Mar 06 2014

The Very Dark Knight

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From artist Josep Baixauli comes this very non-traditional rendition of Batman, seen here about to outright murder a Ledger-ish version of the Joker in cold blood with a handgun.

As we know, both guns and killing are against Batman’s MO. Rather, he’ll just beat you to a bloody mess, break half your bones and leave you to rot in jail until one of Arkham’s countless prison breaks take place. You know, maybe he is better off just shooting them.

Anyway, I’m about to launch into a “it’s stupid superheroes don’t kill” tirade, and that never ends up going anywhere productive.

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3 responses so far

  • Steve

    Or you can call it “Original Batman” lol.


    OR – Thomas Wayne from the flashpoint paradox…

  • Klye Blum

    The worst part is that technically, Joker wins. He “broke” the Batman

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