May 03 2013

Cosplay of the Day: Steampunkerbell

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I know it’s cool to think Steampunk sucks, and while the proponents of the subculture may be annoying, I have yet to be convinced that the costumes themselves aren’t really damn cool.

Case in point would be the Steampunk-ification of a Disney figure above, Tinkerbell, given leather, goggles and some incredibly badass wings.

The costume was created by Firefly Path and the photo is from Wondercon via Fashionably Geek.

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3 responses so far

  • Lucas

    Seriously – that’s impressive!

  • trashcanman

    It’s cool to think that steampunk sucks? No wonder I’ve never been cool; those guys are LAME. After seeing this, I may start praying to the Steampunk Fairy before I go to bed. Couldn’t hurt.

  • Korky

    Tinkerbell is a pretty steampunky name already, you know.

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