Mar 25 2013

The Incredible Sci-Fi Art of Sina Kasra

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Sina Kasra Art 13

(click to enlarge)

Over the weekend I discovered yet another talented artist with a penchant for badass sci-fi art. Her (his?) name is Sina Kasra, and they have an incredibly unique style that translates well to both science fiction and fantasy. I chose to take some of the best sci-fi work and show you all here, and you can check out the lengthy gallery below.

The art isn’t of any particular pop culture franchise. Rather, it’s just scenes of the artist’s own choosing. My favorite is above, which shows an assassin inspecting her handiwork. Probably not the best idea to hang around the scene of a murder holding a sniper rifle as tall as you for too long, but that’s how much of a badass she is, I suppose.

Check out all of Sina’s other artwork below. Click on any of the photos to enlarge.

Sina Kasra Art 18

Sina Kasra Art 17

Sina Kasra Art 16

Sina Kasra Art 15

Sina Kasra Art 14

Sina Kasra Art 12

Sina Kasra Art 11

Sina Kasra Art 10

Sina Kasra Art 9

Sina Kasra Art 8

Sina Kasra Art 7

Sina Kasra Art 6

Sina Kasra Art 5

Sina Kasra Art 4

Sina Kasra Art 3

Sina Kasra Art 2

Sina Kasra Art 1

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3 responses so far

  • Majid


    Just wanted to mention that Sina is a boy name and looking at his name it looks like he is Persian.

  • Jack

    Wow, this person has incredible vision. I’d love to be immersed into his universe

  • Nuala

    These are so badass.

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