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Mar 07 2014

This Week In Movie Trailers!

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Welcome to March, everyone! And more importantly, welcome to This Week In Movie Trailers!

I’ve heard by multiple people (I really hope they are crazy or just full of it) that we are going to have a very cold March and April. If this is the case, we definitely need some movies to look forward to in order to get through these dark, grim times. So, what do we have this week then? Well, we have one biggy that’s for sure, one of which involves explosions I’m sure. Which of these will YOU be checking out? Let’s find out! Continue Reading »

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Mar 06 2014

Five Horror Films that Shocked the Unshockable

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I’ve watched what most people would consider an excessive number of horror films in my life, beginning with Universal monsters as a child and kicking into overdrive by the time I was in college away from parental supervision renting Faces of Death videos and working my way through my roommate’s prodigious Stephen King VHS collection.

By the time DVD was a thing, I believed I’d exhausted most options in horror cinema. Then the internet came along and I saw how very wrong I was. There was a whole world of underground cinema past and present so hardcore it hardly saw the light of day until the advent of digital media. I had work to do. Even today, old cult classics come out of the woodwork and independent filmmakers are pushing the genre towards further extremes. It’s a good time to be a horror fan.

Having grown up with monsters and actively sought out every fright I could find since, I would have thought that there was nothing left that could shock me. Sure, I could get creeped out, startled, and even a little scared if a film was really effective; that’s why I love the genre. But after the credits rolled I was over it. To literally make me lose sleep or upset me on a level that it affects me even after the film is over and done with? That is almost impossible. Nonetheless, it’s been done. Here are five films that left me shocked and disturbed after viewing them. Continue Reading »

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Mar 05 2014

Ten Deceased Screen Actors Whose Final Roles Were Voice Roles

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While voice acting should never be described as “easy,”  it’s a lot more flexible compared to shooting on film. Studio time is less restricted, there’s no need to align your schedule with thousands of other actors and technicians, and it can sometimes be done in the comfort of your own home. That’s what makes the job ideal for those with mobility problems. Actors who no longer have the stamina to appear on camera for hundreds of takes can record comfortably in a studio with a relatively small crew.

In addition to this convenience, voice recordings can be made far earlier into production, which means that some studios have original recordings of dead men and women on their hard drives just waiting to be incorporated into full animation (aka the expensive part of the process). Therefore if some actor unexpectedly kicks the bucket, there’s a good possibility that he or she has a voice role gathering digital dust somewhere, which will inevitably be released posthumously.

In light of these two common scenarios, and in honor all the entertainers we have lost recently over the past year, here are ten of the finest performers whose final roles were voicing animated characters… Continue Reading »

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Mar 03 2014

Gravity, Oscars, and the Science Fiction Renaissance


Gravity just won 300 Oscars, and this confirms what I was already thinking. I think I was in denial about it for a long time, but I can finally admit. The 2000′s have been a huge boom for the science fiction genre. I truly believe that after Star Wars, people were afraid to touch the genre. That is like trying to paint something amazing after watching Matisse work. People knew they could not touch Star Wars and how it represented science fiction, so for a long time, they didn’t even try. But then something very strange and unexpected happened, which was also a result of Star Wars. People watched the prequels and thought to themselves: Wait a minute, I can do WAY better than that! I think this opened the door for a decade and a half of some really high quality science fiction we may not have otherwise gotten. Dare I call the era we are in a sci-fi renaissance? Yes, yes I do. Read on and allow me to tell you why. 

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Feb 28 2014

Eight Lasting Hollywood Bromances

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ben matt

My first exposure to a bromance was in the era of Matt & Ben, when a pair of Bostonians nabbed an Oscar for Good Will Hunting.  They were fresh faced and naïve, but it tugged at your heart strings just a bit to see best friends succeed together.  And while girlfriends have come and go (J Lo, Minnie Driver), Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s bro bond has only grown stronger.  Thankfully the age of the bromance did not die with Gigli and brodeos everywhere have been helping men succeed in Hollywood. Continue Reading »

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Feb 26 2014

The Five Least Intimidating Villains of 90′s Comedies

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The 90′s were a great time for comedies. Riding on the success of big-budget blockbusters like Ghostbusters, 90′s comedies weren’t afraid to mix genres in an effort to appeal to the broadest audience possible. This era was when the comedy event-picture truly took off; releases all-year round were given larger budgets, and studios filled theater seats with people expecting some excitement and suspense in addition to laughing their butts off.

Appealing to action-seeking audiences was also a good out for screenwriters who could have found themselves wondering “how the hell do I take a kitchy 60′s sitcom like The Addams Family and keep people entertained for an hour and a half?” Plus, having a detestable villain would mean less overall effort spent convincing viewers to ally themselves with the quirky protagonists.

At least that was the idea. Some “fight the villain” plots were hard to buy into because the heroes could have won by simply not showing up. Plenty of these films’ antagonists are so horrifically ineffective that they never appeared to be a threat at any point in time. Here are some of the worst… Continue Reading »

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Feb 24 2014

You Talkin’ To Me: Five Movies That Break The Fourth Wall

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Hey you. Yes, you reading this article, right now. Why are you here? What brings you here today? Did the page come up on a random StumbleUpon? Are you a fan of the site? Have you read any of my stuff before? It’s just strange to me, there are billions of web pages, and you stopped here, at this one. Did you know when you began reading it that I would talking directly to you? It’s weird, because I know you are reading this right now. You are my somewhat captivated audience, and it is my job to entertain you. I thought maybe if I talked to you directly it would make this a more personal experience for you. Like you are involved with the process. You know what other medium does this sometimes? Film. So why don’t we take a minute to talk about it? Is that okay? Here are five movies that break the fourth wall, just like I am, right now with you. Kind of.

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Feb 21 2014

The 10 Smartest Characters on Television

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house of cards10

In a television landscape full of The Bachelor and Snookies, it’s rare to find a character that bucks the trend of the ridiculous and the stupid.  In celebration of smart characters and the writers who created them, I give you the top ten smartest characters (in no particular order). Continue Reading »

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Feb 12 2014

Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Monty Python

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In a few short months, the five surviving members of Monty Python will perform live on stage. This performance will be their first full-cast reunion since a tribute special filmed in 1989. The tickets sold out in exactly 43 seconds.

There’s a reason for this. It’s impossible to deny the timeless appeal of the Pythons. Even those who claim “not to get it” are more than capable of quoting the movies or television show if their life depended on it. A lot of people (myself included) are more familiar with the exact script and timing of scenes from Monty Python and the Holy Grail than their immediate family members’ birthdates.

Despite a working knowledge of Python gags and references, however, not many people know about the inner workings of Britain’s most infamous comedy troupe. While giggling to yourself and watching grown men in drag put on fake Welsh accents, did you ever stop to consider that… Continue Reading »

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Feb 10 2014

If You’re Into It: Seven Stellar Flight of the Conchords Songs

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Can we take just a moment to reflect on the awesome absurdity of Flight of the Conchords? You know, that musical/comedy/rap/folk duo who had their own insane and awesome HBO show? The Flight of the Conchords were brilliant. They really were. A folk rap duo out of New Zealand, they had very few competitors and seemed to have the market on that demographic on lock down. They struck a perfect chord (!) between genius and irreverent, and inevitably helped open the door for other mock rockers to do their own satire thing (Lonely Island, I am looking at you). But sadly, after the cancellation of their beloved HBO show, the duo has sort of went off and have done their own (successful) things since. But with rumors flying there may be a movie in the works down the road, I thought it might be fun to look back on some of their awesome songs and reflect on our favorite folk rock, rap duo out of New Zealand. No, I never tire of saying that. It just rolls off the tongue.

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Feb 04 2014

You Really Should Give A Listen To…Volume 1

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Talk used to be cheap, but in the iGeneration it’s free. Everyone and their dog has at least one podcast these days, and it seems more and more digital airwaves are toes-to-nose chock-a-block chit chat. As a New Yorker with a daily commute on the…wonderful…New York City subway system, my earholes are regularly filled with a plethora of podcasts. As such, I’ve built a digital collection that could rival the Library of Alexandria. You name it, I’ve probably heard at least five minutes.

Today I’ll be sharing some of the more lesser known podcasts I think you should check out. They’re all free and they’re all on iTunes. All you gotta do is press play… Continue Reading »

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