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Jun 17 2014

NewTube: YouTube Channels You May Not Have Seen


We have reinvented television. When before we were slaves to three major networks (and PBS) now we can have 24 cat videos. I don’t know if it’s funny, sad, disturbing or all three that more people have watched PewDiePie than ever saw Shakespeare, Mozart, or DaVinci’s work in their lifetimes. Combined. Then doubled. Times ten. YouTube is one of the internet’s largest seas, and there are always new islands to discover for those daring to set sail.

But if you’re looking for a more direct destination, navigate towards these digital docks, crank up the resolution to 1080P and enjoy. Today I’ll be highlighting three unique YouTube channels that offer thrilling, off-beat, and always entertaining content the likes of which we only dreamed about as we waited for Nick Arcade or You Can’t Do That on Television to come on for those brief thirty minutes.

Switch to theater mode. Here’s some new Tube for You. Continue Reading »

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Jun 16 2014

Seven Stellar Movie References, Easter Eggs, and Homages from The Simpsons

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Though you may find Easter eggs hidden in most media now a days without much effort, that was not always the case. There was a time when picking up a Dungeons and Dragons reference or an Atari reference happened quite sparingly. I, personally, do not think the acceptance of the Easter egg would not have happened had not The Simpsons done it so brilliantly for years before so many others. Just by making a simple reference to a game or book, they could make the viewer’s day that much better (as if we were in on some inside joke with the writers). Though I love the many pop culture references found in The Simpsons, the movie references are easily my favorite. They are often blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments that serve as sort of fan service to those who are truly paying attention. Or in some cases, they are so blatant they hit you over the head. But the one thing they never do is fail. From the obvious to the less obvious, here are seven stellar examples of movie references, Easter eggs, and homages from the Simpsons.

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Jun 13 2014

This Week In Movie Trailers!

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What a busy week for entertainment with E3 just plastering releases all over the wall; it’s not just gaming stuff, too! They even announced a Sonic movie. While I haven’t followed Sonic the Hedgehog since the cartoons were still airing on TV back in the early and mid 90s, I do know that millions of people on the Internet still love the guy, so there’s definitely demographic for it. At the very least, it will give people more canon to write fan fiction from.

Anyway … Dumb and Dumber To?! AH!! It’s been so long! What did I think about? See below! Continue Reading »

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Jun 11 2014

Nine Animated Character Voices That Are Actually Impressions

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Some exceptional actors, such as Michael Caine, can portray hundreds of varied characters all while using their own, natural speaking voice. Voice actors don’t have this luxury.

Unless you’re sought after for one style of delivery à la H. Jon Benjamin, being in the voice artist business means you have to learn to diversify. No one wants to hear the same tired deliveries that have all become cartoon clichés. This demand for originality makes creating a unique voice difficult.

To prevent themselves from copying animated character tropes ad nauseum, voice actors will often look to performances from the golden ages of movies, TV, and radio that they grew up with for inspiration. Usually, a voice actor will employ a subtle combination of past experience and a mental history of cinema to delicately craft a one-of-a-kind character.

Either that, or they just steal.

Call it what you will, but some of the most iconic and memorable voice performances are exact duplicates of earlier characters that already once made it big on the radio or screen. Here’s a couple of “borrowed” voices that have re-discovered their way into popular consciousness… Continue Reading »

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Jun 09 2014

6 Games I Am Praying Get Revealed at E3 This Year

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I know by the time you are reading this, most of my theories in here will be either proven or dis-proven. Keep in mind, I am writing this Friday, June 7th. So as of right now, this is ALL still wishful thinking. Another quick aside before we jump right in. Chances are a few of these will be announced, and there are good chances that a few of them wont. This is not about me assessing what is coming out and judging based on that. This is solely a list of me nerding out and naming games I pray get announced or shown. I just thought it would be cool to see (by the time this is published) how many of these E3 wishes of mine come true.

Well, here they are….

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Jun 09 2014

Four Fandoms Geeks Expect You to be a Part Of

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I love a lot of things from movies, television shows, comic books, novels to video games. I hang out with people who love to talk non-stop about the last episode of Arrow and play video games like Mass Effect. I identify myself as a geek and I think I’m quite familiar with the culture. It would seem like it’ll be easy to talk to like-minded individuals, but I’ve noticed that there are some hurdles that prevent me from fully connecting with fellow geeks. I feel like I’m expected to know everything about what the majority is playing, watching, and reading or else I risk being left out.

I once went to a party where 90% people turned out to be huge fans of this popular video game franchise. Everyone made friends with each other so quickly because of the things they could relate to each other. On the other hand, I was struggling to hold a conversation with the basic bits of knowledge I knew about this game. There was no point in changing the subject because it went always back to the game. This happened too during an event I attended at an convention, but it was about a television show that I didn’t particularly follow. I know people have these experiences too. We aren’t being hipsters.We just like different things, but it sucks that we pay the price in social settings.

Here are four essential fandoms to be a part of if you want to survive socializing. I’m sure there are more, but these are ones based on my own experience.

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Jun 06 2014

Top 10 Best Video Gaming Twitter Feeds to Follow

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kaz hirai

by Mike Leaño

Aching for the latest in gaming news? Join the club! There are so many fascinating things that happen in the realm of video games every day, and they’re shared in countless websites throughout the interwebz. But that’s just it–there’s just so much to choose from, it’s utterly bananas.

To make your life easier, we suggest you use Twitter; it’s hands down the quickest and easiest way to stay updated on anything you’re interested in. But wait! There are about 255 million active Twitter users, and this number is steadily growing. Where should you start?

You’re in luck. Here is our list of the best game-related Twitter feeds that we think you should follow. Continue Reading »

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Jun 06 2014

This Week In Movie Trailers!

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Happy Friday, everyone!

So, let’s get right to business this week and head into the world of movie trailers! This week we have horror, heroes, and a bit of high school. Continue Reading »

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Jun 02 2014

Eight Undeniably Awesome DC Animated Movies

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Dare I say what I am about to say? I can only imagine the cauldron of steeping hot water it may put me in with comic fans and movie fans. Thing is, it needs to be said, and I think I am the man who needs to say it. DC Animated films are the best comic book movies out there, period. Yes, I am saying they are better than Nolan’s trilogy. Yes, I am saying they are better than the first X-Men film. Why do I think this? They stay incredibly true to the plot. The movies often use an animation style based on the artist who worked on that particular story arc they are adapting, and Hollywood does not have its hands in it (as they are made BY DC).

These films do not get watered down and changed for mass consumption. They are just perfect, animated representations of the DCU. If DC made big screen movies the way they made their animated films, Marvel would be shitting its pants. The thing is, they don’t. For that reason alone, I decided to come up with a list of my eight favorite DC animated movies. Keep in mind, choosing eight was painfully difficult, as most of them kick-ass.

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May 29 2014

Mandatory Reading: Five Classic Sci-Fi Novels that Changed the Way I Look at the World

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Since I’m going to be discussion true literary classics this week, I feel like I should get us in the mood with a suitably pretentious and overused quote from a dead famous person. Pablo Picasso defined art as “the lie that enables us to realize the truth”, and conceptual science fiction in particular takes this timeless observation to heart. It’s a genre that almost by definition strives to take modern day stupidity and fast forward it to its logical future conclusions.

As somebody who has spent his entire life captivated by the most imaginative aspects of fiction and storytelling, it makes sense that a lot of the values I’ve grown into would be reflected in some of those works. Sometimes I read a novel and it opens up my mind to endless possibilities or it puts into words feelings that I’ve always had but had never effectively crystalized. The joy of writing is not only in sharing thoughts and feelings with other people, but in the process of defining those thoughts for yourself so they can be shared in verbal form.

The best stories are the ones that hold personal relevance to your life and the world you live it in. Here are five bonafide science fiction classics I’ve read throughout my life that stuck in my brain, helped me define my values, and in doing so contributed in part to making me the person I am today. Sure, that person is a cynical, antisocial geek who derives pleasure from anarchy, but he still finds childlike joy in exploring this world through allegory, metaphor, and stories where people die horribly so here we are. Nick Verboon: this is your life. Continue Reading »

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May 28 2014

Six Fictional Cats You’d Actually Want to Own

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Cats get a bad rep in Hollywood these days. They usually have the choice between being an accessory to the eccentric antagonist or being the eccentric antagonist themselves.

Thanks, though, to trending internet stories of one cat that climbs boulders with its owner and another that aggressively defends against attacking dogs, people have started to reverse their opinions and accept cats for being more than furry little assholes.

If those real life cats weren’t enough to change your mind and make you want to adopt a cuddly feline of your own, here are some fictional ones that would significantly improve any pet owner’s quality of life… Continue Reading »

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