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Jul 22 2014

The League of Extraordinary Americans


Imagine if a librarian from the Victorian era created the Justice League.

Might not sound incredibly thrilling but in 1999 comics legend Alan Moore made the concept not just work but rock in his miniseries The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Featuring a slew of characters from every corner of Victorian literature, the LOEG was a rollicking, partially demented adventure that made you wish you were a bit more well-read.

Being a proper Englishman, though, Moore of course used (mostly) characters from his home and native land. Being a young American reader I thrilled at the brief Tralfamadorian cameo and the Who Dat Ninja poster in the background, but, for the most part, the USA was MIA throughout the League’s various goings-on.

Today, though, I’m gonna get patriotic and ‘MERICA the crap outta the limey League and present the League of Extraordinary AMERICANS, using ONLY American created characters and concepts. Am I being a rampant, red-white-and-blue-tinted glasses-wearing Nationalist? You bet. But hey, at least I’m not shoe-horning in…ugh…Tom Sawyer to appeal to Americans.

Ready? For the stars and bars! Continue Reading »

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Jul 22 2014

It Should Be A Movie By Now: Silverhawks

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What would you get if you mixed some flying birds, Daft Punk and the Thundercats together? I can’t go another week mentioning shows that have gone by the way side that should’ve been movies by now without saying something about the Silverhawks. Yeah, that was me slapping a childhood memory out from the cobwebs of your brain!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve brought this show up in the past and no one has a clue what I’m even talking about. Silverhawks is not that old, yet is typically not remembered by my generation until you show them a toy. Continue Reading »

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Jul 21 2014

Disney Princesses Go to War

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Robot Chicken ventured into Unreality territory with a segment on the Disney princesses going to war with one another. Their picture perfect dynamic changes when Brave’s Merida shows up with her bear of a mother (“the trailer was very misleading!”) and the princesses split and head to battle with one another.

I really do need to watch Robot Chicken more, as I definitely spent a solid hour an YouTube playing random clips after I watched this. It’s been far too long.

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Jul 21 2014

5 Movies That Make Your Family Seem Normal

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Chances are, your family isn’t that normal. I only say this because no one has a normal family. The Brady Bunch ideal is all but dead in America, and pretty much everyone has one slightly creepy or always drunk uncle. Sometimes you may look around at your family and think to yourself you landed in the strangest, most dysfunctional pod of people on Earth. Honestly, there is truth to that and exaggeration in that. The truth is, dysfunctional is the new normal, and these five movies will prove to you just how far from abnormal your family really is. So the next time you are thinking to yourself how insane your family is, watch any of these five movies and you will realize you actually have it pretty good. Your family is probably normal by comparison. Continue Reading »

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Jul 18 2014

This Week In Movie Trailers!

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Well, if you ask me this was quite the slow week for movie trailers. Maybe that is due largely in part to the fact that all the films coming out this coming weekend are 45% or less on the RT scale …? Production companies know when other movies suck and don’t want to attach what might be a seemingly great trailer to something no one is going to see.

Let’s do this.

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Jul 17 2014

5 Movies That Begin At The Ending

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Some twist endings are satisfying, and some aren’t.  But some make you want to watch the whole movie over again with a new perspective.

Finding out that, “Luke, I am your father!” is a pretty cool twist.  It’s become such a huge part of the zeitgeist that it’s hard to remember that when you watched Star Wars for the first time at age 11, that moment blew your freaking mind.  But as cool as it was, it’s not something that immediately makes you reconsider everything you’ve watched up to that point.  It’s not something that makes you want to stop the movie, rewind it, and begin again at the beginning.

Here are 10 movies that don’t truly start until the twist is revealed and your perceptions are shattered, movies that almost demand a rewatch.

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Jul 16 2014

Why Haven’t You Seen It: I Melt With You

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I am going to start this article by saying you have to be a somewhat older guy who has made a myriad of poor life choices to really enjoy this movie. That is not totally true, but boy, does it help. You also have to be, um, prepared to walk away from it a little messed up. I Melt With You is a story about old friends drifting apart and growing into adults they swore they would never be when they were kids. This is the sequel to Stand By Me you never wanted, but never knew you needed. It is about how scary failures can be, and how strong a promise can remain between people who love each other, even decades later. Oh, and it might be one of the most depressing movies I have ever seen. But I am not like most people. That didn’t make it a “bad” film to me. Quite the opposite, really. In some sad and scary ways, I related to these guys.

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Jul 16 2014

Five Underrated Van Damme Kick Flicks

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America might be feeling a bit hostile towards Belgium after they knocked us out of the World Cup, but never forget that besides waffles, fries, and damn good beer, they also offer one of America’s highest-demand imports: graceful, fully-extended flying kicks to the face.

Since appearing as an extra in the 1984 flop exploitation film, Breakin’, Jean-Calude Van Damme has been serving up heaping helpings of heels right to bad guys’ domes with elegant precision. He caught his big break with Bloodsport, and he had everyone thinking he would soon be the next Schwarzenegger.

However, after a string of literally kickass 90s action titles, he had a bright career ruined by the a stinking mound of feces so bountiful that it would impress even Jeff Goldblum. Street Fighter left such a bad taste in everyone’s mouth that it was rushed out of box offices after two weekends and even caused Raul Julia to give up his acting career. Yes, that was a tasteless joke.

But was Van Damme really that unmarketable? Was it fair for studios to give up on him whenever they continued to let Keanu Reeves look confused in front of the camera? Is JCVD’s only current marketable skill doing splits on Volvo semi-trucks? I think not, and here’s five movies to justify why… Continue Reading »

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Jul 16 2014

Dawn of the Apes Concept Art

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What’s that? The movie is “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” you say? Yeah, I know, but like Rise of the Apes before it, I refuse to address a movie with a title that has more than one “of the” in it. Really, we couldn’t have figured out “Rise of the Apes” was tied to Planet of the Apes if “Planet of the” wasn’t specifically in there? Sigh.

Anyway, this is some rather cool concept art from the new film by Jerad Marantz. In it, we see that once upon a time, the idea was to have the apes start to actually wear clothing to become more and more human-like. That obviously didn’t translate to the final film, as the apes wore nothing past warpaint, but I have to imagine that in the inevitable third film, they might start wearing clothes to hide their ape-shame. More pictures below: Continue Reading »

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Jul 15 2014

Debate of the Day: Dawn of Justice

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Christ, I still can’t get over how awful that Batman vs. Superman subtitle is.

Well, at this point we know that the movie is going to be a very, very obvious set-up for a future JLA movie, though how many sub-movies we’ll see before then is anyone’s guess, a-la-The Avengers. Marvel did…four official canon universe movies before Avengers, right? Two Iron Mans, CapAm and Thor? If Man of Steel is technically the first, then BvS is second, it would be a bit quick to go straight to JLA in my eyes.

We already know that Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) will show up in some form in the new film, and so will Aquaman (Khal Drogo), but will they get their own movies before DC/Warner Bros. goes full JLA?

And also, this awesome art is from Tyler Champion.

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Jul 15 2014

It Should Be A Movie By Now: Voltron

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Are you a child of the 80′s? If you are then welcome to another loving flashback brought to you by yours truly. Voltron was one of those cartoons that I didn’t see when it started because I would’ve been 2 – I know, slacker. Well it was definitely one that I got into a few years later. One that even now I find myself asking, why haven’t we had the pleasure of watching Voltron slash through his enemies on the silver screen yet?

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