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Aug 15 2014

Gradio Hellboy

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Artist  Orlando Arocena has created a portrait of Hellboy unlike any I’ve seen before, but judging by his Behance page, he’s one to compose in unique art styles. This is tripping me out every time I look at it, and a few more glances might make me need to lie down.

It’s been too long since I’ve watched a Hellboy movie. Now Guillermo Del Toro has moved on to giant blockbusters and TV shows, and I have to wonder if Hellboy 3 will ever actually get made. We all need more Ron Perlman in our lives.

[via Xombie Dirge]

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Aug 15 2014

It’s Hamill Time

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I love Mark Hamill, don’t get me wrong, but age can often do not great things to everyone. As such, when Hamill was cast as an older version of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Episode VII, I was a bit worried as he hadn’t been looking particularly heroic for a while from all the pictures I’d seen of him, and I wasn’t sure how he’d slide back into a role like that.

Well, it seems that’s changed. The above photo was taken by Hamill’s son Nathan, showing his dad outside Ep. VII filming with his “contractually obligated beard.” He’s slimmed down and bulked up in the right places, and morphed into total badass mode once more. I’m sorry I ever doubted you, Mark. You shame me with your awesomeness.

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Aug 15 2014

Cosplay of the Day: The Perfect Nebula

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Ever cosplay so hard that the director of the film of the character you’re cosplaying actually pays you a direct compliment? Then you must not be Karin Olava, who has created a Nebula costume so on point, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn said that he “loves it.”

And how could anyone not? It’s one of those costumes that transcends costume, and you literally just are the person you’re dressing up as. You can check out more about the process of making the costume at Olava’s Instagram here, which reveals that yes, she actually did shave her head for this. I’m surprised she didn’t legally change her name from Karin to Karen, just to be one shade closer to the actual actress, Karen Gillan.

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Aug 14 2014

More Fun With Jedi Disney Princesses

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If you asked me how many Disney Princess variants we’ve featured over the past six years on Unreality, I’d laugh in your face and say I lost track at “Disney Princess Sloths.”

But if you asked how many Disney Princess JEDI we’ve come across over the years, I’d say two or three batches, including this new one from artist White-Magician. Her concept is “what if the princesses WEREN’T helpless to defend themselves,” with her solution giving them lightsabers. While Disney movies may not be the most progressive, I’d say at least Mulan and Pocahontas could take care of themselves when it came down to it, lightsabers or no.

Check out the gallery below. I left out a few that were prominently stamped with plugs for her Tumblr, but you can go hunt for them if you want. Continue Reading »

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Aug 14 2014

Adorable Little Super/Video Game Heroes

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Artist Rocky Davies is the man responsible for creating these sickeningly cute superhero/video game hero portraits seen above and below. Tony Stark’s is a little weird considering he still has a beard, but the rest are thoroughly cute.

Not sure why Samus Aran as a girl has bigger eyes than the other five combined, but it kind of breaks up the aesthetic strangely. We have enough giant anime eyes. I like the tiny little glass beads found on most of these guys. Check them out below:








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Aug 14 2014

Cosplay of the Day: The Littlest Leeloo

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I can’t say I’ve ever seen The Fifth Element’s Leeloo cosplayed by a kid before. Namely because usually the women are dressed up in the other costume, the one that involves bandages, more bandages, and nothing else.

Fortunately, this girl is using the other more fun, more conservative outfit, and has a partner (parent?) to match. I will be amazed if a girl that age has actually sat through all of The Fifth Element, but either way she gets props for this costume.

[via SGC]

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Aug 14 2014

Some Jedi Lightsaber Choreography

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Have you ever found yourself suddenly gifted with a lightsaber and force powers, but then had no idea what to do next? Well, don’t become the next Star Wars Kid, wildly flailing around in your garage.

Rather, follow this handy guide from artist Pere Perez, who has mapped out a few basic, and advanced lightsaber/force combos for your practicing pleasure.

The moves all end in killshots more gory than 90% of what we see in Star Wars films. Though I have to say it is rather genius to invent a bloodless weapon that seals wounds instantly without it seeming cheesy in practice. I’m curious to see how much violence they’ll try to get away with in Episode VII.

More diagrams below: Continue Reading »

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Aug 13 2014

All Pokemon as Alpacas

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pokemon alpaca

Am I supposed to have some sort of deep explanation as to where there are 152 Pokemon in alpaca form above here? An explanation other than “well, this is the internet?” I didn’t think so.

Artist Lopaki is the one who sat down and decided that alpaca variants of all original 152 needed to be made, and yes that includes glitch-paca, Missingno. Was there every a cooler moment in childhood gaming than discovering Missingno and the rare candy trick when you were a kid? I would argue no.

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Aug 13 2014

The Joker Trilogy

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Artist Chris Brake has made his own Batman trilogy with mugshots of the three most famous live-action Jokers from popular culture. There’s Ledger above, and you can see Nicholson’s and Romero’s below. If I had to include one more, it would be the Mark Hamill-voiced animated version, as that was the one I grew up with, and that laugh is burned into my brain forever.

When do you think the next time is that we’ll see a live action Joker? Namely, will Zack Snyder’s movies with Affleck Batman, or FOX’s Gotham get there first? Gotham is planting little hints about the arrival of the Joker all throughout the first season, and I can’t imagine they’ll be able to restrain themselves for more than a year, so that’s where my money is.

Check out the other two below: Continue Reading »

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Aug 12 2014

Guy Proposes to All Disney Princesses (It’s Not Me)

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One man lived out a childhood dream by attempting to marry all the Disney princesses in a recent trip to Disneyworld. He had his heart broken more often than not, but it was still a fun experiment.

I’m still trying to figure out if the end game was that Tinkerbell WAS actually his girlfriend, and she’s the one who ends up with the ring in the end. Because I’m not sure why else you’d have a ring in your pocket if you weren’t actually proposing to someone. Or if he did it just for this gallery, props to him.

Be sure to stay tuned until the very end… Continue Reading »

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Aug 12 2014

The Drogo Dream

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drogo dream

(click to enlarge)

Everything is kind of muted today after the death of Robin Williams, but we soldier on nonetheless.

The above shot was taken at a recent convention where a pretty accurate Khal Drogo cosplayer found himself surrounded by varying-degrees-of-accurate Daenerys Targaryen cosplays, some with dragons, some without, all looking particularly fierce. Bonus points if you used your actual hair, which I think two out of the thirteen did. Hell, even the actress herself doesn’t use her real hair, so respect if you can pull that off.

Alright, so who is man enough to eat the horse’s heart to please Drogo?


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