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Jul 31 2014

The Final Countdown: Loud Quotes, Boredom Killing and Destiny Raids

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loud noises

Go here to see the best triple exclamation point quotes in cinema.

Some quotes are louder than others, and the yelled ones are often the most memorable in certain movies. Here are 25 quotes that are memorable for their words, but also their volume.

The Countdown

Eight free games to kill boredom – [Cracked]

Destiny requires five friends for raids – [Insert Coin]

Time Warner loses 152,000 subscribers – [TVO]

Best new trailer for Interstellar – [GeeksAreSexy]

Jamie Foxx will play Mike Tyson – [FilmDrunk]

Great Meryl Streep quotes – [SheBudgets]

Celebrities who regret their public statements – [CelebrityToob]

These are the worst people – [Izismile]

The highest grossing Harry Potter movies – [Worthly]

Paranormal Pugtivity – [theChive]

The ’80s at its finest – [WWIW]

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Jul 30 2014

The Final Countdown: Rags to Riches, Rambo and Nintendo Woes

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Go here to see the best rags to riches movies.

“Everyone loves a good rags to riches story, when someone starts out at the bottom of the world and rises to the top. Some of these tales come from real life, and have been adapted into film. Others are invented by Hollywood itself, and become myth after release. The following films are some of the most classic and beloved examples of our love affair with getting rich, and all can be watched way more than once. If I’ve forgotten any that are close to your heart, feel free to suggest them in the comments.”

The Countdown

Soldiers more badass than Rambo – [Cracked]
Nintendo posts another huge loss despite MK8 – [Insert Coin]
Celebrating Arnold’s best lines – [FilmDrunk]
Five things about new WW Gal Gadot – [TVO]
A cool Aperture messenger bag – [GeeksAreSexy]
How to use a cell phone tracker – [SheBudgets]
Why Sons of Anarchy is right for Lea Michele – [CelebrityToob]
On man’s amazing workout routine – [TheChive]
The leaked Deadpool test footage is amazing – [WWIW]
Girl is devastated when her brother grows up – [Izismile]
DMX loses it on a theme park ride – [OMGBLOG]

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Jul 29 2014

The Final Countdown: TV Show Credits, Why Movies Went Wrong and EA’s New Service

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Go here to see TV shows you need to watch until the end.

“Everyone talks about wonderful opening credits — the breathtaking landscapes of the dreary deserts on The Bridge, or the faces of female inmates and that awesome Regina Spektor song (hey, I’m a fan) on Orange is the New Black, or even the awful ones, like the painted flyaway victims on The Leftovers. But what about those shows with brilliant closing credits?”

The Countdown

Behind the scenes on why movies went wrong – [Cracked]
EA debuts new subscription service for Xbox Live – [Insert Coin]
Kyra Sedgewick coming to Comic Con – [TVO]
New teaser for Boardwalk Empire – [WarmingGlow]
Batman now lives in London – [GeeksAreSexy]
How to make distilled water – [SheBudgets]
The weirdest sports mascots – [TheChive]
The highest grossing Dwayne Johnson movies – [Worthly]
Five facts about Drew Barrymore – [CelebrityToob]
Some Tuesday tattoo fails – [WWIW]
Doctor distracts kids for shot – [Izismile]

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Jul 28 2014

The Final Countdown: Movie Plots, Cheap Cars and Destiny’s Scale

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Go here to see dumb things movies do to advance the plot.

“Hollywood has endless ways of making us feel bad about ourselves — movie heroes and villains alike are always sexier, richer, funnier, and far more capable of kung fu than we are in real life. That’s why pointing out the dumb mistakes that movie characters make is one of our favorite things to talk about.”

The Countdown

The least expensive cars in the world – [Worthly]
Destiny may be smaller than everyone thinks – [Insert Coin]
The ten best celebrities of 2004 – [Pajiba]
The best TV mustaches – [TVO]
Awesome Star Trek pizza cutter – [GeeksAreSexy]
Lea Michele on Sons of Anarchy? – [CelebrityToob]
Leaked Deadpool movie footage – [FilmDrunk]
15 month old is a wizard – [theChive]
Five band T-shirts to own – [SheBudgets]
The funniest sportsfan masks ever – [WWIW]
Sibling rivalry at its best – [Izismile]

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Jul 25 2014

The Final Countdown: Celebrity Theories, Actor Bands and Destiny Beta Open to All

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Go here to see insane celebrity conspiracy theories.

“Celebrities and wacky conspiracy theories are a pairing that has existed since time immemorial. More often than not, these “groundbreaking secrets about famous folks” have perfectly mundane explanations.”

The Countdown

12 bands fronted by famous actors – [CelebrityToob]
Bungie opens up the Destiny beta to everyone – [Insert Coin]
The 15 best high school TV shows of all time – [TVO]
Another new image of Zack Snyder’s Batman – [Pajiba]
A Vader outdoor fireplace – [GeeksAreSexy]
An anti-tribute to Kramer – [WarmingGlow]
Supercars with the worst gas mileage – [Worthly]
How to make money blogging from home – [SheBudgets]
Dog breeds prone to obesity – [PuppyToob]
Facts to impress your friends – [TheChive]
Time lapse of disintegrating objects – [Izismile]
Weird Al’s best music videos – [WWIW]

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Jul 24 2014

The Final Countdown: Video Game Commercials, Kiefer Sutherland and Uncharted Movie

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game boy micro

Go here to see the most cringe-inducing video game commercials.

If you don’t know what we mean, look no further than video game advertisements. For decades, out-of-touch marketers who have never held a controller in their lives have tried to come up with ad campaigns that make their game seem “hip” or “edgy.” The results are, let’s just say, awkward …

The Countdown

Kiefer Sutherland reveals his favorite 24 moments – [TVO]
The Uncharted movie has a release date – [Insert Coin]
Robin Thicke’s hilarious acting debut – [FilmDrunk]
Celebrities with their own video games – [Worthly]
Fight Club sequel is a miniseries – [GeeksAreSexy]
When Summer Glau has been nerd royalty – [WarmingGlow]
Tatiana Maslany doing Shaun of the Dead – [Pajiba]
How to get rid of bed bugs – [SheBudgets]
Five things you didn’t know about Dennis Leary – [CelebrityToob]
Some facts about the human body – [theChive]
The youngest tattoo artist in the world – [Izismile]
Darth Vader gets a car – [WWIW]

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Jul 23 2014

The Final Countdown: Stereotypes, Turing and Big Bang

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Go here to see offensive stereotypes that are still around.

“In case you didn’t know, it’s the 21st Century. And also in case you didn’t know, Hollywood still has stereotypes it loves to perpetuate.”

The Countdown

The first Turing trailer – [FilmDrunk]
In defense of Big Bang Theory – [Pajiba]
Lessons learned from Kim Kardashian: Hollywood – [Insert Coin]
NPH coming to American Horror Story – [TVO]
George Clooney is marrying up – [SheBudgets]
A shotgun silencer – [TheChive]
The most expensive swords in the world – [Worthly]
Is a Fight Club sequel happening – [CelebrityToob]
Some strange real life products – [Izismile]
The best news headline of the day – [WWIW]
33 beautiful motorcycles – [Caveman]
David Lynch making yoga wear – [OMGBLOG]

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Jul 22 2014

The Final Countdown: Gaming Companies, Plot Holes and World of Warcraft

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xbox one8

Go here to see the richest gaming companies in the world.

“Video Games become more popular each year; whether it’s releasing the hottest games or revealing a new console, there is tons of money in the business. Video games have evolved from being mindless fun to offering some of the best graphics and touching stories out there comparable to modern movies and television.”

The Countdown

Plot holes you didn’t notice in movies – [Cracked]
World of Warcraft still a $1B powerhouse – [Insert Coin]
Six actors who should be in new Fargo – [Pajiba]
How to find an exoplanet – [GeeksAreSexy]
Fred Durst directing eHarmony commercials – [FilmDrunk]
Lucy Lawless coming to Agents of SHIELD – [TVO]
The most intimidating athletes – [Uncoached]
Jonah Hill officiates a wedding – [CelebrityToob]
History depicted through Instagram – [theChive]
John Oliver’s problems with the prison system – [Izismile]
The best headline of the day – [WWIW]

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Jul 21 2014

The Final Countdown: Actor Performances, Bus Thief and Destiny Info

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Go here to see amazing performances from not-acting actors.

Acting is hard, and directing actors is even harder. Some of the best directors have spent decades mastering their art so they can draw out the precise emotions they’re looking for. Other directors, as we have shown you before, just decide that the whole “acting” thing is overrated and that it’s easier to get a good scene by genuinely traumatizing someone. Here are some examples of the latter school of thought.

The Countdown

12 year old steals two school buses – [Uncoached]
Why Destiny doesn’t have cross-platform play – [Insert Coin]
The most expensive phone bills of all time – [Worthly]
Five amazing Twilight Zone episodes – [TVOvermind]
10 burning questions from The Leftovers – [Pajiba]
Why is it hot underground? – [GeeksAreSexy]
True Blood star joins Daredevil cast – [CelebrityToob]
Facebook people that believe The Onion – [TheChive]
Video of a terrifying rock slide – [Izismile]
Kim Jong Un wants a video down – [WWIW]
New American Horror images – [OMGBLOG]
The beginner’s guide to goal setting – [Caveman]

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Jul 18 2014

The Final Countdown: Subliminal Messages, Annoying Movie People and eSports on ESPN

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Go here to see subliminal messages you missed.

“Easter eggs are all the rage these days. It seems like you can sit down with any film from the last 10 years and find some hidden intentional reference to another movie, director, or actor. But as it turns out, we’ve been missing a whole lot more than we realized.”

The Countdown

The five most annoying people at the movies – [Uncoached]

Why eSports doesn’t need ESPN – [Insert Coin]

Sean Bean drops all sorts of Game of Thrones spoilers – [Pajiba]

The five best X-Files episodes – [TVO]

OJ almost played The Terminator – [FilmDrunk]

New Captain America revealed on Colbert Report – [GeeksAreSexy]

Young bull owns a matador – [Izismile]

Little kid scores an awesome goal – [WWIW]

The most intense places on the planet – [theChive]

15 celebrities who had to learn English – [CelebrityToob]

The most expensive Lexuses – [Worthly]

Rainbow Brite getting a reboot – [OMGBLOG]

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Jul 17 2014

The Final Countdown: Character Rip-Offs, Will Ferrell Sequels and Kardashian Video Game

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Go here to see characters that are secretly rip-offs.

“It’s become commonplace nowadays for the unwashed masses to scream at Hollywood about regurgitating the same concepts over and over again. But this is nothing new — Tinsel Town has been ripping itself off for years, and most likely on purpose because that’s what kind of bastards those guys are.”

The Countdown

Will we ever seen another Will Ferrell sequel? – [FilmDrunk]
Kim Kardashian may make $85M from her video game – [Insert Coin]
When Twin Peaks meets the Muppets – [TVO]
Pikachu themed cafe’s awesome meals – [GeeksAreSexy]
The creepy shows of Canadian youth – [Pajiba]
Wrestlers in their 50s – [Uncoached]
15 celebrities who walked away – [CelebrityToob]
The highest grossing Star Wars movies – [Worthly]
15 amazing food movies – [SheBudgets]
Odd Google searches get GIF-ed – [TheChive]
The best news headline of the day – [WWIW]

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