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Aug 26 2014

The Girls of Guardians of the Galaxy

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While I loved Guardians of the Galaxy, one aspect I wish had a little more time devoted to it was the explanation of the relationship between Nebula, Gomorrah, Thanos and Ronan, which was confusing at best, and nonsensical at worst. I know there’s more of a history in the comic, but both seemed willing to betray their “father” Thanos at the drop of a hat. I believe that’s because they were technically captives, but why would he think they’d be loyal to him if he didn’t keep them on a leash? I didn’t quite get that, as it was like, “duh, of course they’ll betray him.”

Annnyway, artist Andy Park has come out with some concept art showing what alternate versions of each character could have looked like. The final products were pretty close to these, but there are some definite tweaks, especially in the other pics below which you should check out. Continue Reading »

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Aug 25 2014

Cosplay of the Day: Disney Warrior Princesses Come to Life

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I’ve lost track of the amount of fan art I’ve seen giving “badass” makeovers to various Disney Princesses. But now one group has decided to bring the concept to life with all the midriff-bearing armor and weapons you can handle. These are the Disney Warrior Princesses. They don’t need anyone to save them.

The photos come from The Will Box, and the ladies are all listed here if you’re curious. You can see individual shots of each of them below, though it goes without saying trident-wielding battle-Ariel is the best. In any case, check out the whole collection: Continue Reading »

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Aug 25 2014

The Lost Adaptations of Dr. Seuss

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When I see picture-perfect representations of Dr. Seuss’s art style online, I know there’s only one man responsible. That would be Dr. Faustus, who is back with yet another Seuess-inspired series, and I think this may be the fourth or fifth time we’ve featured him here.

This time around, Faustus has turned his attention toward classic films, or adaptations of comics at the very least, and given them a Seuss twist. I love the Evil Dead one above, but you’ll find ones from Silence of the Lambs, V for Vendetta, Predator and many more below. Check them out: Continue Reading »

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Aug 22 2014

Luke Butland’s Gunslinger Series

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Who are the most famous gunslingers in pop culture history? A few may come to mind as soon as I said that, and you will likely find many of them below in Luke Butland‘s “Gunslinger” series. From Dredd to Robocop to the Man With No Name (that’s what they called him, right?) many old favorites are here.

The newest edition to the cast? Star-Lord and his light pistols. I think it remains to be seen if Star-Lord will end up on the same plane of immortality as these others, but given how well GotG was received, I think it could be possible. Check out the full collection below:




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Aug 22 2014

This Week In Movie Trailers!

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Well, there seem to be quite a few “official” trailers coming out this week to trailers that I’ve already posted before. You guys don’t mind if you watch the “OFFICIAL” ones to make up for the “teaser” ones that I had apparently bestowed upon you … do you? Nah, I didn’t think so.

Let’s do this.

Continue Reading »

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Aug 22 2014

An Unsettling, Amazing Use of Make-Up

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I’ve seen some interesting face-painting from professional make-up artists before, but this mouth-based art is new to me, and I’m not sure how to feel about it. Laura Jenkinson has talent, that much is clear at least, as she’s done fantastic versions of almost a dozen well-known cartoon characters, using her lips as the canvas.

Stitch and Shrek have to be my favorite, but they’re all pretty great. Check out the gallery in its entirety below: Continue Reading »

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Aug 22 2014

The Many Robins

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(click to enlarge)

It’s clear that Robin Williams’ death has hit the world harder than any celebrity’s passing I can remember, due to how beloved he was as an actor, and how tragic the circumstances of his demise. As such, we’ll be seeing endless amounts of tributes to the man for years to come, including this one above from an artist I can’t identify.

It really is amazing to believe that one man inhabited all these great characters. And now that man is gone.

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Aug 21 2014

How Many of Martin Scorsese’s Must-See Movies Have You Watched?

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Some context here:

“The story goes like this: young filmmaker Colin Levy wrote to his hero Martin Scorsese several years ago, asking which films he should see in order to broaden his cinematic horizons. Scorsese’s assistant sent over a list of 39 foreign films that the director had personally recommended.”

Granted, this was a long while ago, but it’s not as if the movies aren’t good anymore. So the question is, how many have you seen? I’ve got…

1) Beauty and the Beast (hoping he means the Disney version)

2) The Bicycle Thief (I think we watched this in Italian 201 in college)

3) Seven Samurai (because it’s awesome)

And uhm, that’s it. Alright, I kind of suck. Can you claim any better? Let me know in the comments.

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Aug 20 2014

Looper’s Awesome Proof-of-Concept Trailer

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Director Rian Johnson was still a relatively unknown in Hollywood when he wanted to make Looper, and as such, he had to make a “proof-of-concept” trailer to show that it could be as cool in practice as it was in his own head.

Such trailers are made using a few original clips, but mainly other movies that are similar visually and in tone. Here, Johnson drew on films like Se7en and Blade Runner to illustrate what he was going for, in addition to crudely animating a few sequences himself.

It’s a pretty cool cut, and really makes me want to try the same thing for my sci-fi books. I’ll mash-up some District 9, The Road and Mass Effect cutscenes, and I’ll be on my way!

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Aug 19 2014

Cosplay of the Day: Ice Warrior Elsa Ready for Battle

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In the Disney film, Elsa may have “let it go” in the end, when it came to hunting the people who ostracized her, but not so in this cosplay version by Mimiru Riley. In her parallel Frozen universe, Elsa is ready for battle with self-made ice armor, and ready to jump into the fray right alongside her mutant snowman friend.

Poor uh, what’s her name again? Anna. She’s the lead of that movie, yet she’s always playing second fiddle to her sister with magical ice powers. I suppose magical ice powers will do that.

More photos below: Continue Reading »

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Aug 19 2014

Angels in the Apocalypse: How the Events of “Angels in the Outfield” Led to Humanity’s Extinction


Leave it to the happiest company on Earth to end it.

In 1994, Disney released what’s become a family cinematic staple: the screwball sports comedy classic, “Angels in the Outfield.” The film was fairly star-studded with Danny Glover, Christopher Lloyd, and a pre-Robin Joey Gordon-Levitt all in starring roles, and had future Oscar winners Adrien Brody and Matthew McConaughey as side players. And it had Tony Danza shirtless.

The film was a success, and kids across America owned the clamshell case clad comedy on VHS, myself included. As a kid I must’ve watched the movie just shy of one billion times, and loved it. But it wasn’t until a recent viewing (and more on just why I revisited the film later) that I realized something sinister was brewing behind the bases. “Angels in the Outfield” seemed like good fun…but have you ever really thought about what happens after the Angels (SPOILER ALERT) do win the pennant?

Well…I have…and I’m here to say goodbye to the human race. Continue Reading »

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