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Apr 18 2014

This Week In Movie Trailers!

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Hey guys, welcome to This Week In Movie Trailers! Long weekend ahead! Yessss!

So, what’s up this week, besides the fact that we might be seeing a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel with Robin Williams? Not much? Ok, well at least we have some pretty good movies to preview this week! Seriously, lots of interesting stuff below, so let’s get right into things! Continue Reading »

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Apr 17 2014

Getting to Know Your Big Screen Mixed Martial Arts Stars

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It’s funny that while politicians are still trying to convince the public that mixed martial arts is akin to “human cockfighting”, the stars of the sport are creeping into the mainstream more and more. Say what you want about the virtues (or lack thereof) of having two trained fighters test their skills against one another in sanctioned competition for our entertainment, but one thing that is undisputable is that MMA has some of the most colorful personalities of any sport in any era.

With so much of our onscreen entertainment being dedicated to people attacking one another, it’s only natural that the casting directors of the world look to some of the biggest badasses in the world to see if they can translate those skills from the ring/cage to the silver screen. With the magnetic personalities of leading actors and the physical skills of the best stuntmen, it’s only logical. So far, the results have been pretty positive.

The MMA scene features a lot of people with really entertaining dispositions, so expect the word “charisma” to come up a lot.  Beyond their skills as real life action stars, a lot of these people were chosen for their roles based on their endearing or outrageous personalities and the potential crossover appeal that represents. Let’s answer some questions about some of the most prominent mixed martial artists to make the jump to the big screen. Continue Reading »

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Apr 17 2014

5 Pieces Of Pop Culture I’m Embarrassed To Like (But Still Do)

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Everyone has their guilty pleasures.  If you love fiction as much as I do, it’s almost inevitable that along the way you’re going to fall for some real clunkers.  When a TV show does one thing right, when it captures your interest in the way that makes your socks roll up and down, you’ll overlook some pretty horrendous flaws.  Looking at you, Heroes.

Sometimes it goes beyond that, though.  Sometimes you like a show, a movie, a band, a book series, or a video game for no earthly reason… or at least no reason that you’ll admit to yourself.  Come journey into the depths of masochism with me as I examine one item from each category that I’d never admit I actually liked to my friends in a bar, even if they were shoving bamboo into my fingernails, yet will happily disclose to everyone on the internet for some reason.  (The reason is comedy.)

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Apr 04 2014

This Week In Movie Trailers

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Hey guys, happy Friday! Did everyone have a good week? Yes? No? Well regardless, we have some videos to watch!

This Week In Movie Trailers is not as crazy as last week’s, though it does have some pretty good movies to boot! There are isn’t as many, but what it lacks in quantity, it makes up in quality … well for the most part anyway!

So, I guess let’s get right to it and see what’s shakin. Continue Reading »

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Apr 02 2014

The Seven Most Momentous Game Glitches of All Time

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In this day and age of eighth-generation game consoles that check your Facebook while you gun down squeaky-voiced nine-year-olds, glitches are generally seen as nothing more than an annoyance. Some may provide brief entertainment, like creepy bird people, backwards-flying dragons, or demon-possessed doctors, but most people agree that glitches take you out of the immersion that modern games offer while also spoiling the intended play strategy. They are usually quickly dealt with in patch updates and quickly forgotten.

In the past, though, glitches were much more mysterious. Game designers often wrote their own code and bug-fixed the bejeesus out of it, not to mention the fact that there was a lot less content to sift through. This meant that when a glitch did come up, it was a shocking and serendipitous happenstance. Without the internet, often the experience could only be related on playgrounds and birthday parties to a skeptical audience.

Finding a glitch you could duplicate was like finding the map to One-Eyed Willy’s treasure; it opened up a whole new realm of consciousness within gamer imaginations and encouraged adventurous exploration. Some glitches even found their way into mainstream use once they were shared with enough people. Before the internet was teaching us how to ruin friendships, these were the glitches that shook our world… Continue Reading »

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Mar 28 2014

This Week in Movie Trailers!

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Welcome to This Week In Movie Trailers! It’s Friday, and almost April, so let’s all celebrate with some movie previews! So, what do we have?

Holy moly! This is THE week of 2014 so far with a ton of blockbusters releasing their first teasers or first full-blown trailers! That doesn’t mean I am looking forward to all of them by any means, but this is definitely a sign that the summer is fast approaching (thank god I hate winter; how about the terrifying blizzard that hit east coast Canada? GO AWAY WINTER).

Anyhoo, excited? I am! So let’s get right to it! Continue Reading »

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Mar 27 2014

5 Editing Room Quotes That Are Both Illuminating and Hilarious

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The Editing Room is a site that’s been around for a while (grading on the curve of the internet), and like its spiritual brother-in-arms, MST3K, it never fails to deliver.  There’s something delightfully amazing about a joke that’s both incredibly funny and incredibly incisive, pointing out something you’ve never thought of in quite that way before.

It’s an internet stalwart that those of us who follow pop culture surely have stumbled upon at least once.  For my column this week, I wanted to pay tribute to the site by highlighting a few of the lines that made me laugh as well as kick myself for not realizing something basic about a movie.

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Mar 24 2014

Five Great Actors In Five Terrible Movies

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You know, even the best of us slip up now and then. We are either blinded by some big paycheck or some big rack or some big promises, and we end up doing something that we may not be so proud of. It happens to anyone, and extremely talented actors are no exception. The thing is, some of the best actors alive today have made some unforgivably bad films. These films are often so bad, in fact, the public tries to immediately forget they ever happened at all. Well guess what? I am here to remind you. To remind you that these films exist and that these otherwise awesome actors made these God awful films. This way, the next time you make a horrible decision in your own life, you can remember these roles and feel a little bit better about yourself. See, my intentions are pure.

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Mar 12 2014

Five Video Games That Trick You Into Thinking A Sport Will Be Easy

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Video games have been accused of making people do all sorts of things: become obese, act antisocially, look to violence to solve problems, etc. While I never emulate most of the behavior I enact in video games they have, however, made me go out and play golf. Badly. Like gut-wrenchingly awfully. Why? Because Tiger Woods PGA 2003 made it looks easy.

While it’s true that anything worth doing is worth doing well, meaning lots of practice, some games make you feel like there will be a shortcut somewhere at fingers reach. And that’s about the same time you find yourself on a golf course wondering where the arrow showing your exact trajectory went, and how to tap vigorously enough to get the ball to spin upon landing. Certain games spoil us with accessible mechanics that, however deep they may be, will never begin to match the difficulty you will have learning a sport as nuanced as golf, or any of these others for that matter… Continue Reading »

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Mar 10 2014

Five Game of Thrones Actors and Actresses in Other Interesting Roles

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How excited are we right now? Game of Thrones is about to be back for its fourth season, and you can feel the rumble of excitement, buzzing all around. The feeling that we will inevitably lose characters we love. The inevitability we will see other characters we love in various states of undress. The realization that there will be tone and power shifts, all season long. It is the kind of thing that puts a burning in my loins. My loins burn with excitement for the return of this marvelous series. That is when the idea for this article hit me. How about we bridge the gap in the next month waiting for the new season of Game of Thrones with some films starring actors and actresses from that show? You can use this as a sort of quick fix while waiting for Game of Thrones to officially return in April. Please note, things get fairly insane by the last entry.

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Mar 07 2014

This Week In Movie Trailers!

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Welcome to March, everyone! And more importantly, welcome to This Week In Movie Trailers!

I’ve heard by multiple people (I really hope they are crazy or just full of it) that we are going to have a very cold March and April. If this is the case, we definitely need some movies to look forward to in order to get through these dark, grim times. So, what do we have this week then? Well, we have one biggy that’s for sure, one of which involves explosions I’m sure. Which of these will YOU be checking out? Let’s find out! Continue Reading »

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