Dec 12 2012

A Star Wars Christmas Card Series

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Christmas is coming, and now that I’m getting older I’m realizing I have to start putting together a Christmas card list. But why have a boring picture of my non-existent family when I can send people reindeer Chewbacca? Yup.

This series of cards is from PJ McQuade who is offering these Star Wars themed cards on Etsy. He draws from some of the lesser characters of the new trilogy, including Bossk, Salacious Crumb, Lando and a Tauntaun. Obviously red-nosed Chewbacca is my favorite, but they’re all pretty great.

Check out all the cards below, and buy them in the link above.

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  1. [...] These brilliantly geeky Christmas cards come courtesy of P.J. McQuade and can be purchased on etsy. [via unreality] [...]

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