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Oct 02 2014

Cosplay of the Day: Lil’ Shepard

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lil shepard

I’m not sure if eight year olds actually play Mass Effect, as I think they’re all into Skylanders and Minecraft and what not, but at least one kid knows what’s up. Taken ahead of the Pittsburgh Comicon costume contest, this little bro is looking fresh in his padded N7 armor. Like, how could he not win? That expression alone makes the costume.

Man, when I was a kid I put on a red shirt, blue overalls and stuck brown paper to my face so I could be Mario for Halloween. My, how times have changed.

[via Fashionably Geek]

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Oct 01 2014

Cosplay of the Day: Has Science Gone Too Far?

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Why yes, you ARE looking at sexy Scyther cosplay, a Pokemon that I never thought I’d see in this format. And honestly, it’s really damn good! The concept was executed by Termina Cosplay, who had the fortitude to go where no other Pokemon cosplayer had gone before. Though given that this is the internet, I suppose I’m about to be linked to like 20 other sexy Scyther costumes I’ve somehow missed over the years.

There are many more photos in the series for you to check out below, which show just how cool this costume actually is. You can also think of her as “badass Tinkerbell” too if that helps, which was actually my first thought when I saw this originally. Continue Reading »

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Sep 30 2014

Cosplay of the Day: Tis Only a Scratch

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black knight

Behold, some show stealing Monty Python cosplay by Daniel at the Edmonton Expo, where he dressed up like the famed Black Knight after a particularly grueling battle.

And no, he’s not just really good at folding up his arms and legs. Daniel lacks both in real life, but obviously not a sense of humor, and was able to cosplay as one of the few characters out there that requires an complete and utter lack of him. Good work, my friend.

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Sep 25 2014

Cosplay of the Day: Batman Rides Again

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I’ve seen more Batman cosplay than I can count at this point, but a Western variant? I think that’s only existed in fan art to date so far.

Not anymore with Hybrid Cosplay‘s new gunslinger Batman ensemble, which also comes with a high-class hooker Robin, because of course it does. She can be seen below. I love how in most cosplay it’s just assumed Robin is a girl now.

Batman has lost his ears, but gained a gun with a little bat on it, so that’s cool. This should definitely be Red Dead Redemption DLC. Continue Reading »

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Sep 24 2014

Some Iron Man Armor Variants

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Even if it took him a huge amount of time to build the first one, once Tony Stark had one Iron Man suit, he couldn’t stop there. Comic readers will know just how many he has, and we got a taste of that in the insane climax of Iron Man 3.

Now, artist Clog Two has come up with a few pretty cool designs of his own. There are two samurai-inspired versions, one above, and a few hulking tank-like ones which you can check out below.

I really have no idea what to expect out of the inevitable Iron Man 4, but I wouldn’t mind one or two of these designs making it in. Continue Reading »

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Sep 22 2014

Cosplay of the Day: Can You Cosplay a Smile?

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Sure it helps your cosplay if you have a perfect costume and a passing resemblance to the character you’re playing, but having the attitude of the character in question goes a long way as well, and that’s certainly the case for Maya Dinerstein here.

In addition to looking like she could be Jewel Staite’s little sister or at least first cousin, her Firefly costume is amplified by her radiant, Kaylee-esque smile that’s the highlight of the photo above. I wish there were more in the series, but when you have a photo this good, one is enough, I suppose.

[via Fashionably Geek]

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Sep 19 2014

Little Magneto Will Bend Your Heart

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Kids in costume? It used to be called Halloween, but now it’s “cosplay” and has taken over this site, for I don’t know, six years now. It’s nice to see that little kids are carrying on the tradition of dressing up as superheroes from when I was a kid, though my homemade Wolverine costume with pencil claws never looked as cool as this.

This girl’s name is Monk. Her costume is called Monkneto. This picture is amazing. This is all your really need to know.

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Sep 18 2014

Cosplay of the Day: This. Is. Hall-o-ween.

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The Nightmare Before Christmas was one of those movies I wasn’t allowed to watch as a kid because of the fact that it would probably give me nightmares despite its myriad of musical numbers, so I didn’t actually end up watching it until uh, college.

Needless to say, it still holds up well over time, even as we’re (mostly) shifting away from this kind of animation and into pure CGI (other than rare Boxtrolls exceptions).

The above? That’s no animation prop. That’s cosplay from Fenski who has created just about the most perfect Skellington costume you can imagine, outside of having the physical proportions of Slenderman. Amazing stuff.

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Sep 16 2014

Cosplay of the Day: Lady Sherlock

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Sherlock appears to be yet another one of those characters like Link who is more effectively cosplayed by the opposite gender. I’m not sure what that says about Benedict Cumberbatch in this case, but it’s hard to say that cosplayer  Mi-caw-ber has done anything other than a bang-up job with her costume here.

You can see a few more shots of her in action below, including the full trenchcoat which is a must-have for any Sherlock ensemble. Scarves can only get you so far, after all.  Continue Reading »

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Sep 16 2014

Team Extreme Archeology

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The most famous two archaeologists in pop culture (outside of Indiana Jones, who inspired them both) are most definitely Lara Croft and Nathan Drake, and though they never appear together in a game, they make for rather excellent couples cosplay.

I tried to dress up as Nathan Drake a few years back on Halloween, but I’ll admit this guy does a wayyy better job of it. Mostly due to that scarf. And handsomeness. Obviously lady Croft is flawless as well. There are more pictures to check out from their shoot below. I love that she bought an ice pick.  Continue Reading »

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Sep 09 2014

Cosplay of the Day: ROOF-FIE-AAAAAA!

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Why yes, I do sort of just add an “a” to everything when it comes to crossplay, and today is no exception. This is Rufio turned Rufia by RedStarCosplay who has clearly done a fantastic job with the concept. It’s tempting me to go back and watch Hook, but I think Robin Williams would make me too sad.

Check out more pictures in this series here, where sadly she does not end up butchering Captain Hook with that mean-looking sword.

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