached to her.

- Who gets the other sword? I can’t recall.

- What were Cersei’s “symptoms” that Qyburn was referencing? I honestly can’t remember what that’s about.

- Last season I had JUST read all the books so everything was fresh, but now my knowledge will be a bit more hazy as I’m further away. Apologies if I say anything stupid as a result, and feel free to correct me. Please tag comments with “BOOK SPOILERS” if they apply.

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Apr 07 2014

Get Your Couch-Shaped Ass in Shape With TV/Movie/Video Game Themed Workouts

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Fitness blogger Neila Rey has crafted a series of “visual” workouts meant to get the attention of the (often overweight) geek community. He’s gone through and made a huge number of workouts based on various staples of geek pop culture, from superheroes to video games to movies. Often they don’t seem like they make all that much sense, but on his site he has more detailed descriptions about each one, and explains the tie-ins.

For example, the “Aquaman” workout works muscles that have to do with swimming (which is like, all of them). The Hunger Games workout focuses on agility, being able to bound through a forest in fear of your life. 300′s is pretty ab-centric, obvious to anyone who has seen the film.

It’s a neat idea, and if you do any of this shit enough, it’s going to be pretty hard. Check out the HUGE number of workouts below, and head to his site if you want to actually understand the “lore” behind them. Continue Reading »

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Apr 04 2014

Downton Abbey Withdrawal? Watch Forsyte Saga on Netflix

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As a Downton Abbey reviewer, there’s been a Maggie Smith sized hole in my heart since the last episode.  Where was I supposed to go for the understated quip? Who was going to fend off handsome suitors and roll around with pigs?  Would anyone ever be as stupid as Robert Crawley?  I took to Netflix to try and find a suitable British replacement and Forsyte Saga did not disappointment.  For all the anglophiles out there in need of a good costume drama, I give you the reasons to check it out: Continue Reading »

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Apr 04 2014

Have Your Grave Guarded by a Gundam

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I’ll give you one guess as to what country this giant Gundam tombstone exists. One guess.

This photo came to light in an internet forum conversation where fans were discussion what would happen when various anime superfans would start to die out:

“One particular use of the Gundam grave photo came when a netizen mused that in 30 years when fans of the original series start dying off, you’ll be bound to see Gundamthemed graves turning up everywhere. Someone answered by posting the top photo to everyone’s amazement. Another reader commented “in 40 years the Gundam era of anime’s fans will die off, 50 years later the Evangelion era’s will perish, and in 60 years we will see the demise of K-On! fans.”

Google maps has proved that this is an actual thing and not a clever bit of photoshop. Hey, if people can have giant angels watching over them, why not Gundams? I can support that.

[via GeeksAreSexy]

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Apr 03 2014

Teen Titans Go! is Cooler Than You.

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Teen Titans

Now here’s a show that I expected to hate. That I had every reason to hate. That I actively wanted to hate.  But every once in a while, a new twist on an old property surpasses all expectations and brings something really new and unexpected into your life. Teen Titans Go! has gradually become one of those shows for me.

Cartoon Network’s DC Nation block has had a bumpy ride for reasons that don’t seem to be clear. Chalk it up to more general DC WTF-ness, I guess. What the hell is going on with that company, anyways? DC Nation was a pairing of two shows based on DC comics mixed with stylish comedic shorts from various creators. It was a pretty great formula.

The inaugural shows were Young Justice and Green Lantern, both of which were pretty amazing. Teen Titans Go! were among the weaker weekly shorts that aired during the block. An amusing homage to the divisive cartoon, but nothing to write home about. Fans were not pleased when the two beloved shows were suddenly canceled and word had it that Teen Titans Go! was being promoted from shorts to full series to join the CG animated Beware the Batman, in which Alfred was a gun-toting football hooligan and Katana was now the sidekick. Who would do such a thing?

The original mid-00’s Teen Titans cartoon was a divisive experiment in style. Breaking from the DC Animated Universe formula that yielded classic series after classic series, it added an extra layer of cartooniness and featured heavy anime comedy influences, plus it significantly altered the personalities of many of the characters, making them almost unrecognizable from their comic book counterparts. Continue Reading »

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Apr 02 2014

A Girl and Her Alien

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Some rather fantastic realistic Disney art from Heather Theurer shows Lilo as a real girl and Stitch as well…he’s still an alien, but slightly less two dimensional. It’s out ET for the modern era, although I suppose since the movie came out in 2002, it’s not quite modern any more. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a live action adaptation of it yet with Andy Serkis as a CGI Stitch.

[via Geek-Art]

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Apr 02 2014

Calculate the (Disturbing) Amount of Time You’ve Spent Watching TV

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breaking bad new5

There’s a rather slick website called “” which uses an easy interface to calculate the amount of time you’ve spent watching a TV show, or multiple TV shows added together. You simply type in the name of the show, and the number of seasons you watched, and through some sort of database (IMDB?) it goes through taking into account the episode # and length to come up with a figure.

It aggregates too, so once you start, you can keep adding shows until you hit a big total. I kept adding shows until I reached about 100 days, then I just started getting depressed so I stopped. Turns out I spent over a solid week watching ten seasons of Smallville alone. Yeeesh.

See your own results here.

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Mar 31 2014

The Walking Dead Review: “A”

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Two plotlines became quick and bloody during last night’s finale, one ending and another beginning. As expected, Daryl’s new posse of bandit rapists caught up to Rick, Michonne and Carl and proved that yes, they were indeed bandit rapists.

As soon as I saw the odds, that it was the show’s three biggest badasses (and Carl, but he’s not so bad himself these days) against “only” five guys, it was clear what was going to happen. Rick specifically displayed brutality that we’ve never seen from him on that level before, pulling a Jack Bauer and ripping out Joe’s carotid artery with his teeth. After that, it was all downhill for the bandits, with Rick saving the worst for the leering creep who was about to try and rape Carl.

They got exactly what was coming to them, though I am surprised that wrapped up so abruptly and relatively neatly. I think Daryl sort of got off easy with Rick in terms of palling around with those guys, and it’s hard to know what Carl is even thinking these days. Kid has to be so messed up now, nothing phases him, though almost getting raped was cause for his head on Michonne’s lap in this case, which you can hardly blame him for.

The entire evening was interspersed with flashbacks of Herschel’s (wrong) advice that Rick could totally just be a peaceful gardener and teach his son to be the same. I’m not sure we needed an outright onscreen reminder of how much things had dissolved since the prison, but it was nice to see Herschel again at least. Though nothing is more forced than a scene where Walking Dead actors are forced to laugh after years of scowling and screaming. Continue Reading »

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Mar 28 2014

Frank Underwood Comes to Westeros

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I may have linked to this already, but it’s worth featuring in full all the same. In “House of Thrones,” Frank Underwood does his best to manipulate his way to the throne.

While the concept is humorous, the best part of the video is the absolutely spot-on impression of Spacey’s Underwood. Like, seriously perfectly, and he even looks a little bit like a younger version of him as well.

In reality, Westeros really has its own Frank Underwood, Petyr Baelish. We’ve seen glimpses of that in the show so far, but trust me, it only gets more intense from there.

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