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May 06 2014

A Pack of Disney Tarot Cards

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Every wanted to learn when you were going to die, but have cute Disney characters break the news? Well, then this Disney Tarot deck might be for you.

It was created by DeviantArtist Dmorte, and has over twenty cards featuring most of the cards found in a traditional Tarot deck. At least I think so. I’ve never been to any old gypsy women so I can’t say for sure.

In any case, the series is rather fantastic, and I invite you to check out its full scope below: Continue Reading »

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Apr 29 2014

Poptimus Prime: Rejected Transformer

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Poptimus Prime here isn’t just the world’s most vulnerable Transformer, rejected from Michael Bay movies because the first helicopter explosion would shred him from head to toe. He’s also probably a world record, set by John Reid. Poptimus (I don’t know if that’s its actual name, but I don’t know how it could not be), is made up of 5,300 balloons and stands 50 feet tall. It’s supposed to be the largest balloon structure ever made by a single person.

Guinness hasn’t recognized the achievement yet, but who cares? Being internet famous is better than having Guinness Records these days anyway. 42 hours well spent, John.

[via Neatorama]

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Apr 17 2014

5 Pieces Of Pop Culture I’m Embarrassed To Like (But Still Do)

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Everyone has their guilty pleasures.  If you love fiction as much as I do, it’s almost inevitable that along the way you’re going to fall for some real clunkers.  When a TV show does one thing right, when it captures your interest in the way that makes your socks roll up and down, you’ll overlook some pretty horrendous flaws.  Looking at you, Heroes.

Sometimes it goes beyond that, though.  Sometimes you like a show, a movie, a band, a book series, or a video game for no earthly reason… or at least no reason that you’ll admit to yourself.  Come journey into the depths of masochism with me as I examine one item from each category that I’d never admit I actually liked to my friends in a bar, even if they were shoving bamboo into my fingernails, yet will happily disclose to everyone on the internet for some reason.  (The reason is comedy.)

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Apr 03 2014

The Fascinating Statistics Of Fanfiction

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fan fiction

Fanfiction is like sashimi.  In theory, the idea is kind of revolting, but in the hands of someone who knows what she’s doing, it can be surprising and wonderful in all kinds of ways.

I’m pretty proud of that analogy.  I’m also not NOT proud that I occasionally delve into reading fanfiction.  It’s a new thing for me, and I admit, I had no idea what it was about as little as a year ago and pretty much wrote it off as hackneyed, cliche, thinly-veiled sexual fantasies scribbled by people of limited imagination and limitless fetishes.  I really couldn’t have been more wrong, though.  Sure, the vast majority of it falls into at least one of those categories, and just by virtue of that fact that there’s no “quality moat” to publication, the ratio of absolute crap to everything else is a lot higher than it is with original (published) fiction, BUT…

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Mar 25 2014

Fair and Balanced: Now Men Can Go Swimming as R2-D2 Too

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Take THAT ladies. Here you thought you had the monopoly on sexy R2-D2 swimsuits, just because the original Black Milk one-piece is probably the most iconic geeky bathing suit ever made.

Well now thanks to equality, men can get in on the droid pool action too. This new suit from (ugh) Hot Topic allows guys to beep and boop in the sun for only $22.  I doubt the internet with subsequently assemble a gallery of sexy guys wearing the suit like they did with the other one, however.

I really hope they make a full C-3PO wetsuit next.

[via Geekologie]

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Mar 24 2014

A Hilarious Bit of Irony With Louis CK and Bradley Cooper

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Honestly, I’m not sure how to describe this video other than to tell you to watch it. It’s probably one of the greatest coincidences in Hollywood history, however small it may be.

The first clip is funny by itself just because Louis CK is great.

The second is amazing to counteract the point being made.

The third is icing on the cake and what takes the video from hilarious to “I f***ing can’t believe this worked out like this.”

Just watch.

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Feb 28 2014

A Fun Trip to the Art Museum

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This isn’t quite our usual fare, but I’ve gone to an unexpectedly large amount of art galleries recently (I’m so cultured) so I thought this was pretty funny.

It’s a kids book satirizing a trip to a gallery, based on the British Ladybird book line from half a century ago. From the author:

“I thought it would be humorous to see Mummy, Peter and Jane going to a really nihilistic modern art exhibition”, she says. Among the works confronted by the trio on their cultural outing are pastiches of Emin, Creed and Koons, through which they learn about sex, death, nothingness “and all of the debilitating, middle-class self-hatred contained in the artworks.”

More below via Neatorama. Check them out. Continue Reading »

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Feb 25 2014

Mind-Trip of the Week: The Andy’s Mom Theory

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Welcome to the second ever installment of “mind-trip of the week,” brought to you by the guy responsible for the first installment. Yes, that’s right, you all remember the Grand Unified Pixar Thoery, right? Well, now the author is back with yet another bit of Pixar conspiracy theory, this time focusing on Andy’s mom from Toy Story.

It’s not quite as epic in scope as his last theory, but it’s one I find a lot more plausible: Andy’s Mom is the Emily who discarded Jesse years earlier.

The theory is mostly hat-based.

“As you can see, Andy’s hat is noticeably different from Woody’s. Why is this? Why wouldn’t Andy want to wear a hat that closely resembles the one worn by his favorite toy?”

The idea is that his hat is his mom’s hat, Jesse’s hat, which she had when she was a girl, and the theory expands from there. By the end, I’m convinced, and you really have to give the whole thing a read for yourself.

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Feb 12 2014

A Victorian Velociraptor

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From Artist Adam Muzur we have a new classic for our era, “Victorian Velociraptor with Violets.” I will start the bidding at five million dollars.

[via io9]

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Feb 10 2014

Human Type Face is as Creepy as You’d Imagine

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Ready to be exceptionally uncomfortable for reasons you can’t quite put into words? Well, check out this gallery of a human-styled font, complete with skin, hair and eyes, thanks to the magic of computer animation.

The font was created by JC Debroize for Kerozen, a graphic design firm. I don’t think he did the full alphabet, just enough letters to spell “KEROZEN,” but that’s more than enough for me. Check out the full word and the individual letters below. Someone please make this into the most off-putting animated movie of all time. Continue Reading »

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Jan 24 2014

Disney Princesses as Gargoyles Because Why the Hell Not?

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We may run out of things for Disney Princesses to be made over as someday, but today is not that day. Artist Brianna Garcia has combined the girls with yet another Disney franchise, albeit a long-dead one, Gargoyles. Yes, it’s exactly as weird as it sounds, yet sort of amazing at the same time.

In addition to Jasmine above, there’s a version of Ariel, Aurora, Rapunzel and Snow White below. Is Aurora really even a real princess? Whose favorite Disney movie is Sleeping Beauty? She’s in a coma the whole time.

Check out the full collection below:





[via NerdApproved]

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