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Dec 10 2013

Firefly Living On as a Comic: Here’s the Plot

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firefly next

It’s become fairly obvious that even in this age of kickstarted Veronica Mars movies and Netflix resurrected Arrested Development, one beloved fan favorite isn’t going to be coming back, Firefly. It’s cast and creator are just too famous, and subsequently too busy to get the gang back together in any coherent manner. Try to work around this and you get Arrested Development season four where you’re lucky if two actors were even in the same room at the same time, or appeared in more than three episodes each.

But now, Firefly will live on in the form of a new Dark Horse comic. Here’s the story:

“It has been around nine months since the conclusion of “Serenity.” A lot has changed and a lot has stayed the same. The discovery that Mal and his crew shared with the ‘verse — that the inhabitants of the planet Miranda were killed or driven mad by an Alliance experiment — has opened some eyes and created some new allies, but it hasn’t deterred any of their pursuers. If anything, it has made them more relentless. Serenity is hiding out in lesser-known corners of the ‘verse, trying to keep a low profile. As you will see early on, that’s easier said than done. Mal and his crew will be forced to face their enemies head on — some familiar, some new…This comic is shaping up to be, in many ways, a departure from the sometimes light-hearted series.”

Also, Jayne is missing, River is slightly less crazy and Zoe is pregnant. I forgot that we’re actually living with the idea that Wash died. I thought we all just agreed that didn’t happen.

Is it cool for Firefly to live on as a comic, or should it just return as a TV show or not at all?

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Nov 14 2013

We’re Out of Luck if George RR Martin Dies Before Finishing A Song of Ice and Fire

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2011 Winter TCA Tour - Day 3

There are two factors that worry fans of George RR Martin and his Song of Ice and Fire series. One, he takes forever to write the books. Second, at age 65, he’s not exactly the picture of health and fitness. It would be sad enough if he died for obvious reasons, but even sadder if he did so before finishing his beloved fantasy series. And he wouldn’t let anyone step in and finish it, according to a recent interview.

“I don’t think my wife, if she survives me, will allow that [others writing in Westeros] either. But one thing that history has shown us is eventually these literary rights pass to grandchildren or collateral descendents, or people who didn’t actually know the writer and don’t care about his wishes. It’s just a cash cow to them. And then we get abominations to my mind like Scarlett, the Gone with the Wind sequel.”

I can understand not trusting another writer with your series. As painful as it would be, it would probably be better to let it be a mystery than have it keep going. I do remember him saying that he told the creators of HBO’s Game of Thrones how the series is supposed to end in case he dies.

He goes on to talk about how he likes what the Tolkein estate did with his work:

“I’ve always admired [J.R.R.] Tolkien and his immense influence on fantasy. [And] although I’ve never met the man, I admire Christopher Tolkien, his son, who has been the guardian of Tolkien’s estate who has never allowed that. I’m sure there are publishers waiting in the wings with giant bags of money just waiting for someone to say ‘yes, go ahead, let’s write Sauron Strikes Back’.”

Write fast George, please. Also eat healthy and exercise. We love you.

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Nov 07 2013

Blockbuster Fully Dead At Last

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It’s the end of an era. After years of getting absolutely demolished by Netflix, Blockbuster is finally closing down its 300 remaining stores and mail-in DVD business. In short, it’s dead. All the way dead.

I know that Blockbuster has become something of a running joke in recent years without immediately it was antiquated by Netflix, but I’m still sort of sad to see it go. This generation of kids will never know what it’s like to go to the video store, walk up and down the aisles and read the back of boxes to figure out which movie you wanted to see. There was heartbreak when they were out of a new release you wanted, and elation if you managed to snag the last copy.

Sure, it’s relic, and they could have taken a lot more steps to try and be a competitor to Netflix, but they barely got into DVD mailing, and almost never even put a toe into streaming movies. They seemed set in their ways, and it killed them, much like other physical media stores these days. I wouldn’t be surprised if in five years I’m writing a post like this about Gamestop, but they seem to have sold their soul in order to keep thriving in an increasingly digital industry.

Goodbye Blockbuster, I haven’t missed you lately, but you were a big part of my childhood nonetheless.

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Nov 05 2013

Unreality is Looking for Writers!

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Recently we’ve lost two of our favorite writers, Sara Clemens and Joy Bossardet, as they move on to pursue kicking ass in other areas of life. Now, we have some weekly column spots open for new aspiring writers to scoop up.

What we’re looking for are writers who are passionate about movies, TV, video games, comics or some combination of all of them, and can commit to a weekly column dedicated to one or more of those topics. To apply, please write a sample post, be it a list, editorial, review, whatever, and send it over to me at paultassi(at) You can include links to existing work you have elsewhere on the net.

I’ve issued open casting calls like this before, so feel free to reapply if you have already in the past. Always looking for growth. Send your entries in over the course of the next week, and I’ll take a look and get back to you. Thanks! Looking forward to reading your work.

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Nov 05 2013

The Winner (and Runners Up) of Unreality’s 2013 Halloween Costume Contest!

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Halloween 10

Halloween is over, and so is our annual costume contest. Congratulations to David Smith for winning with his terrifying, amazing, completely homemade chestburster/facehugger costume ensemble. Literally the only way it could be better is if he had someone follow him around all night dressed as a Xenomorph to complete the evolutionary chain.

But he wasn’t the only great costume that we had submitted. I’ve included some of my other favorites below, including 2nd and 3rd place. Check out the full gallery for yourself, and don’t forget to enter next year! Continue Reading »

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Nov 01 2013

Reminder: Send Me Your Costumes!

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You! Send! Now!

Just a friendly reminder that now that Halloween is over, you need to send me your costume submissions! You can win a video game of your choice if you happen to be the best costume in our third annual contest. Just send them into me at paultassi(at), and you have until the weekend. Winners will probably be announced Tuesday.

We’ve gotten some great submissions so far, but I know there are even more of you out there. Looking forward to seeing what you’ve done! Lord knows you can beat my Mario (but not my wife’s Peach).

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Oct 29 2013

Unreality’s 3rd Annual Halloween Costume Contest!

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Halloween is just two days away, can you believe it? Well, it’s entirely possible that you celebrated this previous weekend, as the holiday is on an inconvenient Thursday. But no matter what the case, I want to see your costumes, and you can win stuff.

Whether you’ve worn them already or are about to wear them this week, send your best costumes to me at The winner will get his or her choice of a video game for any system ($60 max value), and will be featured as the best costume here on the site. But even runners up will show up in the gallery post featuring your submissions, so don’t worry about being the best necessarily. Just send it in!

I see about a trillion Halloween costumes on the internet every day, so you won’t fool me with something you pull off Reddit or Tumblr (like above, which is awesome). Make sure you’re sending in your own costumes, or those of your friends and family please. Rule breakers have to buy ME a video game.

I really, really look forward to seeing what you guys have in store, and this probably my favorite site contest of the year.  See the results of the last two years here and here. Contest will end this upcoming Sunday, which should give you plenty of time to get pictures together. Can’t wait, and I’ll have my own to share soon enough…

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Oct 10 2013

The Exiled Earthborn, 2nd Edition: Now with Less Typos

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Yeah, yeah, I know, shameless self-promotion, but that’s the sort of thing you get to do when you run a site, so bear with me here. As most regular readers know, I’ve been attempting to write a sci-fi novel series over the past few years, and I’m now done with two out of three books. The first was the post-apocalyptic The Last Exodus, and the sequel, published this summer, was The Exiled Earthborn. Both have been well received by many of you guys, and it warms my heart every time I get a new review.

The main problem with self-publishing books is that you don’t get your own copy editor. As a result, I read through my last book at least a dozen times, even reading it out loud to try and catch typos. But even then, and even after having friends and family read, you still miss some.

Well, I bought The Exiled Earthborn for Kindle, and recently did yet another read through. The change in format allowed me to catch a lot more typos that were hiding when I was reading on my computer screen, and I’ve uploaded an entirely new draft of the book online. I figured this was as good a time as any to suggest that some of you may want to try the sequel if you read the first book, or give the whole series a go. I don’t really care about the money, which is why both books are priced at $1.99, I really just want people to read them.

I’m about 25% of the way through the third book, so unlike George RR Martin, I’m planning to finish the series in a timely manner. But also unlike George RR Martin, I don’t have millions of fans and his books are way better than mine. But I do like my series, especially this second book, and I’d love for you to give them a read and let me know what you think. Okay, now we return to our regularly scheduled programming.

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Sep 19 2013

“The Final Girls” is the Coolest Show Concept I’ve Heard in a While

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I came across this description for an upcoming cable show yesterday, and damn, does it sound like a good idea. It’s called “The Final Girls,” and is being put together by Jamie Lee Curtis.

“[The] drama revolves around a group of girls who have, in essence, survived their own personal horror stories and are brought together by a mysterious older woman (Curtis) to channel the stress and scars of their experience for some greater good.”

In case you still don’t get it, “The Final Girls” is referring to the one girl left alive at the end of every horror movie, you know, the one that gets to come back for three or four or nine sequels after? Jamie Lee Curtis was one of the original Final Girls, and I wonder if she’ll be playing her Halloween character.

My only concern that this is on ABC Family, the network of Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game, etc. Not that those are bad shows, but I’m guessing it just won’t have the tone I’m looking for. We’ll see, however. The idea itself might be too good to pass up, no matter what channel it’s on.

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Sep 18 2013

Ben Affleck Finally Talks About Being Batman

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At long last, Ben Affleck finally broke his silence on being Batman on Jimmy Fallon this week. Video here, but more easily, a transcription is below via UnleashtheFanboy.

“It’s so awesome. I’m so excited. They called me up and asked me if I wanted to do this. And I thought I’m not 25 man, are you sure about this. And they said “come down we wanna show you what we’re doing”. Zack Snyder’s directing it and he has this amazing vision. Obviously you can’t do what Christian Bale did, those movies were amazing. But Zack wants to something different but in keeping with that.

And I thought this was a brilliant way to do this. I know how to hook into this. And I said “I wanna do this”. The people from the studio were so excited and they said “Listen, we want to talk to you. People go through this process and it can be trying. We want to show you some of the reactions that past cast members received on the internet.” So they send me info, and people (on the internet) were like “Kill him!”. And he was amazing!!! You can’t say anything before the movie comes out. It doesn’t matter what you think before, it matters what you think after the movie comes out.

But I thought “I’m a big boy. I can handle any snub. I can handle anything”. They said don’t use the internet for a few days, but I handle my shit. So I went to the announcement and looked at the first comment and it says “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”. And I was done! We’re going to be Luddites for a while.

Part of it is when you see the material, when you see the takes, it’s hard to describe without giving it away. But I feel like I have a lot of opportunities.”

So there you have it, even Ben Affleck isn’t immune to the giant tidal wave of hate the internet can produce. I’m guessing that the “past cast members” referred to means everyone bashing Heath Ledger when he was casted as the Joker, but I think it’s kind of a false equivalency to compare EVERY new casting complaint to him. I don’t know what Affleck will do with Batman, but I do think he’s a bit too “known” for the role, and will just act too much like Ben Affleck, as opposed to Heath acting nothing like Heath. But we’ll see, I guess.

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Sep 13 2013

JK Rowling Writing a Harry Potter Spin-Off Movie?

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Well I guess JK Rowling has gotten bored writing books that aren’t Harry Potter-related (crime, yawn), so she’s heading back to the wizarding world to adapt a Potter spin-off book she’s already written.

She’s going to turn “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” into a movie for Warner Bros. She wrote the title under the pseudonym “Newt Scamander,” and he’s the star of the story, which is set 70 years before the events of Harry Potter. Here’s what Rowling had to say about the project:

“Although it will be set in the worldwide community of witches and wizards where I was so happy for seventeen years, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is neither a prequel nor a sequel to the Harry Potter series, but an extension of the wizarding world,” said Rowling. “The laws and customs of the hidden magical society will be familiar to anyone who has read the Harry Potter books or seen the films, but Newt’s story will start in New York, seventy years before Harry’s gets underway.”

I’m guessing he won’t STAY in New York, as how many beasts are there really hidden there, but it’s a far cry from the English setting of the other films to be sure. So it’s set in the Harry Potter world, just with none of the characters we like because none of them have even been born yet. Perhaps we’ll get a sneak peak at toddler Dumbledore, but that’s probably about it.

I don’t know, more Harry Potter is good, even if it’s lacking Harry Potter. More pressingly, it’s lacking Hermione, which is obviously the bigger tragedy.

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