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Jul 08 2014

The Final Countdown: Comedy Horror, FXX and Forza Horizon 2

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Go here to see small changes that change comedies to horror films.

“They say there’s a fine line between comedy and tragedy. Apparently, there’s also a fine line between comedy and unrelenting horror. We asked you to make small changes to some of our favorite comedies, rendering them into hellish nightmares.”

The Countdown

FXX orders Jay Baruchel comedy – [TVO]
Forza Horizon 2 actually using Kinect – [Insert Coin]
A pug reenacts Independence Day – [FilmDrunk]
Ranking DC comic films based on source material – [Gammasquad]
Thoughts of a level one boss – [GeeksAreSexy]
Jogger yells at Rob Ford – [Uncoached]
The most expensive cereals on the market – [Worthly]
Mug Shot lands man modeling contract – [CelebrityToob]
Funny quotes from stand-up comics – [TheChive]
Instant Netflix dates – [WWIW]

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Jul 07 2014

The Final Countdown: Animated Blockbusters, Kindergarten Detective and The Cole Train

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Go here to see highest grossing animated movies of all time.

“Animated movies are not only for children. While they are usually targeted at the younger crowd, filmmakers know they’re not getting children into theaters unless parents are willing to see a particular movie with them, which is why so many animated films have an underlying sense of humor adults can appreciate and children adore. It might not surprise you to see which animated movies are the highest-grossing animations to date; four of the top five were created in the past decade.”

The Countdown

If True Detective was Kindergarten Cop – [Cracked]

The Cole Train returning to new Gears of War – [Insert Coin]

Why Hemlock Grove may go well – [TVO]

A breakdown of the Seinfeld pilot – [WarmingGlow]

Beer guy at a game makes a great catch – [Uncoached]

Fake leaked Star Wars footage – [GeeksAreSexy]

Two new actors added to Star Wars – [Pajiba]

Iconic roles almost played by Tom Cruise – [FilmDrunk]

The best news headline of the day – [WWIW]

Awesome sand art from 150 years ago – [TheChive]

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Jul 03 2014

The Final Countdown: Doomed Movies, Best Episodes and Free, “Free” and Free* Games

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Go here to see upcoming movies that are doomed.

“There are a thousand things that can go wrong at any moment and torpedo an entire movie production. Sometimes the actor playing Jesus gets struck by lightning, or a nearly mummified Han Solo breaks his leg on an angry door that was surely possessed by the ghost of Greedo. And other times you need strangers on an Internet comedy site to tell you when to throw in the towel on your unwatchable boondoggle.”

The Countdown

The five best episodes of 2014 so far – [Pajiba]
Dungeon Keeper punished for being “free” – [Insert Coin]
A tribute to Babylon 5 – [TVO]
John Cena to turn heel in a movie – [FilmDrunk]
Two dads battle using kids toys – [GeeksAreSexy]
Cooking bacon with a machine gun – [Uncoached]
The five highest grossing Disney movies – [Worthly]
Five things you didn’t know about Daniel Craig – [CelebrityToob]
19 fascinating history photos – [Caveman]
Every maid of honor speech ever – [WWIW]
Frozen lookalike surprises little girl – [TheChive]

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Jul 02 2014

The Final Countdown: Actor Methods, Engineering Jobs and EA is Wrong

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Go here to see the craziest ways actors got into character.

“Method actors be crazy. Everybody knows that Christopher Walken devours six live doves before each take, and that Daniel Day-Lewis owns and makes liberal use of a time machine to research all of his roles. But there’s nothing that says method acting always pays off: Sometimes you fall in love with a role, take a big gamble and sacrifice huge parts of your time, life, and career to living in that role, and then end up starring in Hope Floats.”

The Countdown

The five highest paying engineering jobs – [Worthly]
EA’s Peter Moore is wrong about everything – [Insert Coin]
Sherlock will be back in 2015 – [TVO]
Ten heartwarming animal rescue stories – [Uncoached]
Cool Marvel stained glass – [GeeksAreSexy]
Horrible Bosses 2 teaser – [FilmDrunk]
What is Ryan Reynolds doing now? – [Pajiba]
Behind the scenes of Price is Right – [WWIW]
Random stuff that is 100% real – [Izismile]

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Jul 01 2014

The Final Countdown: Transformers Songs, Pop Culture Questions and Escape Dead Island

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Go here to see the songs Transformers needs.

“Thankfully, here at Filmdrunk Industries, Inc. (Slogan: “We make mirth so you don’t have to!?)” we strive to offer the very best in movie director consulting. Here are ten superb contextual songs that could be (or could have been) woven seamlessly into the Transformers franchise. C’mon Bay-man Islands, it’s never too late to start changing your destiny. Just ask Saruman!”

The Countdown

Pop culture questions answered by superfans – [Cracked]
Escape Dead Island looks crazy and weird – [Insert Coin]
The top ten fictional Canadians – [Pajiba]
FOX cancels new Egypt show before it airs – [TVO]
The Captain American statistics song – [GeeksAreSexy]
Athletes who should embrace their baldness – [Uncoached]
Nintendo’s highest selling game systems – [Worthly]
Beyonce is the most powerful celebrity – [CelebrityToob]
29 celebrity impressions in one song – [WWIW]
Back to the Future’s Easter Egg – [TheChive]
Guides to do useless things – [Izismile]
Understand soccer for bandwagon-jumpers – [Caveman]

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Jun 30 2014

The Final Countdown: KFC Ads, Bollywood Remakes and PS4/XB1 Ad Battle

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KFC Introduces New, Healthier Menu

Go here to see five awesome KFC commercials.

“Ever since I saw a Walter Payton KFC Ad (which is in this list), I kind of wanted to find a bunch of KFC Commercials.   Honestly I have no clue why.  I suppose Burger Kind and McDonalds are better targets.  However, I’ve eaten at both of these places.  For some reason I’ve never, in my entire life, had the pleasure of eating at a Kentucky Fried Chicken.”

The Countdown

Five insane Bollywood remakes – [Cracked]
Sony dramatically outspending Microsoft for PS4 ads – [Insert Coin]
The ten best movies of 2014 so far – [Pajiba]
Transformers makes tons of money for some reason – [FilmDrunk]
A Star Trek pet chair bed – [GeeksAreSexy]
24: Live Another Day is supremely popular – [TVO]
The five richest owners in the NBA – [Worthly]
Amy Adams gives up seat for serviceman – [CelebrityToob]
Artist photoshops his crazy dreams – [TheChive]
A video for the FB like addicted – [Caveman]
Paris Hilton arrives from the future – [OMGBLOG]

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Jun 27 2014

The Final Countdown: Amazon Local, Movie Scenes and Stoneheart

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Amazon Holds News Conference

Go here to see five things you didn’t know about Amazon local.

“In a time when digital deals are more popular than ever – and more widely available than ever – it only makes sense that some of the biggest companies in the world would get involved. Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers around, and the company is not about to let sites such as Groupon and Living Social corner the market in local deals. Read on to find out five things you absolutely must know about Amazon Local.”

The Countdown

Deleted movie scenes that would explain everything – [Cracked]
Game of Thrones makes the biggest book change yet – [Insert Coin]
The Strain has a five season plan already – [TVO]
How to build a homemade AC unit – [GeeksAreSexy]
Michael Bay’s 9 rules of filmmaking – [FilmDrunk]
Five athletes who shouldn’t make the hall of fame – [Uncoached]
Boy Meets World back with a twist – [CelebrityToob]
The joy of not watching everything – [Pajiba]
The best Arnold compilation ever – [Neatorama]
What a sumo wrestler eats daily – [Caveman]
Everyone getting fired from The View – [OMGBLOG]

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Jun 26 2014

The Final Countdown: Mysterious Deaths, Athletic Actors and Destiny Beta

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Go here to see mysterious deaths.

“Disclaimer for any government officials, mobsters, or assassins in general reading this: We don’t really believe that any of the following conspiracy theories about mysterious deaths are true, disturbingly compelling though they may be. We’re only funning around here. With that out of the way, here’s some shady shit that definitely went down:”

The Countdown

Ten actors who are good at sports – [Uncoached]
Destiny’s Beta coming Xbox in July – [Insert Coin]
The five richest female tennis players – [Worthly]
Five TV shows with twist endings – [TVO]
Jillian Michaels leaves The Biggest Loser – [CelebrityToob]
Speeding around the world in five minutes – [GeeksAreSexy]
First look at Mad Max: Fury Road – [FilmDrunk]
The Chive is hiring – [theChive]
Baby pictures recreated as adults – [WWIW]
What’s it like in North Korea? – [Caveman]

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Jun 24 2014

The Final Countdown: Louis CK Stole His Theme Song, AMC’s Turn, and XBox One

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FX Networks Upfront Premiere Screening Of "Fargo"

Go here to see how Louis CK Jacked his theme song

Is it possible?  Is it true?  Looks like there’s conclusive evidence out there that Louis C.K, the man who accused Dane Cook of stealing his jokes may very well have stolen material of his own.  While we think this is pure comedy and nothing major, it’s pretty obvious that Louis C.K. really liked the WWE when it was the WWF and Ted Debiase was around.

The Countdown

AMC picks up Turn for season two – [TVO]
Xbox One’s next big hurdle – [Insert Coin]
Game of Thrones intro with pugs – [GeeksAreSexy]
Are these the 25 best Seinfeld episodes? – [WarmingGlow]
Five things about Cristiano Ronaldo – [Uncoached]
The five highest historical oil prices – [Worthly]
10 amazing physical transformations for movies – [CelebrityToob]
An amazing Godzilla costume – [TheChive]
25 derpy cats – [Caveman]
Grizzly eats a GoPro camera – [Neatorama]
The best of Comedy Central roasts – [WWIW]

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Jun 23 2014

The Final Countdown: College Classes, Wildlife Warfare and PS4 vs. Xbox One in US

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Universities Anticipate High Numbers Of Students

Go here to see ten college classes that actually exist.

“Whether you think so or not, college was a pretty easy place in life.  The majority of people who attend college are going there on their parents’ bill.  There’s virtually zero responsibility and we all know well over 50% of people wind up doing something career wise that has nothing to do with their majors.  I’m sure the number is higher but I don’t feel like doing the research.”

The Countdown

How saving wildlife is now warfare – [Cracked]
The electoral map of console popularity – [Insert Coin]
Ten things you didn’t know about NCIS – [TVO]
The richest college football coaches – [Worthly]
Rambo 5 may actually happen – [FilmDrunk]
The Voice introduces new judges – [CelebrityToob]
The Wachowskis have a new Netflix show – [Pajiba]
Final trailer for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – [GeeksAreSexy]
The best news headline of the day – [WWIW]
The best timed photos – [Izismile]
An awesome new retro video game – [OmgBlog]
Hilarious drawings from 1910 – [TheChive]

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Jun 20 2014

The Final Countdown: Bad Avengers, HBO/Amazon and Jim Carrey’s Vintage Moments

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Go here to see small but disastrous changes to the Avengers movies.

“Thanks to great acting, superb storytelling, and Mark Ruffalo, the Avengers films are quickly establishing themselves as one of the best franchises in film history. But what would these movies be like if everyone on board suddenly just didn’t give a shit anymore?”

The Countdown

HBO’s impressive deal with Amazon – [TVOvermind]
Great clips of when Jim Carrey used to be funny – [Uncoached]
The state of eight different video game movies – [Insert Coin]
Five things you didn’t know about Actor Bruce McGill – [Celebritytoob]
A Barbie movie is coming – [FilmDrunk]
15 interesting things from George RR Martin interview – [Pajiba]
Sweded trailer for Godzilla – [GeeksAreSexy]
Australians prank their friend – [TheChive]
Ellen goes on Game of Thrones – [Neatorama]
GIFs that will teach you something – [Izismile]
12 beloved movies about something different originally – [io9]
Obama plays robot soccer – [WWIW]
Departed actors’ final roles – [Maxim]
Ten animated storylines continued after death – [Gunaxin]

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