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Nov 21 2014

Pitch Perfect 2 Headlines This Week’s Trailers

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Pitch Perfect 2

It’s been a month since our daughter was born and the wife and I are finally breaking out of the house and going to go see a movie! WOO HOO! *whistles the Hunger Games theme out loud to celebrate* … Yes, that’s right, I’m going to go see the Hunger Games finale part 1. I was upset with the first film for falling flat and not delivering on what my hopes were. (as every film obviously needs to pander to me of course) Katniss’ second outing was far better and a lot more entertaining than I was anticipating due to how the first film left me. Now were on the verge of attacking the Capitol and I feel that the cliff hanger of part 1 will leave us either at the mountain or after it’s been taken down. Regardless, I’m holding out hope that they can finish this trilogy (do we still consider it a trilogy?) in grand fashion and give the fans of the books a decent send off. Stay tuned for the review!

It’ll be interesting to see what trailers might be shown in front of the movie tonight.

Let’s do this.

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Nov 17 2014

Avengers Extended Trailer Is One Of Many Missed Last Week

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Paul Blart Mall Cop 2

Who doesn’t like movie trailers bright and early on Monday morning!? My apologies everyone, somehow I completely it spaced Friday (I blame work) and forgot to post the week’s movie trailers. I feel ashamed. Hey, at least if I do a better job and remember to post this Friday that means you’ll get 2 days this week for movie trailers! Woo hoo! Well, I’d be excited about it.

Oh, and did anyone catch Rosewater, Foxcatcher, Dumb & Dumber To, or Beyond the Lights? I really wanted to see Foxcatcher and didn’t get an opportunity to. *sadface

Let’s do this.

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Nov 14 2014

The Top Ten Space Films Not Named Interstellar

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Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back

After seeing Interstellar this last weekend, I can safely say that it is the definitive Science Fiction film of the Twenty-First Century: a film that’s not quite Inception and not quite 2001: A Space Odyssey, but finds itself somewhere uniquely in-between the two.  Possessing the best qualities of its genre – an ambitious scope, stunning visuals and more than a working knowledge of the scientific principles that form its core premise – it deftly navigates its interstellar narrative in a way that never feels derivative of the celebrated films that have come before it.

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Nov 12 2014

Four Movies with Marvelously Creative Acts of Ownage

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Usually when you think of ownage in a film, you picture Arnold blowing someone’s face off or Clint Eastwood telling some punk to make his day; something crass and violent, yet totally cool and very ‘Murican. But sometimes, the most badass possible thing you can do to show your enemies that you just don’t give a damn is done without even personally harming a hair on their head.

Here are some movie moments where a character drops the big “eff you” on their antagonists; irreversibly devastating them psychologically or just flat out mocking everything they think they know by showing them that they cannot ever control them. You won’t find any one-liners followed by violence here; just pure, unadulterated pwnage that transcends traditional concepts of vengeance and defiance as they’re usually presented to us onscreen.

To put the awesomeness of these moments into context, spoilers are required, so tread carefully if you have any desire to see any these films, but haven’t yet. Continue Reading »

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Nov 07 2014

Furious 7 and Minions Top This Week’s Movie Trailers

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The death of Paul Walker really hit a lot of people, maybe just as many as Robin Williams. With Paul’s passing weighing heavily on the cast of the upcoming Furious 7, I’m sure that it was hard for everyone involved to complete the rest of the film. I’ve been a HUGE fan of the Fast and Furious franchise and can’t wait for the 7th installment to hit theaters. Without Walker’s presence it ill be interesting to see if they continue the series or if they just let it trail off from here. I know that it was supposed to continue on but will audiences be inclined to keep watching?

We’ve got lots of great trailers this week! A huge variety of characters await your viewing pleasure. From minions to robots to cute cuddly bears – they’re all here!

Let’s do this.

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Nov 07 2014

The Coolest Weapons of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

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I’m something of a future war junkie, demonstrated by the fact that I’ve written an entire sci-fi book trilogy on the subject. That’s why I’m always obsessed with any video game that takes warfare past present day, and though Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare doesn’t quite make it into space, it takes us to about 2060 and gives us a very, very cool arsenal to work with.

Though many games have given us cool video game weapons over the years, Advanced Warfare’s advanced arsenal is one of the better designed ones I’ve seen, not to mention the game itself is pretty damn fun and a welcome change for the series. I thought I’d go through and pick out what my favorite weapons in the game have been so far, not because they’re overpowered necessarily, but just because they’re conceptually or visually cool.

The list starts below, and let me know what kind of Advanced Warfare weapons you prefer, if you’re playing as much as I am (and hopefully you’re getting murdered far less often than me). Continue Reading »

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Nov 05 2014

You’re Doing it Right: Five Anime Series With Epic Openings

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With most Western television taking either the college art project approach of pairing theme-appropriate but relatively static images with an evocative piece of music or the uber-boring voiceover summary narration over quick clips as openings for popular shows, it’s easy to forget about the classic approach of memorable theme songs and videos designed to capture the viewer’s imagination and summarize the show and its characters in irresistible visual ecstasy.

Anime has a long history and thousands of anime series, pretty much all of which continue to take the traditional route of pairing exciting and kinetic visuals with killer music in a way that is designed to pump you up for the show if you’re already a fan, or hook you into watching it if you’re a newbie. It’s becoming almost standard for animes to change their opening theme every dozen episodes (give or take), which to me really speaks of how excited the creators are to showcase their skills and how much the fans look forward to seeing these montages of sights and sounds.

In this age of DVD, streaming, and DVR consumption some people (like myself) have made it a habit of skipping past the minute and a half or so of opening credits sequences in favor of getting the show on the road. But here are five anime with opening sequences I never skip because they are just that awesome. Continue Reading »

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Nov 05 2014

Eight Gaming Moments That Completely WTF’d with Our Minds

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Video games have an enormous potential to play with our conception of reality.  They can do this because when we play video games they are defining a reality. We are forced to play within a set of rules, and we get accustomed to them after a short period of time, no matter how weird they may be.

We have to push a ball around until it sticks to stuff and gets bigger, eventually grabbing onto sports stadiums? Got it. Eat a mushroom, jump on some turtles, climb through sewer pipes to bash a fire-breathing dinosaur who kidnapped your girlfriend? Ok! Invite him to go play tennis afterward? Ok …I guess? Eat meat you found in an old castle wall to restore health? Fine. Whatever.

Yet, video games also have the capability to suddenly break these rules. Sometimes, it’s done as a challenge, such as taking away your guns for a stealth section or switching the controls in a platforming level. Other times, rule changes seem to occur at random, invariably making the player scream and throw the controller.

Finally, there are special times when the rules are changed purely to screw with our heads. Here are some of the best times this happened…

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Oct 31 2014

Avengers 2 and Ex Machina Lead Our Week in Movie Trailers

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Happy Halloween you sexy Unrealtors you! Sorry I missed last week’s trailers. My wife and I celebrated having our second child so I took the week off. There was a post earlier this week about not watching trailers in order to save the movie for yourself and enjoy it that much more – completely based on Avengers 1. Which I agree with mostly. Nowadays it’s somewhat necessary to do in order to not spoil endings or jokes etc. The thing is, sometimes there are very well put together trailers that are just awesome in every sense of the word and I love watching those. (Avengers 2 is one of them …) For me, I don’t think watching the trailer for Avengers 2 would ruin much of anything for me because I’m such a comic nerd that I doubt that I don’t already have a good idea as to what is going to happen anyways. Though I will readily admit that I’d rather have good 1 min teaser trailer any day compared to the 2-3+ minute trailers that are becoming the norm.

Needless to say there are many trailers we need to take care of! So without further ado …

Let’s do this.

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Oct 30 2014

The Best and Worst Tim Burton Inspired Tattoos

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Love him or hate him, Tim Burton is an inspirational creative genius! In light of Halloween coming up in less than a week I thought it might be fun to have a look at some awesome and some not so awesome tattoos inspired by the imaginative director/producer/writer/artist. I wanted to also make mention that I find it interesting that people still think the Nightmare Before Christmas was directed by Tim Burton. Fun fact for you – IT WASN’T! Time and time again I hear people say how that’s their favorite movie by Tim Burton. Henry Selick, the same dude who put together Coraline and James and the Giant Peach was the guy behind the camera. Tim helped to produce Nightmare and just happened to be the one who came up with the look and a lot of the character designs for the film. But enough about all that – let’s get our skin and ink on!

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Oct 15 2014

Five Things X-Men Days of Future Past Should Have Screwed Up …But Somehow Didn’t

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Days of Future Past had a lot of hype going for it, but nearly everything else going against it. The film, which came out on DVD and Blu-ray yesterday, is officially the seventh in the line of X-Men movies. It also marked the return of most of the cast for the first time in nearly a decade, including the reappearance of director Bryan Singer to the helm.

All the makings of a well-intentioned supergroup disaster were in the mix. The new film intended to merge the storyline of reboot installment The First Class while capturing the magic of Singer’s first two universally-praised entries into the franchise. On top of that, it was going to use one of the most well-regarded storylines from the X-Men comic series. A million unfathomably-obese Blob’s-worth of pressure was upon the entire production to not suck.

And did it succeed? Hell yes! Some critics and fanboys had lots of nitpicks, but by and large the film was popular with both audiences and critics. And China. China loved them some Days of Future Past. The fact that the Chinese adore Hugh Jackman and that Singer cast Chinese movie icon Fan Bingbing probably helped.

Regardless, Days of Future Past hardly stumbled, let alone fell on its face. Fully appreciating the fact that the movie was successful takes pointing out where other productions would have failed. For instance… Continue Reading »

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