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Sep 12 2014

The Betrayal of Kong

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You kind of have to have seen Dawn of the Planet of the Apes to get this joke, but given that the movie made like five hundred gazillion dollars worldwide on the back of stellar reviews, I’m guessing that’s probably likely.

In this case, rather that trying to figure out if it was a man or monkey who shot a gun, it’s Cesar investigating death-by-barrel of a certain famed plumber/jumping enthusiast. Artist is Glen Brogan. Good show, my friend.

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Sep 12 2014

This Week In Movie Trailers!

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Sorry everyone, I’ll go ahead and apologize for the lack of trailers this week. For whatever reason all I could come across were a bunch of “international” trailers and a few miscellaneous ones that don’t seem to have big names attached to them. Not that those trailers are bad, but Summer has come to an end and Fall is upon us. That means the time of the blockbusters and pop corn flicks has come and gone. Now we can look forward to horror movies a plenty while we sit back and wait for Oscar season.

Let’s do this.

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Sep 12 2014

When Frozen Meets Pokemon

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It wouldn’t be a day at Unreality without some Disney or Pokemon crossover art, so why not both? Here, artist Isaiah Stephens has the characters of Frozen delve into the world of Pokemon training. The results? pretty damn cool.

Elsa, Kristoff, Anna and Hans all have their different specialties. Obviously Elsa is going to be ice, but Hans is poison because he’s EVILLLL. And Anna has a Venusaur because Anna is totally the Venusaur of that movie. Anyone who play Red/Blue should know what I mean.

Check out the other three below for yourself: Continue Reading »

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Sep 12 2014

The Implications of Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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by Brian Hadsell


I’ll admit it.  I was completely blindsided by this, too focused on the September 9th release date to see what was really going on with it.  Before I knew what was happening, I had bought it, watched it and reviewed it.  Then came Thursday, and I realized that this was no coincidence.  You don’t release a movie whose hero literally wears the American flag as a uniform this close to September 11th without making a political statement.  But when you stop and think about it – and I mean really think about it – it’s probably not the statement that you’d expect it to be.

Captain Rogers has been busy since the Avengers saved New York from the Chitauri invasion.  He’s been working as a covert S.H.I.E.L.D. operative with Black Widow, leading the agency’s counter-terrorism strike force and making the world a safer place for democracy.  But when Nick Fury stumbles upon a secret that could shake the world to its foundations, he’s assassinated for it.  Now Steve and Natasha are on the run from both S.H.I.E.L.D. and a cybernetic assassin known only as The Winter Soldier as they attempt to solve a mystery that’s sixty-eight years in the making. Continue Reading »

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Sep 11 2014

When Disney Meets Avatar

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No not THAT Avatar, the other, cooler one. With elemental superpowers and a ridiculously good story better than almost anything else on TV. That one.

In any case, I can’t get over how massive this project is from artist Robby Cook. When people do Disney crossover art, they usually pick the six most popular princesses and stop there. Robby has gone full-roster here and has 23 different images in the gallery.

Check it out below and see which bending (or non-bending) tribes your favorite characters fall into. Lord knows they’re all here. Continue Reading »

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Sep 11 2014

Berserk: Still the Dark Fantasy Anime of Choice

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Have the Game of Thrones off-season blues got you down? Do you love your sex, violence, political intrigue, deception, seduction, and tales of comradery, ambition, and brotherhood with horror elements all trussed up in an epic medieval fantasy story about mercenaries making their own destinies in a hostile world where they can’t trust anything but their own blade? If so, consider going Berserk.

This series and I go a long way back. The original anime adaptation of the popular manga aired in 1997 and inevitably found its way to my DVD player. At the time, there was nothing else like it. It was like the fantasy series I always wanted but had never found; something that treated the genre as adult entertainment, taking place in a world that is corrupt at its very core and never shying away from the horrors of violence or the deceitfulness of human nature. Berserk was almost like a more linear and action-oriented anime equivalent of George R.R. Martin’s work years before it ever found its way to television.

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Sep 11 2014

Behold, Our Latest Batmo-tank

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Somewhere along the line, we decided that it wasn’t cool enough for Batman to just have a cool car with fins and a jet engine. He has to have a militarized quasi-tank in order to truly be cool. Above is the new design for the latest Batmobile, which is actually a slightly less tanky version than Nolan’s, but not by much. Also, it has a machine gun turret.

I love how the number one thing about Batman is that he refuses to use guns, but put him in a car and he can’t still shooting missiles and bullets all of a sudden. Unless those are pumping out rubber bullets or tear gas or something.

What do you think of it?

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Sep 10 2014

(Unfortunately Fake) Cornetto Trilogy Toys

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Artist Kibooki has crafted some unbelievably cool Cornetto trilogy toys that are in fact, unbelievable. As in, they’re not real, unfortunately. But they’re still cool to look at regardless, and you should definitely check out the other two below.

I really think that I should check out The World’s End again, as I feel that there’s a lot in that movie I missed the first time around, and I didn’t give it a fair shake. Also, I’ve seen Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz about ten times each, so I think the scales are a little bit unbalance. Continue Reading »

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Sep 10 2014

A Pair of Kubrick Tributes

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Artist Rhys Cooper is back with two more of his “long” art pieces, this time with a pair paying tribute to the master, Stanley Kubrick. The Shining is left out, but other famed features A Clockwork Orange and 2001: A Space Odyssey get their due.

They are part of an art tribute show to Stanley Kubrick, which took place this past weekend in San Francisco, which is where everything cool happens that I don’t get to go to. As always, you should check out more of Cooper’s banner art here, as he’s got some amazing stuff.

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Sep 10 2014

Ten of the Laziest and Least-Inspired Alien Designs

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Designing an alien is a tricky business. On the one hand, you want to unhinge your imagination and craft something that is truly foreign and unexpected. On the other hand, if you make the design too damn weird then people will be scratching their heads and wondering what the hell you were thinking.

A good movie alien takes balance – some familiar features but mixed in a novel way and with a little bit of wild card ideas thrown in. These design principles gave us awesome aliens like E.T., Yoda, and the Xenomorphs.

Coming up with these sorts of ideas takes creativity, planning, and effort. Here are some the designs that instead decided, “eh, f*** it.” Continue Reading »

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Sep 09 2014

Cosplay of the Day: ROOF-FIE-AAAAAA!

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Why yes, I do sort of just add an “a” to everything when it comes to crossplay, and today is no exception. This is Rufio turned Rufia by RedStarCosplay who has clearly done a fantastic job with the concept. It’s tempting me to go back and watch Hook, but I think Robin Williams would make me too sad.

Check out more pictures in this series here, where sadly she does not end up butchering Captain Hook with that mean-looking sword.

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