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Oct 21 2014

Casting the Amalgam Universe Movies Phase 2

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Fire up your Tamagotchi and pop on The Spice Girls, we’re bring the 90s into today by casting Phase 2 of the Amalgam Universe comic book movies. For you Unrealtors who may have missed the first edition of this article, the Amalgam Universe was a once-in-a-True-Believer’s-lifetime event where the big two comic publishers, Marvel and DC, decided to throw their respective universes into one big blender and publish books with whatever came out. It was fascinating, it was fun, and it’ll never happen again.

However, happen it did and in this wild world of comic cinema who knows who will be trading quips on the silver screen. So, assuming we’re following the Marvel Studios system, let’s see who’d be donning tights, capes, and maybe a helmet or two for Amalgam Universe Phase 2. Continue Reading »

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Oct 16 2014

Rant Time: Why the Double Standard for Comic Books?

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One of the most tiresome ongoing internet debates is the representation of women in various forms of media. While I would certainly argue that this is an issue worth addressing, the tiresomeness stems not from the topic itself, but from the approaches of the people doing the debating. Exhibit A: the recent kerfluffle regarding artist Milo Manara’s variant cover (shown above) featuring Spider-Woman in a classic Spider-Man pose in what I like to call the Spider-Woman Initiative.

The cries of sexism began long before the issue hit the stands, with the entire premise being that NOBODY would EVER draw a MALE superhero in that pose -the obvious response to anyone who has ever read a comic book being “whaaaaaaa?” because anybody who knows who Spider-Man is (a popular comic book character) and what Spider-Man does (whatever a spider can, I hear) has likely seen him in that pose, which is presumably meant to accentuate the spider-ness of the man (or woman in this case), countless times. I own a t-shirt that has Spider-Man in that pose. Well, that was easily settled. Thanks for playing.

But the hate kept coming….and coming…..and coming. It became so intense that Marvel Comics actually fired the artist from the upcoming projects he was slated to work on. And that’s exactly where I’ve personally got to draw the line. Internet shit talk is one thing, but damaging peoples’ careers is just plain wrong unless they are violent offenders like certain professional athletes. But spiteful crushing of another human being’s livelihood aside, the real issue I’m wondering about today is why is it specifically comic books that are singled out for sexualization of the female form when this is clearly an across the board kind of deal? We’ll get to that later. First, some observations.

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Oct 09 2014

Five Characters Who Would Make Fox’s Gotham a Better Place.

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I definitely had my doubts about whether giving Batman the Smallville treatment was the best idea, but after a few episodes, I think it’s safe to say that the approach they came up with for Fox’s show about the formative years of Gotham’s most famous residents is shaping up pretty well. But there’s always room for improvement.

Although the show predictably opens with the fateful night at the theater that led to the eventual creation of the Batman, rather than focusing on young Bruce Wayne the star of Gotham is a rookie James Gordon, still many years away from being the Commissioner, making his way through the mire of corruption that is the Gotham City Police Department. Naturally, our heroes split time with some of Batman’s rogue’s gallery, who occupy various stations around the city prior to their eventual rise to supervillaindom.

Many of the usual suspects are already accounted for at this point, but we’ve seen them all time and again in countless incarnations. Gotham represents a whole new approach to the Batman mythos; one that’s more down to Earth and character-based than what most of we’ve seen in the past. In a weekly serial format, that opens up a lot of possibilities for characters that often get overlooked in film or animated adaptations in favor of more recognizable or zany alternatives. Here are five characters I’d like to see from Batman comics that could help make the show a real winner. Continue Reading »

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Oct 03 2014

Classic Superhero Pin-Ups

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Artist Stephen Langmead has made it to the site once or twice, I believe, but now he’s back with a rather excellent batch of superhero pin-ups, set back in time from the ’40s to the ’60s.

Classic costumes, and classy ladies, and a fair amount of…pointiness in some of these costumes. Hey, it was the style back then!

Check out the full collection for yourself above, and see more of Langmead’s excellent work on his site here. Continue Reading »

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Oct 02 2014

5 Current Image Comics that are Putting Marvel and DC to Shame

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A while back talented Scottish purveyor of all things gritty in comics Mark Millar launched his own narcissistically-titled comic universe, Millarworld, declaring that “the Big Two has just become the Big Three”.  I was thinking that may actually be closer to reality than we think, but it’s got little to do with that particular creator striking out on his own. Image comics has been quietly putting out killer books for years now and it’s picking up steam fast.

Since its founding in 1992, Image has been the home of popular titles like Spawn, Witchblade, and The Darkness, all of whom successfully found their way to other forms of media, as well as highly-regarded cult series like Invincible and Chew. And they aren’t even on the list.

One thing sets the company apart from the big guys is that they are dedicated to complete creative control and ownership for the writers and artists they publish. Marvel and DC’s histories are littered with creators being screwed out of their rights to their own creations and left out in the cold as well as solid artists and writers being railroaded and having their works abandoned and/or dissected after they are booted from them. Jack Kirby practically created the Marvel Universe and he’s only just now getting his legal props twenty years after his death.

The Big Two’s corporate approach and deep pockets have allowed them to saturate our culture while riding on the backs of talented individuals, but Image is the company that works with the creators to make comics as art first and profit second. This talent-friendly approach may leave them a little short on making the Big Three a reality, but this reader’s comic subscription count currently reads Image: 4, Marvel + DC: 0, and I’m hoping to get caught up and adding the fifth soon.

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Oct 01 2014


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Growing up, Jubilee was always the worst X-Men to me, dazzling enemies with her fireworks displays rather than doing anything actually useful. And her design summed up every awful, terrible things about the ’90s (’80s?) with her stupid giant yellow coat. At least high-waisted shorts are back in style, I guess.

Despite that, I can’t deny that this bit of Jubilee tribute art from Gorrem is anything but amazing. Apparently I could have him draw all my least favorite pop culture characters, and I’d still be impressed.

[via So Geek Chic]

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Sep 29 2014

Richard Garcia Makes Everything Adorable

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Richard Garcia is an artist on a mission, to make every comic book superhero and villain just a little bit more adorable. His signature style is reducing pretty much everyone’s age to be between 6 and 9, from beloved heroes to menancing villains to…machine gun-wielding raccoon. Actually, he looks sort of the same.

Judging by the absolutely absurd amount of watermarks on his pictures, I figure he doesn’t want these being shared too much, so there’s just a Spider-Man and Batman one below. Check out more of his work (and even more watermarks) on his Facebook and Deviantart. Continue Reading »

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Sep 26 2014

Not the Wonder Woman I Remember

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wonder woman1

(click to enlarge)

Want to understand why this bit of Wonder Woman fan/concept art has her wielding a Dead Rising-style chainsaw on a stick? Well, I’ll just let artist Gorrem explain:

“I was part of the concept art team for WB Turbine’s Infinite Crisis. This included making funky redesigns of classic characters in alternate realities as brand new playable characters or as skins. I was also adjusting classic designs to fit in our game style, which was often about pushing shapes to be more visible or simplifying busy areas. Often these are also used to help convince WB that Turbine had a competent grasp of their IP. I also had input on how their abilities would look like in game with effects concepts.

The Atomic Universe was my favorite. I treated it as a tribute to grind house and my favorite post-apocolyptic scenarios; getting real weird with the characters. So why not Wonder Woman dressed up like tank girl in a roller derby? Ahhh, I might get in trouble with some hardcore fans, but I already accepted that danger taking on a job like this. In the Atomic Universe, AWW was the only one that remained untouched (other than losing her armor, breaking her lasso and other accessories… but that’s a scratch compared to the rest), and remains a beacon of truth and love in an otherwise distorted and ruthless world… yatta yatta, whatever, she has a chainsaw.”

Yup, that makes close to no sense to me because I don’t read comics, but if there’s a world where DC heroes go all post-apocalyptic, that’s something I want to read.


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Sep 26 2014

Cosplay of the Day: Lady Vaas

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Far Cry 3 is one of those games that managed to surprise me, mainly because I had no expectations going into it. Yes, it was the typical Ubisoft “liberate areas of the map” format in some ways, but it was an open world shooter that still managed to feel a little bit fresh with an interesting story and cast of characters.

The biggest character of all was Vaas, one of the main villains of the story played by Michael Mando. The voicework and motion capture was so spot on, it tranlsated his performance into being one of the most memorable in video game history, in my opinion (though “performances” in video games haven’t been around very long at this point).

Naturally, he’s been cosplayed a bunch, but I did like this crossplay version of the character by Delsey Cosplay, which had the mohawk and machete fall to a girl instead. More photos below: Continue Reading »

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Sep 25 2014

Cosplay of the Day: Batman Rides Again

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I’ve seen more Batman cosplay than I can count at this point, but a Western variant? I think that’s only existed in fan art to date so far.

Not anymore with Hybrid Cosplay‘s new gunslinger Batman ensemble, which also comes with a high-class hooker Robin, because of course it does. She can be seen below. I love how in most cosplay it’s just assumed Robin is a girl now.

Batman has lost his ears, but gained a gun with a little bat on it, so that’s cool. This should definitely be Red Dead Redemption DLC. Continue Reading »

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Sep 23 2014

DC’s Saturday Evening Post

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Norman Rockwell’s Saturday Evening Post covers are some of the most iconic magazine covers of all time, and have been emulated the world over for decades now.

Here’s a new, rather good entry in the Post-cover variant genre with artist  Ruiz Burgos inserting DC heroes and villains into the covers instead of picturesque families and such. There’s Superman, Zatana, Joker and Harley and Wonder Woman, which you can check out below. There’s also Poison Ivy, but I couldn’t feature her because she’s prettttty much all the way naked in her cover.

But yeah, cool project and I definitely hope to see more. Continue Reading »

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Sep 23 2014

Super Second-Shot: Comic Characters That Deserve Another Chance Vol. 1


The world needs ditch diggers too, and that’s equally true in the multiverse.

Unfortunately for every Invincible we have a Marrow. For every Onomatopoeia we have an Effigy. Zoidberg bless the comic-creating guys and gals who try their darndest to bring to new blood to our four color ink world. Evolution is the key to survival and we should all be thankful to these artists for trying to bring something…ANYTHING…new to our miles and piles of tried and true comic series without having to slap Bat, X, Spider, or, now these days, Lantern on it.

Success, like with most things in life, is rare, though, and usually these capes get hung up relatively soon. Like it or not, these early retirements are usually warranted. It ain’t easy to make the Fantastic Four, otherwise everyone would be doing it. Most pioneers bit a lot of dust before seeing Oregon. That’s the trade-off for trailblazing and whether it’s right or wrong, it’s true.

But that doesn’t always mean it’s fair.

Sometimes lead is turned into gold, but, unfortunately, not everyone is there to bask in its glow. Occasionally truly great concepts emerge from the dust, but are still too obscured to get noticed. Blame the fans or fates, the problem still persists. So today I’m going to highlight some characters that deserve a second chance at the spotlight. These are some of the better bulbs that unfortunately burst a bit too briskly, and I hope revisiting them today makes somebody notice.

Ready? Set? Go again. Continue Reading »

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Sep 22 2014

Ancient Mayan Batman

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mayan batman

Well, I saw this floating around the internet all weekend, and needless to say I didn’t want to be the only pop culture website NOT to post this awesome picture of ancient Mayan armor Batman, so here we are.

Sadly no, this wasn’t dug up in some ancient Mayan ruin somewhere, proving the existence of a time-traveling, real-life Batman, rather it was part of an art project to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the character. Mexican artists were given a bust of Batman to decorate how they wished, and one, Kimbal, came up with this version.

[via Neatorama]

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Sep 22 2014

More Superheroes in the Wild

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A few weeks ago we featured a few prints from a “Superheroes in the Wild” series from Benoit Lapray, and now it appears he’s back for more. The images are made using a combination of real-life landscapes, and either cosplayed or animated superhero figures. I genuinely can’t tell which, if any of these, involved a live model in a live environment, or if they’re all just photomanipulation. Though that doesn’t make them any less cool.

Check out the full series below, and based on how popular it’s been, I wouldn’t be surprised to see even more of these pop up soon.  Continue Reading »

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Sep 19 2014

Little Magneto Will Bend Your Heart

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Kids in costume? It used to be called Halloween, but now it’s “cosplay” and has taken over this site, for I don’t know, six years now. It’s nice to see that little kids are carrying on the tradition of dressing up as superheroes from when I was a kid, though my homemade Wolverine costume with pencil claws never looked as cool as this.

This girl’s name is Monk. Her costume is called Monkneto. This picture is amazing. This is all your really need to know.

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