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Sep 16 2014

Harry Potter as Told By Other Students

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Though Harry Potter was the hero of his story, it was just that. HIS story. What about if the events of the books were seen through the eyes of the other, unnamed student at Hogwarts rather than just Harry and his friends? They’re just wizards trying to learn wizardry, damnit!

I believe these are from Tickld, though I could be mistaken. In any case, I had to put them all above the jump because they’re funnier when consumed that way. What’s that? I should probably go re-read Harry Potter for the eleventh time? Yeah, sounds about right. Oooh, I haven’t read the ebook edition yet!


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Sep 16 2014

Team Extreme Archeology

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The most famous two archaeologists in pop culture (outside of Indiana Jones, who inspired them both) are most definitely Lara Croft and Nathan Drake, and though they never appear together in a game, they make for rather excellent couples cosplay.

I tried to dress up as Nathan Drake a few years back on Halloween, but I’ll admit this guy does a wayyy better job of it. Mostly due to that scarf. And handsomeness. Obviously lady Croft is flawless as well. There are more pictures to check out from their shoot below. I love that she bought an ice pick.  Continue Reading »

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Sep 15 2014

Cute Little Monster Disney Princesses

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No, Tim Burton is not working with Disney again to reboot all your beloved Princesses in ragdoll/zombie form (as cool as that may be). Rather, these are some pieces from artist NoFlutter who has given the Princesses a scary-ish makeover, while retaining maximum adorableness in the process.

There are individual shots of all the girls for you to check out below: Continue Reading »

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Sep 15 2014

Skuzzles’ Cult Horror Post Remakes

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Skuzzles has taken on a number of classic horror films, remaking their posters, but they haven’t done it just for fun. This is part of a larger commissioned project, it seems:

“Earlier in 2014, Skuzzles partnered with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) Studios and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment in developing artwork for 13 cult classic horror films. The DVDs and Blu-rays feature illustrated limited edition artwork created by a collective of incredible artists from all over the globe (Ghoulish Gary Pulin, Jason Edmiston, Todd Slater, Randy Ortiz, Josh Budich, Justin Osborne, Paul Shipper, Gregorz Domaradzki “Gabz”, Francesco Francavilla).”

That’s pretty awesome, and you should definitely check out the full colelction of covers below. The Last House on the Left is my favorite above (and my favorite film on the list), but they’re all worth checking out. Continue Reading »

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Sep 12 2014

An Amazing Collection of Terrifying, Realistic Pokemon

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This isn’t the first time we’ve featured RJ Palmer‘s realistic Pokemon art, but he’s been hard at work drafting more of these pieces, and now he’s got so many he’s actually releasing the collection as a book.

Palmer takes the standard cartoony Nintendo designs, and transforms the pocket monsters into ACTUAL MONSTERS, once again making me sad that Nintendo will never make a “badass” adult themed version of Pokemon where the creature battling is actually terrifying and epic.

You absolutely must check out the collection below: Continue Reading »

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Sep 12 2014

The Betrayal of Kong

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You kind of have to have seen Dawn of the Planet of the Apes to get this joke, but given that the movie made like five hundred gazillion dollars worldwide on the back of stellar reviews, I’m guessing that’s probably likely.

In this case, rather that trying to figure out if it was a man or monkey who shot a gun, it’s Cesar investigating death-by-barrel of a certain famed plumber/jumping enthusiast. Artist is Glen Brogan. Good show, my friend.

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Sep 12 2014

When Frozen Meets Pokemon

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It wouldn’t be a day at Unreality without some Disney or Pokemon crossover art, so why not both? Here, artist Isaiah Stephens has the characters of Frozen delve into the world of Pokemon training. The results? pretty damn cool.

Elsa, Kristoff, Anna and Hans all have their different specialties. Obviously Elsa is going to be ice, but Hans is poison because he’s EVILLLL. And Anna has a Venusaur because Anna is totally the Venusaur of that movie. Anyone who play Red/Blue should know what I mean.

Check out the other three below for yourself: Continue Reading »

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Sep 11 2014

When Disney Meets Avatar

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No not THAT Avatar, the other, cooler one. With elemental superpowers and a ridiculously good story better than almost anything else on TV. That one.

In any case, I can’t get over how massive this project is from artist Robby Cook. When people do Disney crossover art, they usually pick the six most popular princesses and stop there. Robby has gone full-roster here and has 23 different images in the gallery.

Check it out below and see which bending (or non-bending) tribes your favorite characters fall into. Lord knows they’re all here. Continue Reading »

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Sep 11 2014

Badass Superhero Themed Beers

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What’s better than drinking? Drinking with your favorite superheroes, of course. While you can’t actually do that, you can pretend to with these superhero themed beer bottles from artist Butcher Billy. Here’s what he has to say about crafting this collection:

“This collection of design concepts gather a distinctive line of heroes, antiheroes – or not heroes at all – that have in common a certain way of not being exactly the role model for your kids. Yet they’re in the pages of comics in your local book shop. These characters are the ones that enjoy a pint or two at the local pub before saving the world or – very often – making an even bigger mess. Like it or not, they are the interesting ones, not to mention the most fun. Because no one ever made superfriends by drinking milk.”

It is indeed the type of characters that would probably throw back two or three or twenty of these, and you can check out close-ups of them all below: Continue Reading »

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Sep 11 2014

Behold, Our Latest Batmo-tank

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Somewhere along the line, we decided that it wasn’t cool enough for Batman to just have a cool car with fins and a jet engine. He has to have a militarized quasi-tank in order to truly be cool. Above is the new design for the latest Batmobile, which is actually a slightly less tanky version than Nolan’s, but not by much. Also, it has a machine gun turret.

I love how the number one thing about Batman is that he refuses to use guns, but put him in a car and he can’t still shooting missiles and bullets all of a sudden. Unless those are pumping out rubber bullets or tear gas or something.

What do you think of it?

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Sep 10 2014

(Unfortunately Fake) Cornetto Trilogy Toys

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Artist Kibooki has crafted some unbelievably cool Cornetto trilogy toys that are in fact, unbelievable. As in, they’re not real, unfortunately. But they’re still cool to look at regardless, and you should definitely check out the other two below.

I really think that I should check out The World’s End again, as I feel that there’s a lot in that movie I missed the first time around, and I didn’t give it a fair shake. Also, I’ve seen Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz about ten times each, so I think the scales are a little bit unbalance. Continue Reading »

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