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Jun 23 2014

Five Amazing Graphic Novels (From Last Few Years)

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I genuinely believe escapism an essential element to life. Your life will have deaths and sickness and bills and strife, but you can always escape into someone else’s hellish life and feel a little better about your own. Graphic novels do this for me. They take me from wherever I am, and bring me somewhere else. You can look at it like a graphic novel, but I look at it like a spaceship. I climb into it and leave my worries behind for a little bit. That is how it has always worked for me, and how it will always work for me. Though I have talked up graphic novels on various occasions, today I wanted to bring some up from the last few years, specifically. Give these books a shot. It might just amaze you how far they transport you from your own life and the worries you face every day. They sure help with mine, and lately, I have had my share.

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Jun 20 2014

Alright Man, You Win

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Some cosplay is so ridiculously awesome, nobody else even has a chance. This is one of those times. I’m not sure who the man on the stilts is, but this is far and away the best Galactus cosplay in the known universe, and the fact that he’s fighting an adorable Princess Fiona certainly helps things as well.

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Jun 19 2014

Orange is the New Black and the Onset of Male Obsolescence


So has everybody finished binge-watching the second season of Netflix’s best original show yet? Good. This one got me thinking after a particularly amusing exchange between two of the show’s black sheep characters, the prison’s hapless male counselor, Healey, and formerly psychotic hillbilly inmate, Pennsatucky, in which the former was attempting to inform his fellow anti-lesbian crusader of the feminist world domination agenda as put forth in a some book he was reading. As we all know, anything pandering to our personal insecurities in written form is automatically true; especially if they charge us for it. Ironically, this led to Pennsatucky seeking out the lesbianest lesbian she could find, Big Boo, in order to volunteer for the anti-male crusade. Boo happily (and hilariously) obliged her, although she could barely do it with a straight face.

While the idea of a real live lesbian feminist agenda to create mass male extinction is comedic to say the least, the obvious insecurity that led the character of Healey -a man surrounded by and tasked with dealing with a gender he has no clue how to relate to- is all too real. I mean, sure the male gender has maintained a dominant stranglehold on pretty much everything on the planet, but when you get down to it, what are we really good for? Sperm donations and jar-opening? If we ever develop methods of asexual reproduction and a smoother lid, surely the fairer sex will rise up and wipe us out?

Okay, maybe not, but in terms of media representation, Orange is the New Black is helping to blaze an interesting trail in entertainment and doing it in style. We’re talking about a popular television show of high quality with an entertainment factor that’s off the charts and it barely features any male characters of worth. Ladies have sat through decades of damsels in distress, Bechdel test failures, and various other lackluster portrayals of their gender in favor of more screentime for their male counterparts. It’s almost shocking to see the trope reversed so completely and successfully. Continue Reading »

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Jun 19 2014

Look Upon These Watchmen Covers and Despair

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Dave Gibbons was tasked with designing the covers for the French version of Watchmen, and it’s clear from the final prints that he delivered. Nearly all the main characters are featured, though my favorite has to be chubby Nite Owl, who looks like a sausage in a casing.

You can check out the full series below, and watch the clock count to midnight. I need to go read this again, it’s been too long. I really didn’t hate the movie as much as everyone else did either, though I suppose I’m something of a Zack Snyder apologist. Anyway, see the collection below: Continue Reading »

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Jun 18 2014

An Excellent Batman/Nightwing Rework

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batman nightwing1

There are ways to subtly redesign Batman that don’t need to involve him wearing mech armor or medieval scale mail or anything like that. One such vision comes from Dan Mora, who just wanted to give the Dark Knight and Nightwing a few tweaks.

I really like the new utility belt and cowl/cape that attaches with straps. Even the pants are pretty cool, though I can’t quite say why. I don’t know Nightwing well enough to say all that’s different with him, but he’s looking pretty fresh as well. Check him out below. Continue Reading »

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Jun 16 2014

Little Heroes and Villains by Darren Rawlings

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Superheroes get cute in this fantastic series from Darren Rawlings, which caught the eye of Brian Michael Bendis, and appeared on his Tumblr. It shows a host of different Marvel characters remade in a much cuter animation style than usual, with character studies done on Wolvie, Spidey, Punisher(ie?) and a few others. Both heroes and villains make an appearance here, and if this all culminated in some new animated series, I wouldn’t complain.

Check out the full collection below, including my favorite piece which has Silver Surfer picking up fast food for Galactus. Continue Reading »

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Jun 16 2014

Japanese Batman Fan Art

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Via the blog Apocalypse Polakiewicz comes this series of Batman prints from artist…Veidaios? Veidsos? I can’t read that signature. I can’t read Japanese, but I’m guessing that A) that is Japanese, right? and B) that is says either the character name, one of their catch phrases, or a Batman-themed pun.

There are more below, including Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, The Joker, and of course, Batman himself. It’s a cool series, and if I track down a purchasable link, I’ll post it here.  Continue Reading »

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Jun 02 2014

Dave Rapoza’s Avengers

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6-1-2014 3-30-51 PM

It’s been a long while since we’ve featured anything from Dave Rapoza. Strange, because he used to be one of our favorite artists with his epic CGI-remakes of classic characters.

Now, he’s veered away from digital art, and is back in the saddles with a series of rather excellent Avengers portraits. He’s covered the four main heroes, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and Captain America, because let’s be honest, Black Widow and Hawkeye will forever be second string.

It’s a great series, and I’d love to see more superheroes out of him. Continue Reading »

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May 29 2014

A Horrible X-Men Coloring Book Inspires Artists

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Let me see if I can get the origin story of this art series straight. Brandon Bird found an old X-Men comic full of pretty horrible and ridiculous pictures, and then asked his artist friends to make their own versions of each of the pages in whatever style they saw fit.

In the end, the result is nearly 20 pages of X-Men craziness that still somehow isn’t as awful as the original artwork. I kind of of love it, and you should check out the entire project below. Guy sure has a lot of artist friends! I have like, one.

Friend, that is. Continue Reading »

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May 29 2014

Rhys Cooper’s Femme Fatales

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MALEFICENT solo print fin

It’s clear why artist Rhys Cooper is getting his own solo show for his amazing “Femme Fatale” artwork. He’s drawn on pop culture to produce the Femme-iest Fatales of all, which include Maleficent (pre-Angelina Jolie version), Poison Ivy, Rogue, Little Red Riding Hood, annnnd one more I can’t quite place. Hawkgirl? You tell me.

Check out the full series below. Would make a great series of prints to own. Continue Reading »

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May 23 2014

More Cute Marvel/DC Clones

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I know I’ve featured a number of these Marvel/DC clone character pieces before, but I think that artist Darren Rawlsy added a whole bunch of new ones, so I figured I would give them a feature.

The full collection is below, and serves to illustrate just how much Marvel and DC copy one another. Don’t even ask me if I know which one came first 90% of the time here, but I’m sure many of you know.  Continue Reading »

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